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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUSION

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Discipleship1, 219:so that they can work with intelligence at the fusion of The various personality rays. TheDiscipleship1, 223:of the group work. That in itself will bring fusion. That fusion will work out in the strengtheningDiscipleship1, 223:work. That in itself will bring fusion. That fusion will work out in the strengthening of the groupDiscipleship1, 259:meditation: Achieve alignment, conscious fusion and stability. Then definitely and consciouslyDiscipleship1, 260:so that there may come about a more easy fusion between your soul and personality, between theseDiscipleship1, 269:cooperation of the soul. Every such moment of fusion increases the personality potential and itsDiscipleship1, 320:in the mental body. There is an easy line of fusion there. For the rest of this life, your effortDiscipleship1, 320:expressed. This will also produce a closer fusion between your soul and the personality. The onlyDiscipleship1, 320:give you, at present, is one that will aid this fusion and release the magnetic quality of yourDiscipleship1, 321:thus vitalized the astral body and imagined the fusion of soul, personality, and astral force, thenDiscipleship1, 354:of the soul and the demonstration of a fusion which is much needed. For you, the word which wouldDiscipleship1, 542:soul. Then make the effort to achieve a point of fusion, holding the consciousness at that point asDiscipleship1, 542:soul, and once more from the attained point of fusion. Ponder then on the following fifth ray seedDiscipleship1, 554:first time, a completed group unit. The time for fusion and for blending and for the permanentDiscipleship1, 592:the world needs at this time and an increasing fusion of souls and of the units in the variousDiscipleship1, 596:enough and vital enough to produce the needed fusion of soul and personality. We who teach, watchDiscipleship1, 596:of man, know that unless a certain measure of fusion is established by the time fifty-six years ofDiscipleship1, 642:which should carry you to a high point of group fusion. I have asked several of you to take manyDiscipleship1, 649:In the group stimulation, you must look for a fusion and an expansion leading to a growingDiscipleship1, 682:of the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy is a place of fusion of all souls upon the higher levels of theDiscipleship1, 682:just so far does he move towards the center of fusion. As your love for humanity increases and yourDiscipleship1, 691:Master of any group is confronted. The needed fusion can always take place among disciples whenDiscipleship1, 702:his Ashram. An Ashram is a subjective fusion of individuals and not of personalities, gatheredDiscipleship1, 702:as said earlier - a magnetic point of tension, a fusion of [703] energies, directed towards aDiscipleship1, 703:can, therefore, grasp their growth towards fusion as an Ashram (in process of physicalDiscipleship1, 707:of soul relationship is recognized and where the fusion of auras and the interblending of theDiscipleship1, 718:third and fourth) produces an absorption, a fusion and a blending process between the disciple andDiscipleship1, 748:every day living, thus leading to a consequent fusion. An Ashram or Master's group is, therefore, aDiscipleship2, 18:the energy transmitted by each individual. The fusion (consciously undertaken) of the individualDiscipleship2, 50:and that its success depended upon the group fusion, the group love and the group understanding.Discipleship2, 51:for an ensuing period of service. Bring about a fusion between the objective and subjective life ofDiscipleship2, 57:together of the Great Invocation. This produces fusion and releases something from "that which liesDiscipleship2, 57:Words of Power were all intended to produce the fusion of the objective and subjective worlds andDiscipleship2, 72:for which you, as a group, are responsible. The fusion exists in a small degree now, but Purpose isDiscipleship2, 72:reap the benefit of the group results, for your fusion into one close bond of brotherhood andDiscipleship2, 127:(as earlier detailed), you will produce a group fusion of purpose which is for you the next desiredDiscipleship2, 127:next desired step. You have worked at a group fusion in love; some success is apparent. Now work atDiscipleship2, 132:as each individual member utilizes them. The fusion, consciously and deliberately engineered, ofDiscipleship2, 142:of the higher with the lower triangle and their fusion in the square." The Masters view the work ofDiscipleship2, 160:Have also constantly in mind this basic fusion, now finding voiced expression, and take courageDiscipleship2, 183:into a close contact (leading eventually to fusion) with the Spiritual Triad, the reflection of theDiscipleship2, 185:of a certain stage (elementary, at first) of fusion, and then a training given and a processDiscipleship2, 185:process instituted which create a still greater fusion. It is this that the meditation here givenDiscipleship2, 198:energy. In the group, meditation leads to the fusion of the group personnel, to their unitedDiscipleship2, 215:the reorientation of the personality and soul fusion. 4. Straight meditation. This is a focused,Discipleship2, 258:is not essentially a process of soul-personality fusion (though that has to be a preliminary step)Discipleship2, 268:initiation is not a process of soul-personality fusion but of Monad-personality integration. TheseDiscipleship2, 292:also into functioning activity; this produces fusion and identification, and brings the pinealDiscipleship2, 295:love nature of God; these together indicate a fusion and a sensitivity which is new in humanDiscipleship2, 352:development and evolutionary growth. A fusion or establishing of relationship within humanityDiscipleship2, 353:consent merged into the group; he achieves this fusion by his own individual effort and isDiscipleship2, 353:countries; the individual is not free and his fusion with the state and his progress as aDiscipleship2, 353:is the right use of this same energy which makes fusion with the Hierarchy possible. These areDiscipleship2, 353:world conditions. The underlying Principle of Fusion and of group endeavor is right and part of theDiscipleship2, 355:will concern the group - its interrelation, its fusion, its initiation and its service. A hint isDiscipleship2, 382:grows increasingly towards a more complete fusion with the group. He knows himself to be anDiscipleship2, 382:they are of fundamental importance. It is the fusion of all these capacities in group work whichDiscipleship2, 401:"three periodical vehicles," producing a steady fusion of these three, an increasing reaction toDiscipleship2, 410:can be regarded as preparatory classes in group fusion and group work. Among those in these manyDiscipleship2, 411:to the need of a disciple are based on his soul-fusion and upon the world need at the time, whichDiscipleship2, 412:and the personality together and lead to soul fusion with its instrument. But, as the race hasDiscipleship2, 428:of consolidation and of consequently greater fusion is brought about. In this unique moment in theDiscipleship2, 491:planned and rendered; to the soul through fusion, rendered expressive on the mental plane; to theDiscipleship2, 547:seen - the greater lighted Whole." Picture the fusion of the light of the personality and the lightDiscipleship2, 573:the downward flowing soul energy and effect its fusion with the uprising aspiration of theDiscipleship2, 575:coordination of the mechanism. Synthesis - the fusion of personality and soul. Appropriation - theDiscipleship2, 610:It is towards this area of merging [610] and of fusion that you are now asked to move. Reflect uponDiscipleship2, 661:with others, which is embryonic [661] fusion, carried eventually to synthesis when the head centerEducation, 65:will produce a great spiritual and planetary fusion, of which the fusion of personality and soulEducation, 65:spiritual and planetary fusion, of which the fusion of personality and soul (at a certain pointEducation, 122:to list a few factors without elaboration: The fusion of man's differentiated spiritualEducation, 123:planetary Hierarchy and affiliated groups. The fusion of a vast number of men into variousEducation, 124:in the consciousness of humanity towards the fusion of the individual with the whole, without hisEducation, 124:men are everywhere turning towards synthesis, fusion, blending and mutual cooperation for [125]Education, 136:process of physical incarnation. There can be no fusion of the opposites of soul and personalityEducation, 138:planetary groups or bodies, through their close fusion and scientific interrelation, that form ofEducation, 140:fusions - individual, racial and spiritual: The fusion or integration of the different aspects ofEducation, 141:self-directed, high grade human being. The fusion of the personality and the soul. This has to beEducation, 141:consciousness, the Solar Angel. The ultimate fusion of humanity with the Hierarchy, producing theEducation, 145:or lesser degree, according to the extent of fusion and the conscious recognition by the individualEducation, 145:recognition by the individual of the attained fusion. Abstractly and in relation toEducation, 147:the processes of usage and transformation and fusion. It deals also with the outgoing energies andExternalisation, 23:years will see the decision as to whether the fusion of the inner and the outer groups of worldExternalisation, 30:will be the product of the mental and emotional fusion of the techniques of the Piscean Age, and itExternalisation, 33:or states of consciousness so that from their fusion a third group could emerge which would beExternalisation, 65:and separativeness, but world understanding and fusion) spend their time in speculation, inExternalisation, 77:will disappear off the face of the earth. Racial fusion will then be possible. Our earth humanityExternalisation, 83:with the spirit of cooperation or understanding fusion. The law which will determine the resultsExternalisation, 96:to such a "crisis of precipitation" that the fusion of the two groups will be inevitable, whilstExternalisation, 96:to the task of bringing about the desired fusion or group at-one-ment. These are the consecratedExternalisation, 97:formation if they choose, and so bring about the fusion for which the New Group of World Servers isExternalisation, 97:a definite opportunity to bring about this world fusion and so precipitate the "crisis of love" toExternalisation, 97:until 1942 when either the first stage of fusion will have been made upon earth, resulting inExternalisation, 100:of this innate synthesis and subjective fusion and to the expression of this blended dedicatedExternalisation, 101:of group objectives, and of the group fusion to the larger Whole. When this is realized, then theExternalisation, 102:forming will be distinguished by the quality of fusion, and this should be as inevitable aExternalisation, 102:evidence when duly organized. Thus they produce fusion and blending. I am here putting new idealsExternalisation, 130:two major changes in the world; the first is the fusion and blending of peoples and minorities soExternalisation, 130:principle of federation, of relation and of the fusion of bodies into concentrated wholes,Externalisation, 131:noted. One of them, Great Britain, represents a fusion, the foundations of which have been laid in
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