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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Astrology, 18:for this incarnation. It holds the secret of the future and presents the force which, rightly used,Astrology, 44:links between the life of the past and of the future. They are the present. They had not finishedAstrology, 59:and relationships, and the immediate future objective appear with clarity. The horoscopes ofAstrology, 81:of time and "obliterating past, present and future in the radiant glory of the work accomplished." Astrology, 87:and will constitute an interpretation of the future which will be founded on a correctAstrology, 87:the Science of Destiny will be applied and the future indications discovered. Of this, the personalAstrology, 103:hints such as these that the astrologer of the future will determine the type of horoscope whichAstrology, 114:they are the rulers and the astrology of the future will accept my statement and work with theseAstrology, 140:influences and potencies are those which in the future upon the Fixed Cross will condition andAstrology, 140:and steadily all his activities. In the future, instead of speaking of the orthodox planets whenAstrology, 149:to relate the old and the new, the past and the future through the light of the present. Hence, theAstrology, 149:for them, accept them, and use them. Only the future will make clear man's reaction. According toAstrology, 164:the past, and in the present to prepare for the future. Such is the intention and purpose of karmicAstrology, 192:to taking initiation. His emphasis is, for the future, to be upon the spiritual soul and the fifthAstrology, 192:- in the past, in the present and on into the future. In closing, I will simply quote to you theAstrology, 231:veiling the past which has gone instead of the future as is now the case. Earth and air will thenAstrology, 244:today and as they can express themselves in the future, they will have a picture of physical humanAstrology, 244:a picture of physical human achievement and of future spiritual expression which will beAstrology, 262:[262] This will be the situation in the future for the masses. The astrologer of the future willAstrology, 262:the future for the masses. The astrologer of the future will have to bear these three modes ofAstrology, 274:It will constitute the astrology of the future and will begin to be understood when group awarenessAstrology, 278:bound to become one of the major sciences of the future, and when this is so the control of theAstrology, 282:I would recommend to the astrologers of the future a careful investigation of the falls,Astrology, 318:of Cancer-Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces. In the future horoscopes of disciples, this significantAstrology, 327:investigation and record. The history of the future will be the history of the evolving plans ofAstrology, 353:some day of real service to the astrology of the future, for some day astrology will be lifted upAstrology, 372:and unavoidable. This argues well for the future in spite of temporary misuse of the forces.Astrology, 398:again in his own self-interest but will, in the future, move intelligently upon the Way ofAstrology, 436:the outer human being in such a way that their future unity of purpose, plan and effort is assured.Astrology, 442:which will condition the astrology of the future lies far ahead in the period after the war whenAstrology, 443:as far as may be possible. That means a gradual future usefulness for the knowledge of theAstrology, 446:of symbols - is nevertheless a germ or seed of future hierarchical effort when that effort is - atAstrology, 448:can, therefore, see how full of promise is the future. In the Aquarian Age, the power of the planetAstrology, 450:potencies" the entire story - past, present and future - of human evolution. It accounts for theAstrology, 468:will also be apparent to the astrologer of the future along which lines the chart of the soul mustAstrology, 469:of the planetary Logos; this will warrant any future planetary expression of His life to be termedAstrology, 473:human living and so laid the foundation for the future synthesis in Aquarius. The influence of thisAstrology, 480:is for this reason that the astrologers of the future will emphasize the relation and theAstrology, 487:of supreme importance to the astrologer of the future. In the cosmic decanates to which I hereAstrology, 493:to the group consciousness of Aquarius. The FUTURE - The merging of the human center and theAstrology, 496:which must govern this ancient science in the future. I have emphasized in your consciousness, theAstrology, 497:to the particular because it must in the future deal with soul unfoldment and not with theAstrology, 499:to you certain "seed thoughts" which - at some future date - will blossom forth as the basicAstrology, 500:at their selfish and materialistic past. The future will shine with an added glory and, thoughAstrology, 500:and his material environment will be found, the future will prove itself as the best yet unrolled.Astrology, 513:indicates soul purpose and points the way to the future, offering opportunity. 6. The horoscope,Astrology, 521:affecting the world, holding great hope for the future but producing most disrupting and disastrousAstrology, 522:a study of these effects will demonstrate future possibility for the world, once the flow of itsAstrology, 541:symbolically) and hand over their immediate future to the forces of evil and of death. These workAstrology, 548:Aquarius is the present Determiner of the future. That which is now initiated in Aries will becomeAstrology, 564:in which the Sun sign finds a place. This is a future development of the science of esotericAstrology, 589:section on astrology and lay a foundation for future teaching around the year 2025. That is theAstrology, 597:of God Whose will embraces past, present and future and Whose mind does not think in terms ofAstrology, 623:the light of the soul and pointing to the future, thus presenting that which could be because HeAstrology, 678:..."shines as a symbol of the past, present and future spiritual Saviors." (Vol. I, 717) "KeplerAtom, 12:of darkness, is a guarantee of success in the future. We know so much more than was the case fiveAtom, 17:plan this evening, to lay the groundwork for our future talks, and to touch upon the main lines ofAtom, 54:but I shall seek to lay the emphasis in our future talks principally upon what we might call theAtom, 69:one in three, just as is the Logos. There is a future for every atom in the solar system. BeforeAtom, 100:within Himself the past, the present, and the future. What, then, is universal consciousness? ItAtom, 130:which may be looked for in the immediate future, remembering that all that I say is only intendedAtom, 149:these two stages, if they are the basis of all future development, then within the planetary atomAtom, 155:we have for ourselves the promise and hope of future achievement, and the incentive to persist inAutobiography, X:desire to complete those arrangements for the future of the Arcane School which would best help youAutobiography, 7:facts which I know to be essential to the future happiness and progress of humanity - the fact ofAutobiography, 7:- the fact of the Masters, the unfolding future for which the world war (just ended) is but aAutobiography, 34:surprised that life was difficult. There was no future ahead of me, except marriage and the humdrumAutobiography, 36:try and get some measure of self-control. My future usefulness to Him and to the world wasAutobiography, 38:want to make it easier for such disciples in the future, and to "debunk" the nonsense put out byAutobiography, 69:a promise from me to be more careful in the future. I have been - as a general rule - but IAutobiography, 72:and security towards the new culture and the future civilization. Maybe my prophesies don'tAutobiography, 97:one day at a time and not to look ahead into the future. I had confidence in the Lord and in myAutobiography, 101:is still young, with a useful and constructive future ahead of her. I could not have done this hadAutobiography, 103:was finished. Ahead of me lay a wonderful future with the man I thought I adored, in a new andAutobiography, 107:be solved today (I make no prophecy about the future) by intermarriage. It must be solved byAutobiography, 141:in that one life so will be their eternal future. It endows man with no past, only an importantAutobiography, 141:past, only an important present and an endless future - a future dependent upon the decisions ofAutobiography, 141:an important present and an endless future - a future dependent upon the decisions of one life.Autobiography, 146:world, is working out that inheritance towards a future of wonder and usefulness and beautyAutobiography, 161:work and we were planning and arranging for the future. The T.S. situation was getting more andAutobiography, 171:of what he wrote. It is a book that outlines the future and the work of the Hierarchy of theAutobiography, 171:the future and the work of the Hierarchy of the future, and the curious and arresting thing to meAutobiography, 171:to hold high office in the Hierarchy and in the future coming civilization were all Mr.Autobiography, 176:we have often said that had we known what the future held we would never have started the thingsAutobiography, 176:we were, therefore, without jobs, no money, no future, three children and utterly uncertain [177]Autobiography, 178:in the world. We had no money and we saw no future ahead. Our joint finances on the day when we satAutobiography, 178:size up the situation and to lay plans for the future were exactly $1.85. It was the end of theAutobiography, 224:sent, and to have in it the promise of wide future opportunities for expansion. The first year weAutobiography, 227:countries in Europe on which we could build the future work. The work in Spain under FranciscoAutobiography, 229:Masters' vineyard will have our hands full in future years in organizing, in encouraging andAutobiography, 230:is intended to inaugurate the new age and the future civilization, particularly from its spiritualAutobiography, 247:to prove (for the aiding of the work of the future) that one could do definitely psychic work andAutobiography, 248:lives then become unpredictable. The new and future astrology endeavors to give the key to theAutobiography, 248:and of the new inclination, to work out the future from the angle of this new approach. AstrologyAutobiography, 263:have, however, been useful as signposts to the future. The time has not been ripe for theAutobiography, 263:training. These will lay the foundation of those future schools which will - under the Law ofAutobiography, 263:The discipline to which the neophyte in the future should subject himself must be understood andAutobiography, 264:response of the disciple. The teacher of the future will simply point the Way, tread the Way withAutobiography, 265:with the divine. 3. Esoteric Schools in the Future These schools will be truly esoteric forAutobiography, 266:the situation and can register the vision of the future will move forward to increased usefulness,
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