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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FURTHER

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Initiation, 190:group around the Logos when he decided upon further progress. In consequence he formed this system,Initiation, 217:after the fourth initiation, when the need for further rebirth on the part of a human being noIntellect, 11:if man has reached his zenith and can go no further, then he should recognize this fact and makeIntellect, 39:whereby the rounded out human being can be still further developed, and led forth into a newIntellect, 103:the man who is beginning to meditate, something further is discovered. He finds that the mind, whenIntellect, 116:God. Is it possible for human minds to reach any further than the love and will of God? Right atIntellect, 120:different impressions of the senses, and which, further, partly retains the traces of previousIntellect, 147:of the work of evolution. We have suggested further that when the eastern technique of meditationIntellect, 173:alight for Him And thus to spread the fire on further still." Then we shall have evidenced theIntellect, 187:conception of life and of the world; they further concluded that Nirvana was not vanishing into aIntellect, 190:that the Yogi saps by anticipation the basis of further existences and effaces the impressions thatIntellect, 247:that he can do in his own sphere of influence to further the Divine Plan. But he will have to beginIntellect, 251:of Divine Wisdom and lead the race on a little further. As to its mechanics; the writers of such aMagicsignificance must be somewhat grasped before further real progress is possible. It is not myMagic, 24:humanity that it is needless for me to enlarge further upon it. This brings me to a point, thatMagic, 24:that should be dealt with here, prior to any further expansion of our subject. In the Treatise onMagic, 25:phrases which aptly and truly say: "When you are further developed, you will understand the above."Magic, 54:regular, persistent endeavor will carry them further in the long run. Spasmodic spurts of effortMagic, 85:the highest known form of truth lies the path of further revelation. A realization that dispassionMagic, 115:completion. It is the driving of one and all to further expression. Hence, this principle shouldMagic, 128:I am a disciple and, having progressed further along the Path of Return than the aspirants whoMagic, 131:the lower levels of the mental plane, and a further development becomes possible. It is then seizedMagic, 132:the Masters have to contend as They seek to further the plans of evolution through the medium ofMagic, 141:on these three they will make it possible for further uses to be imparted later. May I add, thatMagic, 176:use only trust and discrimination until they are further evolved. They must accept nothing thatMagic, 176:the modicum of knowledge which they possess a further structure of greater extent. Each generationMagic, 212:in the solar Angel demonstrates his fitness for further progression in the awareness of the stateMagic, 235:spot, and can either drown (and so make no further progress this life), stand and so hold theMagic, 239:as suffering has caused them to recoil from a further continuation of untoward happenings. TheirMagic, 337:psychologists recognizes the structure but goes further and regards certain aspects of conduct, andMagic, 352:of which he is sure. In teaching others comes further knowledge. The definition of truth inMagic, 352:one lesson has, in this way, been mastered, a further one is set, and when a pupil has learnt aMagic, 382:pass into the spiritual kingdom, there to have further lessons just as infant humanity when passingMagic, 412:some of the effects which are tending towards a further differentiation. [413] This must inevitablyMagic, 418:gathering people around them, then proceed no further, but - preserving silence - leave time andMagic, 439:earth which tend to complicate the problem still further. Pluto is one of them, and having nowMagic, 442:soul, are positive. It seems needless to deal further with the various types of force and we shallMagic, 456:thoughts of God. He seeks to work so that he can further the manifestation of the ideas of theMagic, 459:first of all on the mental plane, and a further precipitation goes forward when disciples andMagic, 492:are more universally understood, any further teaching on the subject would be futile. In theseMagic, 521:sacrifice your time and give of your money to further the endeavor of the Great Ones. Rest not,Magic, 552:Divine purpose and plan and, consequently, will further the cause of evolution, or they will beMagic, 554:of the aspirant, I shall not carry these ideas further beyond prophesying that within fifty yearsMagic, 557:and facility in unification has been achieved, further instructions will be given in the creativeMagic, 572:[572] from the mind, which will enable him to further the work of the directing agencies. Magic, 584:of his own period and time. He recognizes a step further on and seeks to take it in order to gainMeditation, 7:corresponding to the emotional permanent atom. Further still the alignment may be progressed: - inMeditation, 11:the spiritual Triad. Later I will elucidate this further. [12] Hence may easily be seen theMeditation, 21:before he can wisely and safely proceed much further. The wise teacher, in apprehending thisMeditation, 39:you now studying expand the consciousness still further, but it is all I can as yet impart, andMeditation, 43:is based primarily on selfish motive. You fear further pain, you shrink from further [44] sadMeditation, 43:motive. You fear further pain, you shrink from further [44] sad experience. It is not thus that theMeditation, 46:the method to the immediate need. Later I may further expand the future of the meditation schoolsMeditation, 73:We will therefore thus dispose of it and give no further space to it in these letters. Meditation, 74:causes an accession of force in all, and I would further point out that in the head are sevenMeditation, 84:and with an effort of the will withdraw still further inwards and link up with the twelve petalledMeditation, 91:the unwary student so many that before I proceed further I have sought to urge caution. Let us nowMeditation, 101:greater activity, relapsing as the sun moves further away, into a less active condition. You haveMeditation, 140:if duly assimilated and acted upon, will lead to further enlightenment. In the occult method ofMeditation, 140:point emphasized, and finds on thus acting that further light pours in, another stage appears andMeditation, 150:store house of facts before he can proceed much further. Thirdly, to learn through the intelligentMeditation, 160:but letters on meditation, so I must not further enlarge. In the forms used in these three casesMeditation, 173:by any of you, nor will it be until a further manifestation. Meditation, 176:that of will or power." Before proceeding further I seek to sound a note of warning as to theMeditation, 182:the lesser devas, and utilized their powers to further their ambitions; they sought not toMeditation, 187:heat. Other mantrams connected with fire can be further enumerated. There are two groups that areMeditation, 192:large body of persons. We might enumerate still further for the sake of clarity a fourth effect,Meditation, 209:under one head may come enlightenment, and a further wise adjustment of knowledge. We will take upMeditation, 209:divisions later. Tonight I will only add a few further points to those already given. Colors asMeditation, 231:of view, and an ability to reserve opinion until further facts are demonstrated, and also anMeditation, 252:this matter and at this juncture I have naught further to communicate. The subject is abstruse andMeditation, 257:that envelopes. But we know that outside and further on is something to be desired; we learn alsoMeditation, 264:does a Master of the Wisdom increase still further His knowledge. Not static is His consciousness,Meditation, 264:embracing more. Daily does He apply Himself to further expansion. A Master of the Wisdom is One WhoMeditation, 264:I could enumerate still other definitions, and further elucidate the matter for you, but thatMeditation, 280:then will come the time for the communication of further information. What use is it to give factsMeditation, 298:a position where it will be safe to train him further. People in many civilized countries are underMeditation, 299:[299] be as hoped they will form a nucleus for further expansion. Meditation, 301:with His Masters the work will receive a still further impetus, and will gradually expand and growMeditation, 306:equipment of the nation as a stepping stone for further expansion, and to use it as a basis for theMeditation, 311:provides the residue or nucleus upon which the further work may be based. Mistakes matter not;Meditation, 335:of the atoms. This cannot be done till further information is given anent the Rays; when a man'sMeditation, 347:matters does slovenly and ill-judged work? A further method of service shews itself inMeditation, 352:after the fourth initiation, when the need for further rebirth on the part of a human being noPatanjali; and the soul, through indentification. 18. A further stage of samadhi is achieved when, throughPatanjali, 33:and the spiritual man (logoic or human) has no further use or need for them. He is therefore freedPatanjali, 35:Patanjali - Book 1 - The Problem of Union 18. A further stage of samadhi is achieved when throughPatanjali, 50:from the point achieved working forward towards further realization, The overcoming of thePatanjali, 55:highest initiations and it is profitless for us further to consider it. The following statementsPatanjali, 57:be communicated in other ways and at other times further information as the student - through studyPatanjali, 61:totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. 32. ThePatanjali, 70:two will later be dealt with and will not be further touched upon here. Obstacle IX - Failure toPatanjali, 96:Having discovered that, he penetrates still further inwards till he touches the cause, idea orPatanjali, 96:composing any tangible form, and can advance further and enter into the consciousness of thePatanjali, 138:media for experience-contacts and can teach no further lessons, evil enters in, for a tendency toPatanjali, 141:Happy One had thus spoken, the Master added this further: Blind to the Fourfold Aryan Truths ofPatanjali, 151:seen and met by the non-attached yogi. Nor will further pain-producing causes be allowed to be setPatanjali, 160:of the mind." Ganganatha Jha throws still further light upon it in the words: "The spectator isPatanjali, 166:of causes; and so to demonstrate the need for further unfoldment and the nature of the hindrancesPatanjali, 171:the duality is admitted as a logical basis for further work and the theory is tested out in an
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