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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNDAMENTAL

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Education, 136:when it is brought about, will produce certain fundamental changes - regulated sex life, anEducation, 146:The Science of the Antahkarana teaches certain fundamental truths about the thread, some of whichExternalisation, 36:because the laws of healing (which are basic and fundamental) can be applied and worked out in allExternalisation, 82:If you truly believe that the spiritual life is fundamental in the world today, if you do believeExternalisation, 85:man react to the inflowing energies. This is a fundamental statement. It is a law and should beExternalisation, 158:as having true existence. On the way to these fundamental recognitions, Their three RepresentativesExternalisation, 198:of each nation to the whole, the sharing of the fundamental necessities of life and the wiseExternalisation, 210:of God, with an acknowledgement of the fundamental values of Christ's teaching, and with a joyfulExternalisation, 211:energy which can bring about world changes of a fundamental kind, and that its mode of expressionExternalisation, 219:individual to solve alone and unaided. Of one fundamental truth I can, however, assure you. WhenExternalisation, 241:men, for all races and all nations, and upon the fundamental realization that "God hath made of oneExternalisation, 288:and resultant receptivity. There are certain fundamental truths which lie behind all revealedExternalisation, 325:as a background to all future work and a fundamental platform. Externalisation, 400:of an unfolding purpose and the existence of a fundamental, intelligent Agent behind all phenomena.Externalisation, 402:therefore, to look at and appreciate the fundamental truths which that form has preserved, evenExternalisation, 404:to live fully in the consciousness of these four fundamental realizations. But they are steadilyExternalisation, 416:to house the religious spirit of man, three more fundamental truths appear to be emerging asExternalisation, 424:the truth, went rapidly forward. Great and fundamental truths were twisted to meet the ends of theExternalisation, 429:evolution of the mass of humanity, but it is a fundamental, divine principle; and where principlesExternalisation, 469:is the clue to the world of meaning, and is the fundamental [470] theme of all the world religionsExternalisation, 533:concerned with the theme of Love, which is the fundamental hierarchical theme and motive. He saysExternalisation, 580:but public opinion will be such that certain fundamental ideals will motivate business, beingExternalisation, 581:on the first, second and fifth rays or to the fundamental changes which the new generation of youngExternalisation, 591:has often been prophetic, always related to the fundamental spiritual union of the East and theExternalisation, 605:of divinity) the glory of man and his fundamental relationships are already a fact in the humanExternalisation, 657:- express itself. Here, consequently, lies the fundamental problem confronting the Hierarchy, forExternalisation, 657:the Seven Rays, Vol.V.) The use of this second fundamental energy (which is the primary energy ofExternalisation, 679:and modes of thought. There are, however, three fundamental requirements which must condition andExternalisation, 681:its many gradations of reciprocal sensitivity. A fundamental and basic similarity of sympatheticExternalisation, 692:is equally energized and aided. It is this fundamental process which will guide the disciples andExternalisation, 695:humanity and love of the Christ is a basic and fundamental factor. The ordinary devoted person, whoExternalisation, 696:aspirant's religious background), and about the fundamental and needed occult truths - withFire, 50:assimilation they will have intensified their fundamental nature, and be spiritual fire plus theFire, 58:centers concern matter and its evolution. One fundamental statement can be laid down anent theFire, 65:the fire spirits (if so they may be termed). The fundamental fact that should here be emphasized isFire, 76:or retarding. We have to remember that all fundamental influence and effects are felt on the astralFire, 100:and the subject may later be enlarged. Two fundamental truths stand out from the aggregate of factsFire, 104:may now be indicated is a general idea of the fundamental ailments to which the etheric may beFire, 106:in the ordinary conditions of living. The three fundamental centers whereby reception is broughtFire, 116:clarity, let us here briefly tabulate certain fundamental hypotheses that have a definite bearingFire, 142:Let us get this clear, for the truth embodied is fundamental. The threefold goal, The threefoldFire, 153:conditions and are characterized by the same fundamental qualifications. Later we will considerFire, 207:88 [207] In connection with this there is a fundamental point that must never be forgotten: theseFire, 223:as including the following subjects, - hence its fundamental importance. [224] a. The science ofFire, 234:principle which we call love-wisdom. That is the fundamental characteristic He has to developFire, 234:predominantly a subsidiary principle of the fundamental one. In like manner He Himself has sixFire, 235:has His primary coloring, dependent upon the fundamental principle embodied by the Heavenly Man,Fire, 240:desire, impelling to manifestation. It is the fundamental motive itself or the great will to be.Fire, 243:we are now engaged in answering embody certain fundamental aspects of manifestation, viewedFire, 248:this we are considering the true man in his fundamental position as the Ego, with his sphere ofFire, 302:of vast expansion, and is governed by certain fundamental ideas that must be carefully consideredFire, 306:also the number of transmutation, which is the fundamental work of all the Heavenly Men. The basicFire, 317:both will and desire, intelligence or manas is a fundamental factor, and must be recognized. ThisFire, 319:shows itself as color. In these four we have the fundamental concepts of all manifestation; allFire, 328:diversities, and of their blending - not into a fundamental unity - but into group unity. This isFire, 402:this is based on purpose, and has causation as a fundamental. This [403] Brahma aspect is fivefoldFire, 408:broad general concepts, and the impartation of fundamental facts (to the exclusion of detail) areFire, 459:we have one reason (and one of the least fundamental) for the destructive war and the long cycle ofFire, 475:life in matter will no longer be a theory but a fundamental of science. This cannot be enlargedFire, 498:correspondence of the buddhic plane. One fundamental sound is responded to by all these variedFire, 518:it is useless for us to conjecture as to His fundamental Being. The difference between them: TheFire, 525:will in itself be of a temporary nature for the fundamental aim in view will be the bringing aboutFire, 526:a few general indications can here be given. The fundamental difference between the mental unit andFire, 556:to the mental plane of the solar system. One fundamental thought must here be given and ponderedFire, 559:are removed, and the form decays. As these fundamental facts are grasped, and man begins toFire, 567:are three great laws, that we might term the fundamental laws of the cosmos, of that greater systemFire, 569:the evolving life may progress, is one of the fundamental methods in evolution. The IntermediateFire, 572:and intricate are the interrelations. Certain fundamental hypotheses are assumed, which must formFire, 598:us. But we can rest assured that there is some fundamental principle directing all the activitiesFire, 653:of the inner immortal man that forms the fundamental tenet of the occult sciences - S. D., I, 694.Fire, 689:an endeavor to link up this solar system in its fundamental manasic aspect with the past and theFire, 732:"incarnation" in its root meaning conveys the fundamental truth involved in the taking of a denseFire, 766:potent) with the Law of Attraction, which is the fundamental law of the divine Self. It is theFire, 769:these in their turn may be divided into seven fundamental groups. These seven groups or aggregatesFire, 780:in view. It should be remembered that it is a fundamental law in occult development that any lifeFire, 814:of man's true nature will bring about a fundamental change in the methods of teaching. The emphasisFire, 822:the same three. These three petals preserve the fundamental orange but add the color rose in everyFire, 842:or desire. They are so called because their fundamental nature is embodied love in some one orFire, 853:materialized the idea far too much; if the same fundamental idea is expressed in terms of force andFire, 1008:reference has been earlier made. One of the fundamental rules back of all magical processes is thatFire, 1017:inner workers enter on their cycle. One of the fundamental concepts which is grasped by all magicalFire, 1155:attention of students must be called to certain fundamental facts anent the centers and thusFire, 1180:of attractive force is found: one, basic and fundamental; the other more differentiated and [1182]Fire, 1186:will become aware of the basic nature and fundamental accuracy of the method whereby every form canFire, 1191:which will eventually embody itself in a fourth fundamental of the Secret Doctrine so that laterFire, 1215:in both cases we have basic group relations, fundamental group laws which produce groupGlamour, 43:experiences [43] and nature, and grasps then the fundamental fact that only those forces which heGlamour, 186:much difficulty in recognizing the two or three fundamental and divine facts or truths which TheyGlamour, 187:The revelations of science when basic and fundamental are as divine as those of religion, but bothGlamour, 206:turn is recognized as a step towards those great fundamental experiences to which we give the namesHealing, 80:over-stimulation of the centers, are obviously fundamental causes as far as the dense physical bodyHealing, 89:or are caused by the failure to follow those fundamental laws which govern the Mind of God. OneHealing, 105:to deflect and dissipate force, but violate a fundamental rule which all healers are trained toHealing, 112:force in some earlier life or in this. This is fundamental. In connection with this I would remindHealing, 143:There are other aspects of expression of the fundamental substance, but these are the four ofHealing, 191:can live. Please note this mode of expressing a fundamental truth. The basis of all the occultHealing, 221:prone. Infectious diseases and those which are fundamental in the planetary substance have a potentHealing, 270:I have attempted to make clear to you that the fundamental cause is related to energy, to itsHealing, 284:control form the occult basis for the two fundamental methods used in directing energy in diseasedHealing, 354:or a general cancerous condition. This is the fundamental cause, though modern investigation is
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