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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Fire, 617:Asuras - Elementals - having human form (Future men). Beasts - Elementals second class - animalFire, 617:- Elementals second class - animal elementals (Future men). Rakshasas - (Demons) Souls or AstralFire, 640:of "the words" by which they are controlled, the future scientific alchemists (I use thisFire, 671:done, a wrong and narrow idea is the result. In future time, as may be seen from a study of theFire, 680:three fires in order that he may himself at some future date "blaze forth." The question of theseFire, 689:fundamental manasic aspect with the past and the future. The section we are now approachingFire, 711:center of the lotus, and this "prototype" of the future antahkarana, if so it may be expressed,Fire, 712:all hopefulness and optimism, and all future success lies hid in these two points. As we have seen,Fire, 738:aside for the time being to follow him in his future earth-reincarnation, he brings along with himFire, 746:Direction of energy, through an act of the will. Future constructive activity. By means ofFire, 747:Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals (d.) The Future Coming of the Avatar THE COMING AVATAR "FromFire, 756:times, and be not discouraged over the immediate future. The appearance of the Great Lord on theFire, 756:they may not be conscious of that which the future holds hid. Fire, 776:condition is brought about wherein force in the future will enter the three atoms simultaneouslyFire, 836:and their objective is to become men in some future cycle. The goal for a man is initiation, or toFire, 877:the standpoint of the Past, the Present and the Future) characterize the natures of all theFire, 877:is the faculty which will be his in the future, which he will intelligently focus through theFire, 882:linking the higher three and the lower four of a future race of men at some distant period, thusFire, 909:devas. This has to be offset in some way and the future efforts of civilization will be directedFire, 910:wide spaces. One of the main interests in the future will be a tendency towards the elimination ofFire, 1088:the totality of the cosmic Past, Present, and Future, embodying the three aspects of the divineFire, 1142:present opportunity and the immediate [1142] future of any unit or embodied life, manifesting underFire, 1142:solar system, or constellation. Many of them in future and remote ages will pass to a fullFire, 1155:to the rapid development of the race, and the future [1156] quick unfoldment of etheric vision, theFire, 1202:links between the life of the past and of the future. They are the present. They had not finishedFire, 1234:and all those builders who must in some distant future pass through the human state ofGlamour, 36:the race should be appreciably lessened in the future. Hence the practical training now being givenGlamour, 38:formulated and you will have a textbook for future reference which [39] will serve to guide yourGlamour, 39:As yet, my words embody for you symbolically a future condition and event. The day will surelyGlamour, 67:flash of understanding. The outline of the future and the nature of truth sweeps momentarilyGlamour, 118:and the method of release. The psychology of the future will direct attention to the discovery ofGlamour, 129:which have in them the power to condition the future and lead the modern generation out of darknessGlamour, 134:a way out of the past into a more adequate future. All the present ideals, expressing themselvesGlamour, 135:with its real power to reveal the immediate future; they frequently exclude in their expression theGlamour, 137:intuitive moments and know what the immediate future holds. I do not refer here to the HebrewGlamour, 137:situation as it is and looking forward into a future of divine consummation. They have a clearGlamour, 137:analysis and deduction, assessed the immediate future and indicated immediate possibilities. TheyGlamour, 150:and in the last analysis, they may condition the future experience (probably in another life) inGlamour, 164:combatant forces. Sharing and greed, outlining a future world wherein the Four Freedoms will beGlamour, 164:the difference between an illumined future of liberty and opportunity, and the dark future ofGlamour, 164:future of liberty and opportunity, and the dark future of slavery. Fellowship and separation,Glamour, 183:and union with the past, the present and the future is reached. The succumbing of the revelation toGlamour, 189:whatever revelation may emerge in the immediate future will be better "protected by the spirit ofGlamour, 199:those who recognize [199] the open door to the future through which all men must pass should beginHealing, 17:activity a man's own soul. The true and the future healing is brought about when the life of theHealing, 30:the primary laws. I but state them, and at a future time (dependent upon certain factors yetHealing, 38:This point should be borne in mind, for the future occult healer will approach his patient withHealing, 44:causes will be of definite assistance to future medicine. How much will be accepted is at this timeHealing, 47:base of the spine. Between the present and the future, the emphasis will be laid upon a constantlyHealing, 62:androgynous in its development, and that the future hermaphroditic man or woman is gradually makingHealing, 77:he is now considering has in it the seeds of future truth. The "balancing of the glandular system"Healing, 90:habit will become the intelligent usage of the future. This will constitute an entirely newHealing, 105:In all teaching to be given in the immediate future, the main emphasis will eventually be laid uponHealing, 106:trouble at this time and will even more in the future. The race learns through suffering, and onlyHealing, 114:needed groundwork upon which to proceed with our future studies, beginning with the diseasesHealing, 140:the medicine and the healing methods of the future civilization will be built. The glandsHealing, 167:by precept, application by application. But the future holds the promise clear, and the ability ofHealing, 167:and in a flash of vision is the guarantee of the future technique of the race. One look by theHealing, 168:healers. In the meantime, for the sake of the future and in order to aid the formulation of theHealing, 198:group origin. In these words I express for you a future probability but not an immediateHealing, 212:of the whole, they are focused on affirming a future perfection - mentally and vocally - in orderHealing, 220:the power of thought. This all lies in the future. I am but pointing the way and indicating aHealing, 220:I am but pointing the way and indicating a future technique whereby disease will be overcome. TheHealing, 224:new situation with which the world of the future will have to cope; it must inevitably break downHealing, 241:by the power of thought. In the yoga of the future, through meditation and alignment and rightHealing, 263:because their history is so well known and their future and their destiny are subjects ofHealing, 265:present to the recompensing good karma of the future. Regarding this question from the long rangeHealing, 270:that medicine and medical treatments of the future will start with this fact as their primeHealing, 271:emphasized. I want to indicate the trend of future medical research, which will be to seek for theHealing, 272:which will govern the medical men of the future. But in the interim period between the old and theHealing, 272:may not give them the key to the medicine of the future but which certainly puts their patientsHealing, 276:in the etheric body which the physician of the future will have to consider. That diagnoses, basedHealing, 277:life of the personality; the astrology of the future will indicate the purpose of the soul, andHealing, 277:disease within the physical body; in the future, it will concentrate upon the condition of theHealing, 278:(as I seek to present to you the medicine of the future) is that I think in terms of cycles and youHealing, 280:and proven methods that the medicine of the future will be developed. The value of all the manyHealing, 280:the lines along which the medicine of the future can enrich itself and become better adapted toHealing, 324:the diseases themselves. Herein lies for the future a most interesting question. How far doHealing, 336:nor entirely reliable. In the immediate future, when our planetary life is somewhat calmer, theHealing, 339:of the departments of esoteric medicine in the future will concern itself with the law of cycles,Healing, 342:possible for me to prove to you, but which the future will substantiate. The major diseases calledHealing, 350:in the past, and increasingly will be in the future. The Law of Gravitation is frequently offsetHealing, 350:the outer sphere of life, of coming and usually future soul action. The life span will eventuallyHealing, 351:is inclusive of the past, present, and the future), sees life and experience as it truly is. Death,Healing, 353:that your best way may be far short of your future capacities, and remain ready ever to change yourHealing, 370:discomfort. A hint is here given of one of the future physical plane modes of dispersing a disease.Healing, 370:the major attractive energy in all forms. In the future the true healer must work through theHealing, 372:- Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered On the Future Schools of Healing These schools of healingHealing, 372:of healing are not to be developed in the near future, not before the close of this century. OnlyHealing, 372:work is now being done, and the stage set for future unfoldment. Things do not move so rapidly.Healing, 378:to carry sound waves from the astral plane. Future scientific discoveries, therefore, hold theHealing, 384:before he can move forward along the path of future enlightenment. This enlightenment will mostHealing, 387:a happy, sane, expectant outlook upon his future - no matter what that future may bring. It will beHealing, 387:outlook upon his future - no matter what that future may bring. It will be obvious too that thereHealing, 388:with understanding and with joy, whatever the future may bring; it may also involve the restitutionHealing, 389:as the Hierarchy seeks to see functioning in the future, I would say it is to prepare human beingsHealing, 394:anent the spiritual realities. The hope of the future, and the hope of our release from thisHealing, 402:the fact that [402] Christianity posits a long future but no past; it is likewise a future entirelyHealing, 402:a long future but no past; it is likewise a future entirely dependent upon the activities of thisHealing, 402:- gives a present that has no past but only a future; the injustice of this is widely recognized,
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