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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNDAMENTAL

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Healing, 373:be a keener understanding of the underlying and fundamental good in all the schools and a betterHealing, 413:the evolving life may progress, is one of the fundamental methods in evolution. - Page 569 a. TheHealing, 432:is fundamentally the sense of separateness. This fundamental individualism or pleased recognitionHealing, 471:important to note that it is under the basic and fundamental Law of Attraction that the Art ofHealing, 499:in our study of Part Three where we take up the Fundamental Laws of Healing. These Laws and Rules,Healing, 501:by the Law of Dissolution. This law is a fundamental and natural law governing the life of the formHealing, 521: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing Part Three The Fundamental LawsHealing, 521:- The Fundamental Laws of Healing Part Three The Fundamental Laws of Healing We have now completedHealing, 523: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing Three Groups of Laws We have,Healing, 523:be regarded as ten subsidiary laws of the fundamental Law of Essential Integrity. They constituteHealing, 524: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing Qualities Required of the HealerHealing, 528: Esoteric Healing - Chapter VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing In the study of theseHealing, 528:Science are basically sound and state the fundamental platitudes (the essential truths,Healing, 543:in the enthusiast. This law covers certain fundamental premises, and there is little more than IHealing, 550:of individual [550] man also be cured. This is a fundamental (I would say the fundamentalHealing, 550:be cured. This is a fundamental (I would say the fundamental principle) of all spiritual healing.Healing, 557:will bring about. We have dealt with a number of fundamental realities which it is essential thatHealing, 561:and a too drastically enforced silence where fundamental emotions are concerned can lead to seriousHealing, 573:of the lower man. This, we have also seen, is a fundamental law and one which he knows he mustHealing, 575:knowledge of scientific thinking, based upon the fundamental and universal law that "energy followsHealing, 602:knowledge, for it states very definitely certain fundamental injunctions. Rule Three Let the healerHealing, 629:distributed in the world is based upon this same fundamental concept of great systems, conditioningHealing, 671:I would call your attention also to the three fundamental requirements for a successful approach toHercules, 119:who is also a son of God. How perfectly these fundamental ideas interplay and confirm each other,Hercules, 150:be, but I go muddling along. Why? Because of a fundamental law that everything in nature evolvesHercules, 151:things, to be got rid of. To my mind, it is fundamental to grasp the thought that if I get rid ofHercules, 174:of the initiate. Impersonality is based upon a fundamental personality achievement. You must haveInitiation, 7:Only broad generalities and a recognition of fundamental points of analogy are possible to theInitiation, 55:of the race the perception of the great fundamental fact of brotherhood. At this particular timeInitiation, 90:and the purpose he may become aware of the great fundamental fact that the method of initiation isInitiation, 95:and its epitomizing of the purpose of this fundamental sacrifice, has a pre-eminent place. TheInitiation, 115:active love, but it is revealed also as a fundamental will or purpose, with which the manInitiation, 119:an unshakable realization of the oneness of the fundamental life as it manifests through all lesserInitiation, 123:which opens to his amazed understanding the fundamental purpose of the solar Logos; for the firstInitiation, 135:are just two ways in which some idea of the fundamental truth will be conveyed to the mind of theInitiation, 137:and are attempts to convey to the mind of man fundamental truth from different angles. By the timeInitiation, 168:At the third initiation the first of the three fundamental secrets of the solar system is impartedIntellect, 18:advantage, and work in this field is one of the fundamental and necessary things of the presentIntellect, 28:the meaning of education compels us to face the fundamental questions of life as we never haveIntellect, 150:of some general geometrical theorem, to set our fundamental problem in a clearer light." -Intellect, 204:Religion says that: "We must remember that the fundamental principle of the Vedanta-philosophy wasIntellect, 240:and working with energy all the time. The fundamental law governing all meditation work is theMagic, 5:It is based, as regards its teaching, upon four fundamental postulates. These are intended to:Magic, 7:This book will be based also upon four fundamental postulates which must be admitted by the studentMagic, 20:religious world as the esoteric teaching, the fundamental symbology and doctrines of the greatMagic, 29:of the planetary hierarchy are based on a few fundamental formulas which concern life as it makesMagic, 110:what difference does it make that the fundamental postulate is with him a thing of the head ratherMagic, 115:of all Logic action is love in activity, and the fundamental idea on which He bases actionMagic, 116:satisfactory endeavor. A principle, when really fundamental, appeals at once to the intuition andMagic, 139:that faculty of adaptation that is one of the fundamental laws of species which nature soMagic, 248:performance of the magical work of the soul. The fundamental secret of the cycles lies in thisMagic, 261: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms Fundamental Forms The simplicity of thisMagic, 261:on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms Fundamental Forms The simplicity of this Rule nineMagic, 265: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms In these days you will need to ponder onMagic, 266: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms Up to the present time the majority ofMagic, 326:God and of man. In their symbolism. In certain fundamental doctrines. When men recognize this andMagic, 328:will be recognized for what they are, and fundamental ideas so contrasted with the formulation ofMagic, 332:be discarded and a new approach and a different fundamental concept as to the nature of matter willMagic, 365:to seize upon divine Ideas or isolate some fundamental and pure truth. Magic, 451:of the planetary Hierarchy, are based on a few fundamental formulas which concern life as it makesMeditation, 40:in great revolutions, gigantic cataclysms, and fundamental upheavals in all three departments ofMeditation, 41:harmonious working of the system under certain fundamental forms; all will be dominated byMeditation, 50:OF THE SACRED WORD IN MEDITATION June 19, 1920 Fundamental postulates. The creative effect of theMeditation, 51:communicated may assume too small proportions. Fundamental Postulates First, I seek to lay downMeditation, 51:These postulates themselves are based on certain fundamental facts, and these facts (seven inMeditation, 51:round will see the apprehension of the fourth fundamental. These postulates are as follows: ThatMeditation, 60:we dare do no more than indicate basic ideas and fundamental principles, and then leave theMeditation, 72:(Adaptability) Ray, and is the basis of all the fundamental activities of the microcosm, and of theMeditation, 73:- The Use of the Sacred Word in Meditation The Fundamental Centers The three fundamental centers ofMeditation, 73:in Meditation The Fundamental Centers The three fundamental centers of vital importance from theMeditation, 147:Who work with the law, till he attains the fundamental Intelligence Himself. [148] The mystic worksMeditation, 151:with the Deity Himself, and it is here that the fundamental difference between the two types is atMeditation, 154:the two types that are practically universal and fundamental, having studied briefly, Meditation asMeditation, 161:in time - will eventually dissipate them. The fundamental fact to be grasped here is that only whenMeditation, 170:when the rudiments of these forms (the first fundamental formulas) will be given to students deemedMeditation, 193:of the centers. This latter point is of fundamental interest, and holds hid the secret of the mostMeditation, 206:the basic hue for that plane, he has grasped the fundamental secret of microcosmic development, andMeditation, 213:It is the Ray of Love and Wisdom, the great fundamental ray of this present solar system, and isMeditation, 259:Masters via meditation if we started with a few fundamental statements, dealing with the MastersMeditation, 287:synthesis must be attained, but always the fundamental coloring or tone remains. The next or fifthMeditation, 296:OF MEDITATION September 26th, 1920 The one fundamental school. Its national subdivisions. TheMeditation, 299:subject matter under different heads: The one fundamental School. Its national subdivisions. TheMeditation, 302:measures up to requirements. [302] 1. The One Fundamental School It is therefore very essentialMeditation, 303:first break his connection with the old. The one fundamental school may be recognized by certainMeditation, 304:features that are descriptive of the one true fundamental School. This fundamental school has threeMeditation, 304:of the one true fundamental School. This fundamental school has three main branches and a fourthMeditation, 306:their destiny. We touched yesterday upon the one fundamental school with its four branches. Today IMeditation, 310:down certain approximate rules, and make certain fundamental suggestions that may find their placeMeditation, 311:under one of the four branches of the one fundamental School of Occultism, the work will begin inMeditation, 311:Let us look into this for a moment. One of the fundamental things that the novitiate has to learnMeditation, 321:handicapping physical deformity. These are the fundamental rules which it is at present possible toMeditation, 323:will be found various symbols and a few of the fundamental books on symbols and some largePatanjali, 54:and as is usually known, it is sounded on the fundamental note "FA." It is a note with which thePatanjali, 65:eternal verities, to doubt the existence of the fundamental realities and to seek for the solutionPatanjali, 144:the secondary causes are the aggregate of those fundamental egoic impulses which have led to theProblems, 48:patience on the part of the teacher but it is fundamental in determining a child's character forProblems, 66:will be required? These are two instances of the fundamental changes which the use of atomic energyProblems, 68:is a familiar citation of this intent; the fundamental principle governing British rule is justiceProblems, 70:one major adjustment must be made and one fundamental change brought about. Otherwise no hope ofProblems, 79:root of all evil". This throws us back on the fundamental weakness of humanity - the quality of
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