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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUNDAMENTALLY

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Astrology, 18:or the activity aspect of the innate man. Fundamentally, the forces here found are indicative ofAstrology, 150:the activities of the other nine signs which are fundamentally strictly human signs and synthesizeAstrology, 158:about his own destruction; this is due to his fundamentally materialistic nature, plus the "blowsAstrology, 376:and planning is hidden in this sign, owing fundamentally to the relation of the Pleiades to theAstrology, 392:sense, the energy which streams from Vulcan is fundamentally the strength and potency which setsAstrology, 530:down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people. Their basic Constitution,Astrology, 555:of Initiation and of "beginnings." It concerns fundamentally "the beginning of the endless Way ofAstrology, 598:The energy of Harmony through Conflict. This is fundamentally the will to destroy limitation. ThisAstrology, 621:light upon the science of astrology. This is fundamentally connected with the difference betweenAtom, 31:even were I equipped to lecture on such a fundamentally scientific matter. Again, if theAtom, 42:a little further, and touch upon what may be fundamentally the cause, and may hold the solution ofAtom, 49:towards their work and mode of living will be fundamentally altered. The point of view of theAutobiography, 40:should never be discussed or related. This is fundamentally true and no true "experiencer" is theAutobiography, 170:into the work, this whole situation had been fundamentally changed. Those people were put intoAutobiography, 201:Christ since I was fifteen." There is something fundamentally wrong with the Church of England.Destiny, 63:which we call nations or races. Basically and fundamentally the souls, informing these nations orDestiny, 105:down into the depths of each nation and is fundamentally for the people. Their basic Constitution,Destiny, 135:of the first, third and seventh rays will be fundamentally unsettling and will call out resistanceDiscipleship1, 80:future objective of these ashramic groups. It is fundamentally necessary that the new groups whichDiscipleship1, 206:do so with safety as the grace of humility is fundamentally natural to you. Your field of serviceDiscipleship1, 215:brothers of that great gift of love which is so fundamentally yours but which is as yet only inDiscipleship1, 289:but they cannot negate success. Basically, fundamentally and essentially, you are pledged to theDiscipleship1, 593:stability took place with you because you are fundamentally [594] stable and sound and because - atDiscipleship2, 67:its own plane of being) affect profoundly and fundamentally the personality life and produce thoseDiscipleship2, 95:a new state of awareness - an awareness which is fundamentally inclusive and not exclusive. This isDiscipleship2, 106:may mean little to you at present but it is fundamentally the factor which creates the higherDiscipleship2, 170:and goodwill. It is a deeply scientific work but fundamentally simple. Invocation, prayer orDiscipleship2, 269:and so or to make certain things to be. It is fundamentally an expression of the Law of Sacrifice;Discipleship2, 286:I made was to the effect that the will is fundamentally an expression of the Law of Sacrifice; theDiscipleship2, 304:past all controversy that separateness is fundamentally non-existent. This is true also of theDiscipleship2, 309:of many of the metaphysical schools. The Will is fundamentally an expression of the Law ofDiscipleship2, 311:of any particular period waits, and which are fundamentally needed if the race of men is to moveDiscipleship2, 359:reach the candidate for initiation as hints, are fundamentally in the nature of instructions to theDiscipleship2, 502:do today. The difficulty lies in the fact that, fundamentally, either decision is right. Few,Discipleship2, 540:to me and to my Ashram, for that is your karma. Fundamentally, nothing can interfere with thisDiscipleship2, 597:is a true esotericist and the Arcane School is fundamentally an esoteric school. Another disciple,Discipleship2, 673:been inwardly disturbed, because you are fundamentally sound and correct in your reactions; forExternalisation, 16:used may vary, and the technique of work is fundamentally identical. If the work of the Great OnesExternalisation, 63:and hatred of ideas and of religious beliefs. Fundamentally, it is caused by the separativeExternalisation, 84:people and nations; these latter are based fundamentally, as you know, on that which is tangibleExternalisation, 117:elaborate the subject of Karma. This occult yet fundamentally exoteric theme, the Law of Cause andExternalisation, 131:Russia in this triplicity. Their ideology is fundamentally as sound as that in the other groups,Externalisation, 167:response from the unit and the individual is fundamentally the good of the larger unit (the nationExternalisation, 359:of ending the world glamor and illusion which fundamentally lie behind the present acute situationExternalisation, 563:of the Hierarchy, throughout the ages, has been fundamentally threefold in nature: A constantExternalisation, 578:together for certain basic values. These are fundamentally three in number: The freedom of theExternalisation, 611:"the mind is the slayer of the real" may be fundamentally true where the mass of humanity isExternalisation, 619:work of preparation. Both these hindrances are fundamentally based on one and the same thing:Externalisation, 674:is the lowest of the cosmic etheric levels. Fundamentally, direction will still be from the buddhicFire, 105:and the etheric planetary body [105] (which is fundamentally the body in the case of the sacredFire, 148:source. Hence the necessity of remembering that fundamentally, the first Logos controls the cosmicFire, 165:Planes The centers in the human being deal fundamentally with the FIRE aspect in man, or with hisFire, 197:vibration is temporarily and briefly quickened. Fundamentally we are brought back to the subjectFire, 303:on the fifth subplane of the astral (the fundamentally kama-manasic plane) will assume its rightfulFire, 310:2. Manas is Electricity 21 The fire of Mind is fundamentally electricity, shown, in its higherFire, 312:Hence, all that can be seen in manifestation is fundamentally physical electricity. We have seenFire, 423:the third Ray, or the Brahma aspect. Therefore, fundamentally it may be considered as the attributeFire, 423:Adaptability, or Active Intelligence, are fundamentally concerned, and the future of manas isFire, 442:of the Heavenly Man of the seventh Ray, is fundamentally constructive. It will be necessary here toFire, 446:which lie in the line of its path. It will fundamentally affect the vegetable kingdom, obscuringFire, 509:aspect, or the life-desire of the Logos which is fundamentally of moment; this concerns HisFire, 562:of its mission become recognizable. This is true fundamentally of all forms. Where the relativelyFire, 568:law is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Fundamentally, the law describes the compelling forceFire, 697:numbers primarily concern consciousness, and not fundamentally "ability to function on a plane,"Fire, 724:of man. It is not possible to say more oil these fundamentally esoteric matters, and the value ofFire, 734:planes can be brought about. 44 There are fundamentally three kinds of Pralaya. See S. D, I,Fire, 784:that the vehicle of all entities is seen to be fundamentally a sphere, rolling upon itself andFire, 803:of some kind, and hence in [803] itself is fundamentally an emanation. "Fire by friction" isFire, 841:of the Lord of the fifth Ray, and therefore fundamentally allied to the energy which is the specialFire, 920:function in the three worlds of human endeavor. Fundamentally they are also emanations from one ofFire, 922:of our place in the cosmic scheme, and the fundamentally physical nature of the seven planes of theGlamour, 166:of ending the world glamor and illusion which fundamentally lie behind the present acute situationGlamour, 256:direction and reach effective results. This is fundamentally true. However, a beginning has to beGlamour, 256:to needed work. This science is primarily and fundamentally concerned with ideas as formulated intoHealing, 53:is a center of dynamic emanating force, which is fundamentally conditioning in its effect becauseHealing, 83:human life can enter. The etheric body is fundamentally the most important response apparatus whichHealing, 123:of a disciple of the Great White Lodge is fundamentally good and spiritually conditioning;Healing, 124:the outgoing energy of love. The problem remains fundamentally that of the one affected; theHealing, 218:any means yet of ascertaining; I have said that fundamentally the ductless glands - asHealing, 270:take such a toll of humanity and which are not fundamentally being curbed. I do not deal with theirHealing, 386:to deal with character and quality and capacity; fundamentally, they concern the relation of soulHealing, 432:unpredictable results. The basis of all wars is fundamentally the sense of separateness. ThisHealing, 537:times said in this treatise, there is nothing fundamentally wrong in the claims made by theseHealing, 565:possibilities. I have shown that disease is fundamentally psychological in nature; there are,Healing, 612:consciousness; [612] it is that which is fundamentally related to some form of sensitivity; it isHealing, 626:they are sensing it) that it is impossible to fundamentally change the personality and the physicalHealing, 641:we considered the Laws and Rules to date - that fundamentally, disease and death are due to theInitiation, viii:by tongue and apparent diversity of belief, but fundamentally holding to the same one truth andInitiation, 95:himself that the other planetary schemes, though fundamentally the same as our fourth scheme, yetIntellect, 44:one - a method of education. Both are also fundamentally right, yet both are needed to supplementIntellect, 53:that has life in it, and the different souls are fundamentally identical in nature. The differencesIntellect, 96:information in order to gain knowledge. This is fundamentally the meaning of Patanjali when he usesMagic, 133:else to fill the need, - someone perhaps not so fundamentally suitable, but the only one availableMagic, 299:is a quality of evil (or of matter) which colors fundamentally or characterizes the astral orMeditationthe race, the true exponents of lower mind, are fundamentally those whose three lower bodies areMeditation, 9:matter given yesterday, and on the 16th ultimo. Fundamentally, meditation is to assist alignmentMeditation, 16:different methods have the same result, and are fundamentally all forms of the one great methodMeditation, 40:to the need of the period. All cycles are not as fundamentally important. The periods in a cycleMeditation, 111:now and as followed in Atlantean days differs fundamentally. In the fourth root race an effort wasMeditation, 168:he may most easily approach the Ultimate. It is fundamentally a matter dealing with various states
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