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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FURTHER

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Patanjali, 173:worlds of illusion, or (to carry the metaphor further back still) it is this which sends forth thePatanjali, 176:"I have known all that was to be known. Nothing further remains to know!' His place on the ladderPatanjali, 204:proper in their place but for the man who has no further use for experience in the three worlds,Patanjali, 207:discussed fully in book three we need not deal further with it here. When these three results ofPatanjali, 231:thus freeing it from the physical plane. A still further withdrawal into the mental body or thePatanjali, 283:develops in the race this will necessitate a further abstraction, then the seer will likewisePatanjali, 286:then can draw the freed spirit back to earth for further lessons, or the working out of priorPatanjali, 287:33). The union here dealt with marks a step further than the previous attainment. In that, thePatanjali, 323:Mental Sight 4. Buddhic Taste 5. Atmic Smell A further tabulation taken from A Treatise on CosmicPatanjali, 323:of the five senses on the five planes, and for further information, the student is referred to thatPatanjali, 358:touches on the preparatory stages and hints at further possibilities. Here the first basicPatanjali, 369:totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. 32. ThePatanjali, 414:sense whereby information is gained and a further field of knowledge revealed. It is naught but anPatanjali, 425:before the initiate (advanced as he is) a still further progress, another veil to be penetrated. HePatanjali, 427:totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do. The dual work isProblemswas published which omitted outdated material. A further revision was made for the third edition inProblems, 10:seeking to be cooperative, to understand and to further the good of the community. This is not rareProblems, 22:a vast population, and to lead her peoples still further into the light. Russia must also learn toProblems, 86:characteristics or world trends and these still further increase the difficulty. The efforts ofProblems, 104:- widespread in the Middle Ages (if one goes no further back), sporadic in more modern times, butProblems, 117:of rightness to manifest. We can have no further expression of divinity until men act more divinelyProblems, 173:and the apathy of the churches which still further complicate the problem. It is - above all else -Problems, 176:based on security and right human relations. To further complicate the problem, it must be borne inProblems, 176:scientific and, therefore, objective. This is further complicated by the fact that western EuropePsychology1, xxiii:Age. Science will then have penetrated a little further into the field of intangible yet realPsychology1, 47:of that wisdom which will enable him to further the divine plan and bring the will of God toPsychology1, 70:which - when it is duly reached - reveals a further point where all the three are one, and not thePsychology1, 156:aspiring. More than that I know not, nor may I further enlarge upon the matter. But the wonder andPsychology1, 176:of their [176] essential unity, and so further that "peace on earth, good will to men" of which wePsychology1, 183:of certainty. The problem will have shifted further back. There will be no question in anyone'sPsychology1, 189:to fit them for the event. Before we proceed further I want to touch upon the apparentPsychology1, 224:carbon stage to that of the perfect diamond. A further qualitative stage can be seen as thePsychology1, 266:it would serve only [266] to confuse should I further elaborate. Remember, however, that all of thePsychology1, 317:refers to the major ray cycles, and remember further that in every root-race you have a continuousPsychology1, 328:a crisis in the initiatory work, and produces a further synthesis experienced in the life of thePsychology1, 329:oriented towards, and becomes occupied with, a further fusion in consciousness, that ofPsychology1, 335:of a certain major initiation, and I may not further [336] elucidate here. Suffice it to say thatPsychology1, 355:or physical coordination. These points will be further elucidated. The secondary influence which isPsychology1, 372:with this consummated, then more teaching and further elucidation will be possible, - but not tillPsychology1, 375:culture of the ritual of service it can be still further developed. The ritual of the solar systemPsychology2, 20:when we know more and the race has advanced further into the light. But from the light whichPsychology2, 31:and expression when form life is of no further use to the perfected spiritual life. It is a statePsychology2, 75:on a physical bridge) has anchored itself on the further shore; thus a delicate and (at first)Psychology2, 78:the purpose of liberation before it, and not of further physical plane experience. ThePsychology2, 83:are here tabulated anent the rays) then some further light can intelligibly be thrown upon thePsychology2, 93:needed the activity of the solar angels to make further progress possible. Herein lies Our servicePsychology2, 148:psyche or soul, and therefore its function is to further the spiritual interests of the true man,Psychology2, 152:fourth initiation which releases him from all further need for rebirth. This is the truth whichPsychology2, 156:of satisfaction of a temporary nature, and then further demands. This is the story of the race.Psychology2, 166:to which one will be exposed; if one has passed further on the Way, they will give one a commandPsychology2, 176:learn to distinguish instinctively when he is further developed. I would like to remind you that itPsychology2, 251:differentiated forms appear, producing still further distinctions. The sowing of these seeds, theirPsychology2, 253:of divinity meet and blend, there is no need for further drastic distinctions to continue to appearPsychology2, 253:to appear in the outer world of phenomena as further states of consciousness are attained. In thePsychology2, 397:idealism and order. But there are others, further back behind the scenes, held in latency for thePsychology2, 431:psychological problem case. The recognition of further opportunity and a lengthened sense of timePsychology2, 443:and is easily idealistic. The whole problem is further complicated by the rapidly emerging fourthPsychology2, 471:them in clouds of glamor. Nothing could be further from the truth. That idea is itself a part ofPsychology2, 664:men of similar ideals and also to direct and further their efforts. Knowledge of these ideals willPsychology2, 718:of humanity will have to be postponed and a further period of distress and of widespreadPsychology2, 735:life. It should not be necessary to restate any further what should be done, how anyone should givePsychology2, 737:and is composed of those whose work it is to further God's plans consciously on earth; they work inPsychology2, 750:the attempt to make our work possible. I make no further appeal for your help. I have beenRays, 12:of the Hierarchy. I seek to give you some further instructions anent the Hierarchy itself. (TheRays, 54:can see how little use there is in my enlarging further upon this. Its sole usefulness is to giveRays, 56:activity. I need not carry the story further; from tension to tension the initiate passes just asRays, 60:and motivated by the dynamic will, does the further injunction come that he move forward. What areRays, 108:to another higher one, each step removing him further from his own so-called will and bringing himRays, 153:process of interior perfecting until nothing further remains to be done within that individualRays, 155:then becomes possible to admit the initiate to further advancement upon the Way. It is believed toRays, 156:the soul incarnates and eventually to cement and further all the great and possible relationships.Rays, 196:was a universal service, and made possible further human progress, for until some greater measureRays, 196:terms: "From above He worked and from the further side issued the force which tore its way into theRays, 200:form, of glamor and of seduction has for him no further appeal. Rays, 211:the first indication that the group is ready for further teaching, for an intensification of itsRays, 223:an aspect of the coming era. There are three further points which I seek to make: First, theRays, 255:then will it be possible to carry the revelation further. Rays, 262:and thus consciously and with clear purpose further the ends of evolution. TransmutationRays, 266:and then revelation ensued. Naught is gained by further elucidation. Proceed with the work ofRays, 272:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation One further point anent the Buddhas of Activity mightRays, 290:(not on His mind, but on His soul). He saw still further into the significance of divinity than hadRays, 291:and to the Master of Them all, the Christ. But a further "knowing" lay ahead of even thisRays, 325:hitherto been given, down the ages, another step further on and indicated the next stage ofRays, 325:has come, as the Hierarchy had foreseen, for further light upon the endless Way. Rays, 327:endeavor in the present and must also hold out further enlightenment for those who have succeededRays, 351:connotes "overcoming." We shall not consider further the approach of the black brothers to thatRays, 366:is one who succeeds in penetrating to the further side of the door, where recognition awaits him.Rays, 369:process. This statement is made without any further definition by me because the whole subject isRays, 396:words as food for reflection as there is little further that I may say upon this point. In any caseRays, 406:of evolutionary development. Their work is to further progressive development of identification.Rays, 409:been the intention of the Hierarchy to give any further information anent these Paths; it was feltRays, 418:its Words of Power, and consequently getting further and further removed from its original beautyRays, 418:of Power, and consequently getting further and further removed from its original beauty and intent.Rays, 445:be trodden, leading to a second union of still further importance in that it leads to completeRays, 459:I would like here also to point out some further relationships. You know well that upon the mentalRays, 490:process - find themselves unable to proceed any further. What then is the matter? Primarily, anRays, 490:This process is a combination of will, further and continued visualization, and the use of the rayRays, 510:of Power which serves to carry the light still further on and up. When correctly uttered, this WordRays, 518:antahkarana; however, I want to enlarge a little further upon the three final stages of theRays, 523:Evolution, the fact of a still greater goal further on ahead - called by the Christ "the Father's
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