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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Autobiography, 270:with which the esoteric schools of the future will familiarize the general public. It is with theAutobiography, 274:which are intermediate between the old and the future Schools of Initiation; making an impressionAutobiography, 275:prepare the disciples of the New Age for the future Schools of Initiation. Autobiography, 278:plan and are investigated as a prelude to the future; the immediate step ahead is also deeplyAutobiography, 279:must know something prior to entering the future Schools of Initiation but the above will indicateAutobiography, 281:A study of these will greatly facilitate all future work, disposing of questions and clearing theAutobiography, 290:the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrateAutobiography, 297:world, but is the essential factor in all our future undertakings. Without this HierarchicalAutobiography, 303:the structure thereon which is necessary for the future work. This, at the time, I found hard toBethlehem, 6:of the past and as a stepping-stone to the future, is often forgotten, and this perhaps is one ofBethlehem, 7:and the infinite and divine possibilities of the future. The ancient myths and the old mysteriesBethlehem, 11:all the past revelations and indicating the future hope. The world expectancy today shows that weBethlehem, 11:heritage, but will add the clear vision of the future to the wonder of the past. It will expressBethlehem, 18:of self-conscious individualistic existence to a future group-conscious unified world. It isBethlehem, 18:to the nations, holding before them the hope of future world unity and world peace. He came at theBethlehem, 19:that house. The reference is undoubtedly to the future period wherein we enter into that house inBethlehem, 19:for the present, so He also pointed to that future of unity and understanding which is ourBethlehem, 34:the race, but Who was also the forerunner of the future, embodying in Himself all that it wasBethlehem, 39:the soul of the past and the spirit of the future. And what is true of Him is true also of theBethlehem, 58:and fulfiling it, and proclaim a possible future spiritual culture which will greatly transcend allBethlehem, 61:as a woman suckling a child - the type of all future Madonnas with their divine Babes, showing theBethlehem, 76:He was. Having thus indicated His grasp of the future work, we read that "He went down with themBethlehem, 81:ultimate goal - lying ahead of us in some dim future, or in some other form of existence and someBethlehem, 91:will constitute the foundation upon which the future will rest, and for this purpose all that isBethlehem, 91:constitute the one unpredictable element of the future. Some individual of outstanding personalityBethlehem, 92:that Christ climaxed the past and indicated the future. Is it not possible that there may beBethlehem, 92:be safely revealed to us and in us? There may be future revelations of such stupendous wonder andBethlehem, 100:made with the past before we can face towards a future of service, consciously undertaken, and knowBethlehem, 105:in our experience and is the root of all our future consistency and service; it is alsoBethlehem, 111:consecration at that time. Alone, He faced the future, and at the end, encountered the tests whichBethlehem, 129:only unity, and from His efforts to bring that future world into being He could not be swerved.Bethlehem, 129:the kingdoms of the world. They are parts of a future whole, and will be later welded into aBethlehem, 140:fulfilment of the past and as a guarantee of the future, He synthesized in Himself, in oneBethlehem, 144:made. He unified in Himself the past and the future, as far as humanity is concerned. This isBethlehem, 145:Own Person, would embody, as He does today, the future achievement and the goal of the human race.Bethlehem, 145:and the goal of the human race. That the future holds reaches of consciousness and standards ofBethlehem, 145:He stood upon the mountain top, the past and the future of humanity met in Him. That He at-oned inBethlehem, 155:the synthesis of the past, the present and the future, Christ and those who were immediately HisBethlehem, 159:the past and that which bears witness to the future. One point might here be brought out. In theBethlehem, 184:of several million people in their heavenly future Christ's incarnation, apart from its historicalBethlehem, 207:emphasized the type for the humanity of the future, and entered for us within the veil, leaving usBethlehem, 208:people, and the distorted interpretations which future theologians would give to His message mustBethlehem, 209:the immediate and the cosmic, the past and the future, rearing the Cross on the hill outsideBethlehem, 210:now. The time is past wherein we can emphasize a future and coming kingdom. People are no longerBethlehem, 241:that the true significance of the inevitable future fails to arrest their attention. Others face itBethlehem, 242:to life; we can foster the awareness of our future transition, and live with the expectation of itsBethlehem, 250:evolved many theories to account for man and his future, for his preparation for the after-life,Bethlehem, 251:hereafter, and his many speculations as to his future and his immortality. Bethlehem, 252:cycle his own innate purpose and his eternal future. Secondly, as that dynamic spiritual awarenessBethlehem, 253:be defined as the [253] persistence on into the future of that which is the divine aspect, andBethlehem, 260:the present finds in Him its solution, and the future is symbolized in His life and death.Bethlehem, 260:Therefore all three lines of past, present and future meet in Him, and give Him His uniqueBethlehem, 276:things" than He had done. Such is the glorious future towards which man is oriented today, and forDestiny, 6:creative activity. The creative ability of the future will emerge on a relatively large scale inDestiny, 7:in the immediate present. The situation in the future when the Aquarian Age is really establishedDestiny, 10:control by the spiritual forces is still in the future but the Aquarian Age will see theDestiny, 16:of first ray energy, and only the testimony of future historical records will indicate fully howDestiny, 20:here and there, really grasp the vision of the future and realize what is going on, seeing trulyDestiny, 24:exponents of the ideologies - past, present and future. [25] Destiny, 27:and holds in its activity the seeds of the future. This is a fact of great interest and of reallyDestiny, 27:at this time) which enables the seer to see the future as it may be and to forecast comingDestiny, 27:true indications which will truly present the future. Character indications and small personalityDestiny, 27:matter and will indicate the lines along which future investigation should proceed. Through theDestiny, 28:Whose foreknowledge extends far ahead into the future, but does not extend beyond two thousandDestiny, 28:and present events which condition the immediate future and which must inevitably lead to definiteDestiny, 30:the idea that life holds for them no desirable future, all that they have learnt to cherish and toDestiny, 51:of divine revelation which lies ahead in the future; it will never be theirs until they ceaseDestiny, 51:the wonder of their past and go forth into the future to demonstrate the fact of illumination whichDestiny, 54:the same office for the world of the immediate future, whilst Brazil will eventually - manyDestiny, 55:to express myself more definitely as to the future lines of unfoldment. The destiny and the futureDestiny, 55:future lines of unfoldment. The destiny and the future functioning of the nations lie hid in theirDestiny, 58:be seen in lines of light and we shall look for future racial light instead of the many separateDestiny, 62:magic and the magical work of the Church of the future. This is a prophecy which lies at presentDestiny, 63:position of these countries but to the destiny (future) and karma (past) of humanity itself as itDestiny, 64:exact moment of birth is not known will come the future science of ascertaining those past factsDestiny, 64:to the fact that today and increasingly in the future, they will not be synonymous. The BritishDestiny, 65:great human family that we must emerge into the future. I would emphasize this thought: it is asDestiny, 65:and fused, that we must emerge into the future. Those who do not grasp this important fact, whetherDestiny, 70:In this manner I can point the way for the future guidance of astrologers who have an esotericDestiny, 76:comparisons and understand relationships and future possibilities. Destiny, 77:can control with force to the detriment of future world understanding, or its soul can control toDestiny, 80:is determining in its effect upon the future. Destiny, 81:the destiny of the race, of men in the immediate future lies, and again the question arises: WillDestiny, 85:and of mutually shared responsibility. The future of the world lies at present largely in the handsDestiny, 88:Great Britain), ruled by Aquarius, is potent for future power and usefulness. The capital city,Destiny, 92:the national life which is a good augury for the future. A study of what I have said and aDestiny, 96:United Nations; this holds great hope for the future. It is for the reason that New York is one ofDestiny, 96:and a study of these effects will demonstrate future possibility for the world, once the flow ofDestiny, 122:hour for the carrying out of the Plan in its future detail has not been learnt by these sincere,Destiny, 130:using the potency of sound, the disciple of the future will work and build the new world with itsDestiny, 133:protection. The training of the disciple in the future will differ in detail from that of the pastDestiny, 135:will become obsolete and men in the future will be amused at the limited vision of our modern worldDestiny, 152:Aquarian Age, even if they recognize it not. The future will see right relationships, trueDestiny, 152:and goodwill; we have also a picture of the future of humanity when all nations are united inDiscipleship1, 10:value in the world. As I work with you in the future, I shall not wait to wrap up the truths I haveDiscipleship1, 10:a way that they cannot hurt. I shall not in the future consider your personality feelings andDiscipleship1, 11:work which you are doing or may in the future do, your aim should be to achieve as rapidly asDiscipleship1, 16:cycle, then the group can carry forward into the future and work together on other planes, thusDiscipleship1, 30:gradually supplied, the skeleton framework of a future structure will slowly emerge. How thatDiscipleship1, 34:If any of you have in the past or may in the future become initiates, it will not affect your
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