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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTILE

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Astrology, 30:and the following of obscure trails are utterly futile until the main highway of approach has beenAstrology, 246:here that many mystics and world servers prove futile. They work from far too high a level and fromAstrology, 310:is carried too far it leads to an unexpectedly futile life. The "lion must emerge from its lair,"Astrology, 473:and a greatly extended horizon, they will prove futile to accomplish their intended task. InAstrology, 523:and active, or mystical pacific and at present futile, and these two aspects at present conditionAtom, 35:inadequate; the old expressions of thought seem futile. All that the wise man can do just now is toAutobiography, 3:in words and which sound meaningless and futile when written down. Our relationship is one of them.Autobiography, 21:of my five years made me feel that things were futile so I decided that if I bumped down the stoneAutobiography, 249:the majority of the occult groups, which renders futile so many of the publications and whichBethlehem, 4:is often passed over lightly as being mystical, futile and incapable of proof. Individual beliefBethlehem, 79:written and taught, down the centuries, proves futile and [80] unavailing. The ordinary theologicalBethlehem, 117:and of such comprehensiveness that it is futile for us to speculate upon it, for it is something toBethlehem, 244:fatal to us, as sentient beings, and renders futile all previous effort of thought, development andBethlehem, 245:of value and dynamic worth; otherwise life is a futile process of aimless wanderings; of caring forBethlehem, 250:else all that we see going on around is void, futile and senseless. It was this command of HimselfBethlehem, 281:can express itself here and now it is but a futile hope. They are occupied with the processes ofDestiny, 53:tendency of Germany showed for instance in her futile effort to preserve a racial purity now, asDestiny, 98:militant and active, or mystical, pacific and futile, and these two aspects at present conditionDiscipleship1, 86:for the instant relinquishing of all that seems futile and unnecessary and inadequate to the needDiscipleship1, 169:Waste not time in backward looking nor in futile consideration of the wisdom or the non-wisdom ofDiscipleship1, 190:and to measure the mind of immensity is futile. Work, therefore, at the production of that innerDiscipleship1, 328:is needed has seemed to you inadequate and oft futile. You have ascribed this inability to the factDiscipleship1, 333:but remain relatively useless for they are futile upon the physical plane. The vibration of yourDiscipleship1, 345:attention of any other person. It is an entirely futile speculation on the part of personalities. IDiscipleship1, 410:time, you use so much time on that which is futile from the angle of world need and of the true andDiscipleship1, 587:around you many little people, of relatively futile accomplishment (from the angle of worldDiscipleship1, 614:a few more years of service, if you will, or a futile running around, if you will. You have beenDiscipleship1, 620:material aspect against the spiritual will prove futile and the power of the spirit will dominate;Discipleship1, 653:power to stir others and to move them forward is futile. Its truth is apparent to me all the time,Discipleship1, 781:the majority of the occult groups, which renders futile so many of their publications and whichDiscipleship2, 107:the same point in evolution, would be relatively futile and useless? Such a group would lackDiscipleship2, 176:in which evil is scaled, frustrated and rendered futile. At the end of the year, I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 177:vital matters and also with the effort to render futile a series of attacks upon the Hierarchy;Discipleship2, 202:or else it is purely mystical, and though not futile, is nevertheless negative in creative results.Discipleship2, 230:of you may regard it as innocuous and perhaps futile. Used by many simultaneously, it may shatterDiscipleship2, 412:the ancient method, therefore, began to prove futile. The entire process was too easy and did notDiscipleship2, 499:rely on your inner spiritual contacts. Feel not futile or inadequate to the task, for in these daysDiscipleship2, 570:that this time you will waste no time in any futile reaction or self-defense and for the good ofDiscipleship2, 702:will feed your aspiration and negate and render futile all desire. I look to see you strengthen theExternalisation, 128:I pointed out in earlier writings - relatively futile to control the situation as yet or to forceExternalisation, 144:such Words of Power) is entirely innocuous and futile. Words of Power, ancient mantrams (such asExternalisation, 151:of energy and oft renders their good intent futile. But, out of these groups are rapidly emergingExternalisation, 176:There is the setting up of barriers in a futile effort to keep out of trouble and avoid war;Externalisation, 178:neutrality and programs which have proved quite futile to protect them. Where, then, should the newExternalisation, 211:to the realization that in this work no one is futile or useless, but that all have a place ofExternalisation, 213:or (such is the sad possibility) negatively futile. A fresh cycle of civilization, culture andExternalisation, 216:aims, and you will relinquish that attitude of futile negativity, smug neutrality or bewilderedExternalisation, 326:the human consciousness is rendered completely futile or should be held in abeyance until the fightExternalisation, 354:effort of the two or three. No one is futile or useless, unless he chooses so to be. And in theExternalisation, 382:death, is of more vital usefulness today than a futile doing of the things a man feels like doingExternalisation, 382:and potent factor which can enable the otherwise futile individual to become a focal point ofExternalisation, 383:in this matter, the effort will not be lost or futile, for you will be helping to change theExternalisation, 417:Masters, and either gullibly accept the mass of futile and idiotic information handed out by manyExternalisation, 457:if released upon the Earth, will render futile the efforts of the old order (in politics, religionExternalisation, 550:had there been none, my efforts would have been futile. I have said naught that is not true and IExternalisation, 620:to find time and opportunity for it in a gentle, futile and innocuous manner. He finds himselfExternalisation, 664:or initiates, their work would have been futile, for their presentation of the Plan would not haveExternalisation, 699:of my instructions will be disappointed (so futile and silly is the human mind in so many cases)Fire, 955:likewise the ability to negate or render futile all impulses arising from the lower self which areGlamour, 207:complexes which render some people completely futile or lead eventually to suicide. Their ownGlamour, 247:Should they be ignored and so rendered futile by that ignoring, or are they forces which are neededHealing, 15:for truth the quite understandable but equally futile desire to apprehend the mind of Deity. TheHealing, 19:to the will of the person, rendering him futile to fight these predispositions. He succumbs to themHealing, 99:that the patient's normal resistance can prove futile. I would ask you, therefore, in any groupHealing, 313:is rampant, the body is rendered relatively futile, and its normal activities are affected. As toHealing, 314:mind which is ill-regulated, very busy but futile accomplishment, is the mental correspondence. Healing, 370:or by an initiate. My book would otherwise be a futile effort. I am writing for interestedHealing, 522:and assuredly dominate and eventually render futile the lesser laws of the form nature, those whichHealing, 525:the work of the healer is rendered inevitably futile. The sphere of action, therefore, of theHealing, 527:effort to apply that healing process entirely futile. From the reverse angle, frequently theHealing, 561:[561] technique. This renders their activities futile, except from the character angle. When theyHealing, 561:anything I could say of procedure would be futile. I am endeavoring at this time to promote certainHealing, 610:in individual man; areas of frustration and of futile activity will die out. This can be seenHealing, 660:fortunate that the average healer is so futile that such a dire possibility is not present! TheHealing, 663:run, all the work they do today is relatively futile, except in so far that they preserve andHercules, 50:which has been discussed, seemingly in the most futile manner, down the ages? Here it is pertinentHercules, 144:the lower nature and discover that jewel is ever futile. The immortal head, dissevered from theHercules, 150:over the hydra. Most of us are occupied with the futile methods first employed by him in this test.Intellect, 5:and both reach the point where words prove futile to embody the intuited possibilities. Intellect, 216:are. The plea, "I have no time," is an utterly futile one, and indicates simply lack of interest.Magic, 55:the hitherto assumed reality of the three worlds futile to attract and hold, and is the first step,Magic, 250:a matter to be deplored if any time is lost in futile experimentation and the retracing of any pathMagic, 296:Then the horoscope as now understood proves futile, untrue and useless and the term sometimes used,Magic, 454:you prefer, for what do words matter when all is futile to express reality as it is!) andMagic, 455:from its Creator. Many thought-forms remain futile as they are "too close" to their Creator. It canMagic, 456:aspirant, weary of the eternal round of his own futile and unimportant thoughts, seeks to tap theMagic, 473:swimmer, shut out the sun and render all plans futile. Discover that thou hast a mind and learn itsMagic, 489:entire life is spoilt, and service is rendered futile. The entire life is embittered andMagic, 489:with other people are rendered equally futile or even definitely harmful, for the worried orMagic, 492:any further teaching on the subject would be futile. In these Instructions I have sought to give anMeditation, 132:all; he considers that all past effort has been futile and that naught remains but to die. At suchProblems, 82:exploitation will soon prove utterly useless and futile, provided that these resources of energyProblems, 125:doctrinal differences), they present a somewhat futile group versus the organized power, theProblems, 176:yet selfish opposition has rendered their work futile and the monied interests in many countriesPsychology1, 11:steadily. Often that which is built is inchoate, futile and without form or purpose, and of no usePsychology1, 150:efforts to convey such information would be futile, and language itself would be inadequate to thePsychology1, 241:following and for that form of diet are usually futile and of no real moment. From the standpointPsychology1, 386:of Germany, showing, for instance, in her futile effort to preserve a purity of race nowPsychology2, 73:planets may be of interest, but it is relatively futile and useless; it fertilizes unduly thePsychology2, 119:to the whole, and he is rendered relatively futile from the angle of his soul unfoldment. He is
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