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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNDAMENTAL

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Astrology, 7:me to the third statement, which is so basic and fundamental that I would ask you to pause andAstrology, 8:behalf of humanity - reveal [8] the fourth great fundamental of the Ageless Wisdom of which threeAstrology, 85:of the rays. The following tabulation is fundamental in its implications in this connection andAstrology, 215:and hence the reason in this present era for the fundamental but not permanent [216] materiality ofAstrology, 233:sex principle and because in Scorpio fundamental tests are applied. For most aspirants in the earlyAstrology, 233:in the early stages, sex does constitute a fundamental problem. Esoterically, however, it is inAstrology, 272:that is, with spirit and matter. This is the fundamental mystery of Virgo and will be revealed whenAstrology, 279:in relative degrees and potencies indicates the fundamental importance of this "sign of reception"Astrology, 312:in the manifested universe and is a basic and fundamental theme underlying systemic pulsation.Astrology, 331:study of their effects as they produce basic and fundamental changes in the systemic life which, inAstrology, 335:Simple as it sounds when stated, the most fundamental point for astrologers to grasp today is theAstrology, 357:closely related and, in Gemini, certain of the fundamental zodiacal influences - synthesized andAstrology, 371:one of the major underlying attributes and fundamental causes (man scarcely knows which) ofAstrology, 384:the significance of this statement, and its fundamental simplicity? Let me give you a hint. TheAstrology, 396:take place in consciousness and there are fundamental changes wrought through this sign which - inAstrology, 439:and the human center gradually so. This first or fundamental triangle is occult in the truest senseAstrology, 459:triangle is, therefore, the expression of one fundamental energy and of two secondary forces. ThisAstrology, 468:astrology, it is possible to indicate certain fundamental interpretations of this relation whichAstrology, 530:will be gradually swept into line with these fundamental spiritual requirements, or - if they areAstrology, 539:the first Ray of Will untidily bringing about fundamental changes, and ushering in the new era.Astrology, 602:consideration of Tabulation X, there are certain fundamental ideas which must be carefully borne inAtom, 6:here discussed, the occasional repetition of the fundamental points may help to a readyAtom, 19:Being? If there is such a Being, and such a fundamental existence, we should be able to seeAtom, 44:these days of religious upheaval is that these fundamental truths of Christianity should beAtom, 58:one of the basic laws of manifestation. This fundamental faculty of intelligence characterizes allAtom, 77:we have been able to get an idea of one of the fundamental principles which underlie evolution, andAtom, 80:Logos, or the Deity. If we are right in our fundamental concept, if there is a grain of reality inAtom, 89:impossible ideal, and a visionary concept, but a fundamental reality, when man in the aggregateAtom, 92:our planet, the earth, until we arrive at the fundamental basic Life, Who holds all the planetaryAtom, 133:the time is rapidly approaching when the great fundamental unity that underlies all the differentAtom, 145:in phraseology, upon the terms used to express fundamental ideas, and upon varying methods ofAutobiography, 7:and what is happening in the world of men is the fundamental interest. The broad sweeps of humanAutobiography, 40:still heathen and I was a Christian. Deep and fundamental doubts were left in my mind. My life wasAutobiography, 50:off my career completely convinced that certain fundamental, theological doctrines, as expressed byAutobiography, 194:to make these clear because I think they are fundamental and should govern all esoteric schools andAutobiography, 248:the angle of this new approach. Astrology is a fundamental and most necessary science. A.A.B. knowsAutobiography, 265:How an esoteric school is formed. The fundamental truths taught in the new schools. A study ofAutobiography, 275:The esoteric truths of the past are the exoteric fundamental truths of the present. During the pastAutobiography, 280:an active part of this group, there are certain fundamental ideas or governing principles which weAutobiography, 285:To leave the student completely free is a fundamental aim of the Arcane School. This is necessaryAutobiography, 290:and goal in all other groups and will express a fundamental spiritual unity. They will lay theAutobiography, 290:and live in the power and application of this fundamental truth. The attitude which the ArcaneAutobiography, 294:School VII. The Arcane School presents the Fundamental Doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom It simplyAutobiography, 296:details, implementing or growing out of the more fundamental body of truth. They are more franklyBethlehem, 90:the way out. But the principle of Love - the fundamental principle of the universe - had not beenBethlehem, 139:produce, and it is this coordination between two fundamental aspects of human nature - the naturalBethlehem, 168:than we do, for it constitutes the basic, fundamental character and quality of all events, noBethlehem, 168:line of love. If this is realized as fact and fundamental truth, it illumines all of life andBethlehem, 181:while the signs themselves represent the basic fundamental elements of life, Fire, Earth, Air andBethlehem, 204:produces separation, we are transgressing a fundamental law of God. What we are really doing isBethlehem, 204:tells us, serve... "in the main to reveal the fundamental character of our problem as resultingBethlehem, 261:us to live by principles, divine, basic and fundamental, and to lay no emphasis upon personalities.Bethlehem, 266:The vital need is to return to the simple fundamental instruction which Christ gave, and to learnDestiny, 26:awakening from its long sleep. That great and fundamental reality which you call the "human stateDestiny, 35:In the realm of this conflict, the great and fundamental law that "energy follows thought" alwaysDestiny, 105:will be gradually swept into line with these fundamental spiritual requirements, or - if they areDestiny, 123:this in mind, for I have here stated a basic and fundamental rule by which all white magic isDestiny, 139:You have again in this connection certain fundamental numerical correspondences, which are basedDiscipleship1, 4:Each of you starts upon this work with certain fundamental characteristics; each of you isDiscipleship1, 16:of the emotions and stability of mind are fundamental necessities and should be daily the attemptedDiscipleship1, 21:physical brain are not felt. Needless to say the fundamental relation is on soul levels. The factDiscipleship1, 93:taught his disciple in the ancient days when the fundamental truths anent the universalDiscipleship1, 446:as those of you in this group, it is one of the fundamental recollections and upon it all yourDiscipleship1, 526:of a superficial fluidity; it is not basic or fundamental, for your life purpose is undeflectableDiscipleship1, 681:of change - preserve that which is good and fundamental while breaking from the past and add to itDiscipleship1, 686:to obey. This is today axiomatic. Out of this fundamental question, lesser ones arise which I wouldDiscipleship1, 687:the rapport becomes more firmly established, no fundamental divergences of opinion can appear; theDiscipleship1, 725:of the more advanced? These questions prove a fundamental [726] problem in all Ashrams and only theDiscipleship1, 780:the angle of this new approach. Astrology is a fundamental and most necessary science. A. A. B. isDiscipleship2, 6:relation? It is only in consideration of these fundamental [7] effects of standing as a group inDiscipleship2, 30:into a vibrant and powerful center of that fundamental, universal Love. Discipleship2, 87:One Humanity" governs all their thinking. The fundamental doctrines of the Ageless Wisdom,Discipleship2, 113:remind you that we are building upon the same fundamental truths which have been earlier laid downDiscipleship2, 132:follows thought." This is the first and most fundamental, as well as the most ancient, premise ofDiscipleship2, 158:humanity all lines and aspects meet. This is a fundamental of the occult teaching. The subhumanDiscipleship2, 164:2025 - a brief space of time indeed to produce fundamental changes in human thought, awareness, andDiscipleship2, 166:forward out of darkness into light. With this fundamental attitude, the necessity for widespreadDiscipleship2, 218:forward in the spirit of worship, which is the fundamental method of spiritual recognition. Thus,Discipleship2, 246:the archives for disciples. They concern the six fundamental prerequisites for initiation. They areDiscipleship2, 265:Whole. This same concept is to be found in the fundamental Masonic symbol of the Eye of God whichDiscipleship2, 296:This, as you can surely appreciate, will produce fundamental changes also in the immediateDiscipleship2, 363:integrated yet widely useful approach to these fundamental formulas. I am thus provided with theDiscipleship2, 382:with care - you will realize that they are of fundamental importance. It is the fusion of all theseDiscipleship2, 386:people is based upon a recognition of this fundamental truth; it is, however, distorted by themDiscipleship2, 424:of the second or love aspect; they embody the fundamental realizations which the united group ofDiscipleship2, 424:in such a manner that awareness of basic and fundamental law is conveyed to the student. We have,Discipleship2, 425:for you to grasp, but it is also a statement of fundamental truth. In an earlier instruction IDiscipleship2, 438:areas of consciousness. It constitutes a fundamental revelation and is in the nature of aDiscipleship2, 499:soul that love, enthusiasm, wisdom and certain fundamental spiritual [500] recognitions (which mustDiscipleship2, 520:will, love and intelligence in one great and fundamental Intention and holding that focused pointDiscipleship2, 756:you are being prepared) and you come to three fundamental things which must be manifested, prior toEducationthat is emerging. In such a philosophy three fundamental needs must be met: (1) a psychologicalEducation, vii:appeal to the Orient to preserve and develop the fundamental values in its regional cultures. WhileEducation, 6:next higher. In this phrase I have expressed a fundamental truth which embodies not only theEducation, 15:considerably. All, however, teach these same fundamental things; they teach the youth of theEducation, 16:is built upon this unrealized scaffolding. The fundamental necessity which today confronts theEducation, 37:to cover with the utmost brevity, writing only a fundamental textbook which will serve as aEducation, 97:are fostered and developed - these are the three fundamental sciences which will guide theEducation, 108:it deeply from the point of view of the existing fundamental group relations, envisaging theEducation, 134:the planet cannot support humanity. This is more fundamental in its implications than you can
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