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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTILITY

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Astrology, 145:the life processes that he becomes aware of the futility of self-interest. In Aquarius, the manAstrology, 403:by a sense of his helplessness and his unique futility. But this is only due to the relativelyAutobiographywhich she was sensitively attuned, the sense of futility and therefore of negativity of men ofAutobiography, 171:of brotherhood that my eyes were opened to the futility and uselessness of this kind of literature.Bethlehem, 70:that it can be so. We dread the moment when our futility appears as we look upon the stars ofBethlehem, 189:of God. For the Creation was made subject to futility, not of its own choice, but by the will ofDiscipleship1, 27:frequently to a sense of frustration, or of futility or of importance. The glamor of the mind andDiscipleship1, 74:you that there is no need for the sense of futility or for the registration of littleness. The newDiscipleship1, 100:inertia of the feeling nature and the sense of futility of the mind when confronted with largeDiscipleship1, 137:(strongly marked in you, my brother) to feel the futility of things and the uselessness of effortDiscipleship1, 138:coupled, as I remarked earlier, with a sense of futility where making any major impression uponDiscipleship1, 190:mechanism be duly developed. When developed, the futility of your questioning will be seen, for youDiscipleship1, 267:there may be times wherein the sense of futility is deep and real. But none of these will beDiscipleship1, 396:fighting deep discouragement, and the glamor of futility (after so many years as a disciple) isDiscipleship1, 420:had a dual effect: it has served to show you the futility of glamor and that which you despondinglyDiscipleship1, 440:initiates in you a profound feeling of futility and a constantly wearing realization of incompleteDiscipleship1, 456:the ability to stand steady when the sense of futility seems to overwhelm, and the capacity toDiscipleship1, 482:which will land you still deeper in the maya of futility. I am suggesting something which will fillDiscipleship1, 578:yourself in the world of illusion and consequent futility. You have much to give, so give of yourDiscipleship1, 602:has been broken and crippled but a sense of futility must not take its place. The thought-form ofDiscipleship1, 615:not attempt further to make clear to you the futility of your present life and activities. I standDiscipleship1, 716:that the aspirant escapes from this "network of futility," as it is sometimes called, and that heDiscipleship2, 460:you have to learn (through intense feeling) the futility of emotion and feeling as a means ofDiscipleship2, 696:if it were, sound thinking would soon show the futility of social pride. In the eyes of the MastersDiscipleship2, 736:at no action. They are lives of apparent futility but nevertheless of great value. Needless toEducation, 46:prejudices and dislikes can be shown and their futility emphasized. Is it not possible to build ourEducation, 47:and are, at the same time, taught the futility of hate and war, there is hope of a better andExternalisation, 22:and also that I am aware of the frequent futility of such appeals for cooperation. The history ofExternalisation, 62:disciples that there is no need for the sense of futility or for the registration of littleness.Externalisation, 214:republics. Fear, terror and a sense of helpless futility govern the reactions of the one, and whoExternalisation, 218:Are you governed by a sense of individual futility - that weapon which the Forces of MaterialismExternalisation, 244:help is needed, and thus the sense of individual futility is negated. To the most unimportant manExternalisation, 246:of humanity, hiding not behind the sense of futility and seeking no alibi in a misinterpretedExternalisation, 378:and by a sense of his own utter unimportance and futility in the face of this gigantic humanExternalisation, 380:In this way, his normal and natural sense of futility will disappear, and he will gradually realizeExternalisation, 615:produce a deep discouragement and a sense of futility and hopelessness. Instead, they should beExternalisation, 628:their relative uselessness, insignificance and futility, and realize that now (in the critical andExternalisation, 667:and which will eventually thrust back into futility the Forces of Evil which have for so longGlamour, 59:equipment, and frequently stepped down into futility. The [60] mechanism for right understanding isHealing, 338:joy and desire and presents always a sense of futility. Many women passing through the menopauseHealing, 363:IV - Some Questions Answered On the Sense of Futility In connection with the work of the healerHealing, 363:the gate of death, he may experience a sense of futility. Is it possible to know just what he canHealing, 363:to do but to step aside, with a sense of utter futility, whilst the loved one passes through theHealing, 365:phases of life experience wherein the sense of futility and frustration meets the server in theHealing, 365:desire but who as yet experience no sense of futility or frustration. They desire and areHealing, 366:and so are swept by an overwhelming sense of futility. Beyond these three classes, acting as theInitiation, 4:than get a general idea of the scheme; hence the futility of dogmatism. We can do no more thanIntellect, 186:mind to overcome ignorance and its subsequent futility to carry a man on into the world of LightIntellect, 194:the mind at its highest point, the same apparent futility of the mind beyond that point to carryIntellect, 259:but which will enable us to grasp the futility of these reasonings: God is defeated in one part ofMagic, 200:has failed him and so succumbs to a sense of futility and depression. However, this must be met andMagic, 245:and inert. It is an effort to think, and the futility of phases of thought assail the mind. TheMagic, 260:against him may be overcome by the apparent futility of his effort and the seeming smallness of theMagic, 303:son is conscious of the husks and of the futility of earthly life. He is ready for a carefulProblems, 44:prejudices and dislikes can be shown and their futility emphasized. Is it not possible to build ourProblems, 45:and are, at the same time, taught the futility of hate and war, there is hope of a better andProblems, 46:and voluntarily; we have sought to have the futility of war, of greed and aggression emphasized andPsychology1, 150:emphasis, and in order to impress upon you the futility of idle speculation upon this subject.Psychology2, 31:reader) are, therefore, the result of the futility and inadequacy of language to express thePsychology2, 48:it will, nevertheless, serve to demonstrate the futility of dealing with the secrets of thePsychology2, 219:of the Plan on earth. It need evoke no sense of futility or of endless striving or of an almostPsychology2, 332:in a human form, arrives at a realization of the futility of material ambition, it marks a highPsychology2, 354:but he is also conscious of frustration and futility. Next he passes through a life in which hePsychology2, 355:left, unsatisfied and with a deepening sense of futility and emptiness, "pendent upon thePsychology2, 360:and the dreams of earlier years. Therefore futility is the result. To offset this, he must standPsychology2, 365:which devastated him. A sense of despairing futility. The forces arraigned against the disciplePsychology2, 374:nothing has taken their place. He is swept by futility and his world rocks under him. Let him standPsychology2, 374:God, why hast Thou forsaken Me." But by facing futility and himself and by surrendering himself toPsychology2, 422:acquiescence of a nature which ends the life in futility, deep depression and a sense ofPsychology2, 430:A period of wild unrest, of frustration and futility, leading sometimes to disaster, to forms ofPsychology2, 441:to the higher one. He experiences a sense of futility; the comparison which he makes within himselfPsychology2, 469:simple. Let the man thus afflicted realize the futility of his mental life as he is living it.Psychology2, 470:of mental substance. This accounts for the futility and the apparent and fruitlessness of manyPsychology2, 641:over the brink of disaster. This factor of futility, and the fatigue incident to the long struggle,Psychology2, 670:either ridden by fear or by a feeling of futility, and by the realization that the work to be donePsychology2, 672:each other. Thus the sense of weakness and of futility will be offset. This is the first duty andPsychology2, 701:nothing remains except difficulty, a sense of futility, and an urge to be freed from conditions.Psychology2, 704:a feeling [704] of emotional fatigue and mental futility which tried many to the utmost. It is wiseRays, 742:They are swayed by fear, by a sense of futility and by a too acute understanding of the nature ofReappearance, 162:- all these things make the average man feel the futility of all effort. The problem seems too big,Reappearance, 165:widespread sense of frustration and individual futility. That which will offset the sense ofReappearance, 165:which will offset the sense of frustration and futility and provide likewise the needed incentiveReappearance, 176:their relative uselessness, insignificance and futility, and realize that now (in the critical and
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