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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Education, 14:however, to lay a sound foundation for our future discussions on the building of the antahkarana,Education, 22:goal to another. But this they must do in the future from the angle of the ultimate [23] soulEducation, 24:with these hidden traits and instincts that the future educational systems must work. They must notEducation, 25:which makes us say "I am." The educator of the future will start his service to the child with theEducation, 26:should be carefully noted. It holds the key to future racial unfoldment. For it the new science ofEducation, 32:at will. It is upon this knowledge that all future intelligent psychic unfoldment must be based. Education, 35:There will consequently be less emphasis in future schools upon the training of the memory.Education, One of:embodying the Intelligence aspect of God.] The future is of great promise, provided man can learnEducation, 45:problems and pains find it hard to view [45] the future with assurance or to interpret the presentEducation, 47:new age with its nascent civilization and its future culture. If the children of today are taughtEducation, 48:should begin to train the boy or girl for that future profession or mode of life which it isEducation, 52:to you, therefore, that the whole goal of the future and of the present effort, is to bringEducation, 56:one point that I would like to make here. In the future, illumination will be viewed primarily fromEducation, 57:then will be the task of the churches in the future? And what will be the major objective of theEducation, 57:of life past and present and its relation to the future of mankind; the keynote of the new religionEducation, 58:following things, thus laying the ground for the future unfoldment of the higher and betterEducation, 77:factor in determining a child's character and future vocation. 4. An atmosphere of understanding,Education, 78:of his parents and teachers (because he is the future in embryo), and when, at the same time, he isEducation, 79:us now formulate a more extended plan for the future education of the children of the world. WeEducation, 81:Educators will, therefore, lay em phasis in the future upon: A developing mental control of theEducation, 81:be possible to superimpose the wisdom of the future. Capacity wisely to handle relationships and toEducation, 82:of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the future will be taught to think of themselves inEducation, 83:growth will be emphasized. The educator of the future will approach the problem of youth from theEducation, 84:which, today, many thousands do pass. In the future, education will make a far wider use ofEducation, 84:of preparation for that useful and interesting future. It, therefore, becomes increasingly apparentEducation, 85:the present as the determining factor for the future, will increasingly be recognized and thusEducation, 86:presented to him in a truer perspective and the future thrown open to him also in an appeal for hisEducation, 86:It concerns an attitude to life and the future which many thousands of people hold today, and amongEducation, 88:in picking and training the teachers of the future. Their mental attainments and their knowledge ofEducation, 88:members of a great family. The educator of the future will need to be more of a trainedEducation, 88:organization. When the young people of the future - under the proposed application of principles -Education, 89:between what is today and what can be in the future. If, during the next 150 years, we develop thisEducation, 92:needed foundations and keep the door of the [92] future wide open. A balancing process is goingEducation, 97:guide the psychologist and the educator of the future. These will also cause a radical change inEducation, 99:upon the emerging ideas which will govern future procedure in the next generation and carry theEducation, 103:the sense of awareness is steadily unfolded. The future of humanity is determined by its aspirationEducation, 103:nation, and not only people with an individual future, but that they are intended to be exponentsEducation, 104:that I am a miserable sinner and unfit for future happiness. How can I escape the penalties of myEducation, 105:condition and determine the young person's future. I am not here speaking politically or in defenseEducation, 108:the necessity to prepare the youth of the future for the coming age - outlines of which can onlyEducation, 110:a measure of inclusiveness of past, present and future which is naturally not possible for you atEducation, 111:attitude, and as he presses forward into a future of widest possibility and opportunity, let usEducation, 111:supreme disaster, an agony to be averted in the future at any cost, a dire and dreadful happeningEducation, 116:of value if you are to follow development in the future intelligently. First, the point reached byEducation, 121:influences. These will inevitably condition the future, determine the type of culture andEducation, 122:is with this concept that the education of the future will work. The idealism of the Piscean typeEducation, 122:Such again is the goal of the education of the future. What is the synthesis which will later beEducation, 132:light has been going forward) will produce that future world of light which it is the purpose ofEducation, 133:the New Age - Chapter IV - Trends Indicative of Future Developments Trends Indicative of FutureEducation, 133:of Future Developments Trends Indicative of Future Developments As I said before, this subject ofEducation, 133:can be made which will be indicative of future developments and point the way to where the changedEducation, 133:me list them as follows: 1. The emphasis in the future will shift from the urge to produce largeEducation, 137:the New Age - Chapter IV - Trends Indicative of Future Developments 5. The sex relation has,Education, 138:aspects. One of the tasks of the educator of the future will be to teach the meaning of the Law ofEducation, 148:of the fundamentals which will in the future age dominate the educational systems. It was necessaryExternalisation, 5:lead mankind on the way to a still more glorious future. But there is, at the same time, no denyingExternalisation, 9:kind with its power to reveal the past and the future, are the prerogatives of the divine soul.Externalisation, 22:by ideas and by the promise of a developing future, but that when their aid is sought in theExternalisation, 30:plane of the plan of God for the immediate future. This is the vision which lies behind theExternalisation, 30:efforts of its foremost sons. The effort of the future will be to bring down into manifestation theExternalisation, 31:that the success of their effort remains for the future to decide. This applies also to the groupsExternalisation, 32:itself through the coming civilization and the future culture. It might be of value here if IExternalisation, 35:Planetary Hierarchy. They will constitute in the future an aspect of the Hierarchy and its workExternalisation, 40:of this second group lies in a more distant future. The Hierarchy has necessarily a department ofExternalisation, 41:Thus these groups can nurture the germ of the future culture, act also as bridging units, andExternalisation, 51:have been tried out, or will be tried out in the future. Externalisation, 54:analyze their ordinary modern expressions and future spiritual correspondences. These will some dayExternalisation, 62:but They do not know what [62] the immediate future holds for humanity because men determine theirExternalisation, 70:powerful activity of the Hierarchy of Love. The future is of great promise, provided man can learnExternalisation, 70:problems and the pains, find it hard to view the future with assurance or to interpret the presentExternalisation, 77:ours, should have been destined to work out its future on our earth, is hid in the knowledge of theExternalisation, 78:out and incidentally releasing him for a greater future. There must, at the same time, be aExternalisation, 79:for the work of the esoteric schools of the future, that the members of all the groups realize thatExternalisation, 99:[99] mind) , and this is descriptive of the future groups; it is not love, however, as usuallyExternalisation, 115:and divine transition from the past into the future, and from the old into the new, from experienceExternalisation, 115:of evolution have in the past and will in the future prove successful in bringing forms to birth,Externalisation, 118:experienced in the present, and forecast the future. It was the coming into incarnation of theExternalisation, 127:aims, right relationships and man's predestined future. It will serve no purpose for me to traceExternalisation, 131:in its turn represents a coming fusion or future synthesis. In these three, you have an interestingExternalisation, 137:great agencies of life will determine humanity's future and indicate the way which humanity willExternalisation, 137:are enough people thinking clearly to make the future of right decision more probable than at anyExternalisation, 138:Forces of Light and in it lies the hope of the future. It is here, however, that the time factorExternalisation, 142:the time. Let vision come and insight; let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrateExternalisation, 164:is evoking its just and right development; the future of wonder and of divine possibility appears -Externalisation, 168:been slowly and gradually attained, but in the future, it will be consciously sought, achieved andExternalisation, 173:and purpose is the guarantee of inevitable and future success. The power of massed thought isExternalisation, 175:must choose, and his choice will determine the future. The years 1941 and 1942 will be years ofExternalisation, 175:during the next twelve months will condition the future as no other human decision has ever beforeExternalisation, 180:fights for the rights of man, for the spiritual future of humanity, and for the new world order.Externalisation, 183:be made after the war, because a vision of the future world policy will help humanity through theExternalisation, 185:there is intense fear, hopeless looking into the future, bewildered questioning, suicide andExternalisation, 185:life. The selfish, wicked past can give way to a future of understanding, of cooperation, of rightExternalisation, 189:The children of Germany must be rescued from the future which Hitler plans, as well as the childrenExternalisation, 190:new world order must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only afterExternalisation, 191:any other nation. One of the first tasks of any future peace conference will be to regulate thisExternalisation, 193:motivated and selflessly inspired. The future world order will be the effective expression of aExternalisation, 195:are relegated to the unholy past and only a future of cooperation and of understanding is activelyExternalisation, 196:are essentially superficial, then [196] future generations will approach the problem of worldExternalisation, 197:have to attend actively to the settlement of the future economic life of the planet and itsExternalisation, 199:which it will follow, even in the immediate future, are unpredictable. There are other countries
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