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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Discipleship1, 487:that you see not the gains. You care not for the future nor for the past. Life has been hard andDiscipleship1, 487:with which to go forward, with which to face the future - no joy, no optimism and no hope of realDiscipleship1, 492:the significance of cold and starvation or of a future which holds nothing but further agony; youDiscipleship1, 513:it but have in the past and will in the future deal with the problem in a practical manner. For aDiscipleship1, 542:pattern of the form which is to be. What is that future form? Fourth month... A block of marble,Discipleship1, 545:My contact with you must, in the [545] future, be more direct, increasingly self-ascertained, andDiscipleship1, 551:as you know, is the governing law of the future and embodies the new technique. In past ages, itDiscipleship1, 552:and all preparation that you may make for future lives and all that you seek to do should, for theDiscipleship1, 552:and all that you seek to do should, for the future, be made subservient to that basic idea ofDiscipleship1, 564:month - The present embodies all the past. The future depends upon the clear seeing of theDiscipleship1, 580:questions, from stabilizing yourself for future work, communion and expression within your ownDiscipleship1, 585:done no service that will carry over into the future because it has been done at the sacrifice ofDiscipleship1, 587:and learning from mistakes) you will walk in the future with your brothers in the Way. I would likeDiscipleship1, 592:effort and then withdrawing - such is your future task under my plan. This you must do inDiscipleship1, 609:now is how to help you to make good in the future which is opening up before you. My twoDiscipleship1, 615:been glamorous. Now get down to facts. Let the future demonstrate a persistence which is based onDiscipleship1, 628:as to the place each of you had to play in the future work. If all my disciples take hold of theDiscipleship1, 630:coming New Age. I can give the techniques of the future. I would ask you to brood much upon theDiscipleship1, 630:be expressed. Endeavor to get the picture of the future work clearly in your mind in its threefoldDiscipleship1, 631:I am seeking [631] to do. I am planning for the future and in line with the Plan. I, your friendDiscipleship1, 650:this not so? If you will endeavor, in the [650] future, to leave the last named quality out, yourDiscipleship1, 652:or whether you simply continue into the future as you are now, leaving to another life the lessonDiscipleship1, 661:you can and do hinder the work and imperil the future constructive work of the group. This youDiscipleship1, 668:are oriented particularly to treading, at some future date and after initiation, the difficult wayDiscipleship1, 675:blending bathes the bud in light and causes future opening. Let the light shine. Stage IV. Into theDiscipleship1, 690:knowledge of the Plan which always concerns the future - except for those rare spirits who thinkDiscipleship1, 690:and of all you meet. It means, also, that in the future you go forward into a greater measure ofDiscipleship1, 692:recognition of the Master's ideas as goals to future endeavor. Your recognition of each other asDiscipleship1, 704:the life of the Ashram, foreboding, as to the future and a host of mental thought-forms, plus undueDiscipleship1, 707:free and unlimited; the outer Ashram - under the future Aquarian experiment - will be composed of aDiscipleship1, 708:his reaction to the Master or the promise of future contact with the Master, with his own ideasDiscipleship1, 718:of consciousness, I am writing primarily for the future and for those disciples who, in years toDiscipleship1, 718:of the Masters. The Hierarchy builds for the future; it is not occupied with the present. All thatDiscipleship1, 718:Hierarchy is working and laying plans for the future; Shamballa is engrossed with the Eternal NowDiscipleship1, 719:(the center of illusion) and [719] with the future. You may perhaps gain some idea or picture ofDiscipleship1, 719:mentally focused and occupied with the future, are likewise found. The three constitute one race ofDiscipleship1, 720:perspective. He works and prepares for the future. It is, in other words, the loving intention toDiscipleship1, 724:thus trained are in reality the nucleus of the future world servers, and are consequently of realDiscipleship1, 733:they are - in reality - the seed or guarantee of future inevitable experiences upon the Way. PeopleDiscipleship1, 733:and to substitute this astral happening for the future reality or they dismiss it as undesirableDiscipleship1, 733:Way to light; they exist then as guarantees of future knowledge and as signposts of a relativeDiscipleship1, 739:relation to what may lie ahead in the immediate future? We have an instance of this today, inDiscipleship1, 761:over the entire cycle of life, past, present and future - of humanity. Disciples gravitate intoDiscipleship1, 765:the right handling of the health problem in the future. In the same way, a constant considerationDiscipleship1, 779:to prove (for the aiding of the work of the future) that one could do definitely psychic work andDiscipleship1, 780:lives then become unpredictable. The new and future astrology endeavors to give the key to theDiscipleship1, 780:and of the new inclination, to work out the future from the angle of this new approach. AstrologyDiscipleship1, 790:the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrateDiscipleship2entity on the inner planes of possible great future usefulness. [XII] Mrs. Bailey gave unsparinglyDiscipleship2, 4:as a group for an active participation in this future work. As I enter upon the task of preparingDiscipleship2, 4:As I enter upon the task of preparing you for future increased usefulness and for closerDiscipleship2, 6:personality, and upon the response depends the future activity of both the group and its Master andDiscipleship2, 35:at the present and overwhelmed by fear of the future. The greater his power to include, the greaterDiscipleship2, 35:and the more he thinks and plans for the future, and the greater also the clarity with which he canDiscipleship2, 38:in training for initiation. Therefore, face the future with clearer vision. You are pledgedDiscipleship2, 45:with the past; he is hopeful but not sure of the future; the tangible world to which he isDiscipleship2, 48:all, however, I am endeavoring to make clear to future generations certain basic principles andDiscipleship2, 49:the rules then laid down will hold good for all future years, though their fulfilment isDiscipleship2, 51:as, in the coming New Age, the churches of the future will (at the full moon period) make aDiscipleship2, 53:expanded the concept and laid the foundation for future work to be carried forward withDiscipleship2, 53:to the earlier technique. In the religion of the future, three years will always be given toDiscipleship2, 53:higher self, the soul, the first Master. In the future, the emphasis will be upon the unitedDiscipleship2, 54:laying the ground for two eventualities: your future contact with your Master, prior to initiation,Discipleship2, 54:This was intended to be symbolic of humanity's future contact. The three days succeeding the fullDiscipleship2, 61:area of disruption was formed which will have future potent, and at present unsuspected, results.Discipleship2, 68:world evil. This produces uncertainty as to the future, annoyance at what is being done throughoutDiscipleship2, 73:upon you and together we go forward into the future. Discipleship2, 82:potent. She has also taken and will in the near future take the needed steps for the effectiveDiscipleship2, 82:whatsoever to do, nor shall I ever in the future guide or take any part in the affairs of theDiscipleship2, 86:in error, both in criticism and in planning the future of the various aspects of the work. The workDiscipleship2, 98:do you personally feel that your work in the future should consist in the following threeDiscipleship2, 117:the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrateDiscipleship2, 119:the needed group relation and the potency of its future work" in the service of humanity. Discipleship2, 147:time. Let vision come and insight. [147] Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrateDiscipleship2, 150:this war, will take place within the immediate future. It will be soon. The evil referred to hasDiscipleship2, 159:Here and here alone lies the promise of the future and its hope and opportunity. Here and hereDiscipleship2, 167:of restoration, indicating the keynote for the future and that the day will come when God'sDiscipleship2, 174:and ancient beliefs; it holds out hope for the future, and it is of present import and of practicalDiscipleship2, 180:has appeared on Earth, and in its appearing all future suffering will be greatly lessened. I seekDiscipleship2, 186:Eternal Now - the synthesis of Past, Present and Future. He will next be taught the art ofDiscipleship2, 199:which hierarchical service in the immediate future requires. It is also - in a unique sense - theDiscipleship2, 209:the Earth, have been, are or will be in the future human beings, thereby establishing andDiscipleship2, 209:and demonstrating their past, present or future identity with humanity, the fourth kingdom inDiscipleship2, 225:the formulation of a hopeful theory anent the future of humanity. It is useless for you to meditateDiscipleship2, 225:of the relation of all money to the spiritual future of the race and the requirements of theDiscipleship2, 236:the coming era, the new civilization and the future world culture. Until the foundation for theDiscipleship2, 236:that there must be organized - in the near future - a group of men and women in every country who,Discipleship2, 255:will be the methods and propositions of the future? Have the foundations of truth been so securelyDiscipleship2, 256:shape consciously in the minds of men in the future in such a manner that the old truths willDiscipleship2, 259:soldiery) and also calling the attention of all future disciples and initiates to the disappearanceDiscipleship2, 262:the need for change and producing a demand for a future new world and a coming beauty in livingDiscipleship2, 271:Much that I am giving and [271] shall in the future give anent initiation, its methods, processesDiscipleship2, 275:to consider and from which he has to choose his future Way. Then the symbol takes on the followingDiscipleship2, 276:past becomes the present effort of the distant future. Can you understand this statement, brotherDiscipleship2, 276:imminent in the training of the initiates of the future, and that the techniques of developing aDiscipleship2, 280:and interpretation, [280] which determine the future of humanity and of the planetary life. Discipleship2, 297:control upon daily life, circumstance, the future and fate. This is as yet an embryonic sense orDiscipleship2, 298:world and that new type of humanity which the future will inevitably demonstrate. On this I shallDiscipleship2, 302:[302] That human planning and thinking, as the future is faced, are the first indications in theDiscipleship2, 302:and adapt to that which is coming; the future will see, therefore, a gradual cessation of
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