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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Externalisation, 200:all economic policies. With the details of these future adjustments I shall not deal. They must beExternalisation, 202:must be known as Will and Purpose, and that the future will reveal. When the racial problem hasExternalisation, 204:little children of the world and planning their future security will take the best that is in theExternalisation, 205:and women of goodwill. The presentation of the future possibilities, by them, to the masses ofExternalisation, 206:be found. The message to be taught prior to any future peace consists of the following three clearExternalisation, 207:and the rights of the little nations and the future of the children of all nations, to begin toExternalisation, 207:make the mistakes of the past impossible in the future. One basic divine attribute is not yet asExternalisation, 207:It is not seen to be essentially a condition of future relation between all nations, based upon aExternalisation, 208:Since 1914 they have been told only lies. The future new world order will inaugurate an era ofExternalisation, 208:the past has gone with all its evils, and that a future of unlimited possibilities for good and forExternalisation, 208:and for constructive changes lies ahead. The future must be developed by all nations in the closestExternalisation, 210:divine possibilities of human beings and in the future resurrection of humanity, with an exaltedExternalisation, 212:of time with a vision which reaches into the future and is inclusive of the past (for this is theExternalisation, 213:directed, carve out for them a new and better future. Such a presentation has never before beenExternalisation, 216:in the struggle, reserving themselves for the future peace settlements, longing for the conflict toExternalisation, 220:of the individual; the responsibility for the future, nevertheless, still lies in his hands. ThisExternalisation, 228:will constitute the basic fundamentals of the future spiritual teaching. This too you must have inExternalisation, 228:but is also constructively related to the future faith of humanity. Bear this also in mind. YouExternalisation, 230:past and its fear to venture with faith into the future. I have been interested in the response toExternalisation, 232:have me deal with pleasant platitudes anent a future happy world, when perhaps the very possibilityExternalisation, 235:cooperation and brotherhood, see all this future hope imperilled. Aggression and the rape ofExternalisation, 236:there is in humanity, and that the spiritual future of humanity lies in the cherished land ofExternalisation, 236:world of their own making. The world of the future, of which men in all lands dream, is more than aExternalisation, 238:rivalry to deny their hopes of fuller life and future confidence nor be forever overborne by grimExternalisation, 241:I can indicate the sign posts on the way to the future world order. I shall find myself in theExternalisation, 243:may be possible. A clear vision of the future world order (in broad and general outline but not inExternalisation, 247:must act. The work of reconstruction lies in the future. The demand today is for the building of aExternalisation, 247:your vision of the need and of the future will be clear, inspiring you and enabling you to be aExternalisation, 255:subordinated to human need, human good and the future happiness of the whole. The simplification ofExternalisation, 255:met and correctly handled lay the foundation for future happiness and progress. The presentExternalisation, 256:seek to determine and bring about a very evil future wherein selfishness, material objectives, andExternalisation, 262:normally contact humanity in some far distant future, and thus hasten the day of heightened andExternalisation, 262:this can be done, the evil past and the glorious future may perhaps be brought into contact in theExternalisation, 272:Cause and Effect, and which will be founded in future centuries on the recognition of the age of aExternalisation, 275:appearance and must be dealt with prior to the future externalization of the lodge of spiritualExternalisation, 281:we may see a certain measure of inevitability in future happenings. But man is free to choose theExternalisation, 293:The Angel of the Presence indicates the future possibility and the divine nature. So does theExternalisation, 295:the will-to-good, with a clearer apprehension of future possibility, with a fixed determinationExternalisation, 303:plan as it can be worked out in the immediate future. Focused intention, based on the above andExternalisation, 313:by the horror of the moment, by anxiety over the future, and by anticipation of still worseExternalisation, 313:to an intensive period of preparation for future activity and [314] work. From now until the SunExternalisation, 314:emotional or physical) which might hinder your future usefulness. Thirdly, plan together for theExternalisation, 314:Thirdly, plan together for the work of the future. This work can be inaugurated shortly and must beExternalisation, 314:each and all who must sponsor the work of the future that I am seeking to do with your cooperationExternalisation, 314:to the changed conditions and in the immediate future. Study this carefully along with the requestsExternalisation, 315:be done by you in the service of the immediate future. I would ask those of you who care to do soExternalisation, 315:associate yourselves with me in the work of the future, each day to use the very brief meditationExternalisation, 317:that humanity must go (the "Lighted Way" of the future), but you can, all of you, aid materially inExternalisation, 318:on which they base their hopes for a better future for the world. First, their countries seek noExternalisation, 319:to the abandonment of the use of force. Since no future peace can be maintained if land, sea or airExternalisation, 319:Process The Four Freedoms January 6, 1941 In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we lookExternalisation, 320:such time as humanity itself has decided the future conditions of human living. I mean exactlyExternalisation, 325:[325] them be continued as a background to all future work and a fundamental platform. Externalisation, 327:of nerve strain, an acute fear of what the future may hold (scientifically developed by the AxisExternalisation, 328:education and economics must play in the future is being brought increasingly into the forefront ofExternalisation, 328:To your share in the preparatory work for the future new world I call you; to renewed activity uponExternalisation, 328:I suggest sound preparatory undertakings for future world activity. This must be accompanied byExternalisation, 330:9. Definite work, preparatory to any work which future [331] necessity may indicate in Europe orExternalisation, 331:has wide promise and great implications for the future world order. Concentration on this isExternalisation, 331:of this group and other New Age groups in the future. Work done by you prior to the war is thus toExternalisation, 332:behind the Evolutionary Process Preparation for Future Activity and Work October 1941 CertainExternalisation, 337:December 25th until June 22nd, 1942 - that the future of humanity for many hundreds of years willExternalisation, 337:of the mass of men. I urge you to face the future with strength, to free your minds from allExternalisation, 339:the human consciousness: the vision of a better future and a fixed, unalterable determination toExternalisation, 339:daily life and control all his planning for the future. For this, men are today working andExternalisation, 339:Who view all world events from the angle of the future. There is, however, the other side. It isExternalisation, 341:values which must guide humanity in the future. This will involve the Will-to-good. The stageExternalisation, 348:will grow until the time in the not too distant future when His term of service will be over and HeExternalisation, 357:combatant forces. Sharing and greed, outlining a future world wherein The Four Freedoms will beExternalisation, 357:the difference between an illumined future of liberty and opportunity and the dark future ofExternalisation, 357:future of liberty and opportunity and the dark future of slavery. Fellowship and separation,Externalisation, 363:whatever revelation may emerge in the immediate future will be better "protected by the spirit ofExternalisation, 364:world a vision of a material and spiritual future which the hearts of men have long demanded. ThusExternalisation, 364:was made to deal with both the past and the future. More at that time was not possible, owing toExternalisation, 365:think, and talk, and work in preparation for the future. There are others who feel that only theExternalisation, 366:also to stress international understanding, a future of shared planetary resources, and aExternalisation, 368:but a steady decline is indicated for the future. The issues in this war are being increasinglyExternalisation, 368:will willingly sacrifice lives, nations and the future of humanity in order to attain its object.Externalisation, 372:no security and look forward today to no sure future. Millions have known no parental control; theyExternalisation, 373:for the sole good of that nation. In the future, the contributory factor in life must be emphasizedExternalisation, 378:today to make a start. The outline of the future world structure can already be dimly seen; theExternalisation, 379:everywhere contribute at this time and in the future to the helping of the world? It is for thisExternalisation, 380:also on the knowledge, which must underlie all future reconstruction work, that at the very heartExternalisation, 381:if the issues are so great that the entire future of the race depends upon the outcome of the war,Externalisation, 382:to work wisely, usefully and intuitively in the future. Externalisation, 384:is the key to expressed goodwill, and in the future period of rehabilitation cooperation will beExternalisation, 386:in your own hands until such time in the future as you may choose to use it? These are theExternalisation, 390:from an evil past and open the door to a better future. The opportunity to lay the foundations forExternalisation, 392:and the dreamers of dreams, the visioners of a future world. The spiritually minded people whom weExternalisation, 393:The work of the Hierarchy in the immediate future at these Full Moon periods The task of the NewExternalisation, 393:today The New World Religion and its spiritual future. It is necessary for you to understand theExternalisation, 393:The Work of the Hierarchy in the Immediate Future The past history of the relations existingExternalisation, 401:and the still more glorious promise of the future, we can begin to realize that the time has nowExternalisation, 402:and fruition of the past and the hope of the future. More along this line, I may not write at thisExternalisation, 402:waxing and the waning moon and you will find the future emphasis laid throughout the world upon theExternalisation, 410:the unfoldments of the past and the hope of the future. A third great Approach is now possible andExternalisation, 413:The word goes forth to the initiates of the future: Lose sight of self in group endeavor. ForgetExternalisation, 416:no matter by what name they called Him. In the future we shall draw closer and more intelligentlyExternalisation, 418:repeat part of what I said elsewhere concerning future developments along this line. (TheExternalisation, 420:has still another list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, all men of spiritual
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