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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Patanjali, 149:is comprehensive, covering past, present and future. Consequences. Pain is brought about throughPatanjali, 150:Subliminal impressions, has relation to the future and concerns those forebodings as to death,Patanjali, 189:them form a background and a basis for all future progress. When this is done rightly the threePatanjali, 201:day, and he knows well what he has to do for the future. Thus he frees himself, desires nothing inPatanjali, 234:effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectly concentrated meditation onPatanjali, 234:and includes the past, the present and the future in the Eternal Now. 55. When the objective formsPatanjali, 261:registered on the brain and the guarantee of future achievement is recognized. Patanjali, 265:that reality is the guarantee that at some future date all the symbols will achieve the fruition ofPatanjali, 267:present stage [267] of development, and thus the future, past and present, stand revealed to hisPatanjali, 268:world cycle through various forms. This covers future developments. This will give the yogi thePatanjali, 270:aspect relates to the present, whilst only the future will reveal the nature of spirit, the highestPatanjali, 270:so that past karma will be adjusted and possible future karma negated and the process of liberationPatanjali, 284:effects) are of two kinds: immediate karma or future karma. By perfectly concentrated meditation onPatanjali, 297:a knower. [297] That which is remote or the future is likewise unfolded to him. Patanjali, 363:significance of the past, the present, and the future. This, we are told here, can be gained byPatanjali, 366:and includes the past, the present and the future in the Eternal Now. The only part of this sutraPatanjali, 366:in the past instantaneously, and merged in the future as it is experienced, is of small avail toPatanjali, 369:characteristics and holds latent seeds of future quality. 13. The characteristics, whether latentPatanjali, 398:characteristics, and holds latent seeds of future quality. In this sutra the three aspects of thePatanjali, 398:of the past, and that what we shall be in the future is dependent upon the seeds either latent andProblems, 6:and a background which will inspire hope for the future and confidence in the ultimate destiny ofProblems, 10:internationally; this is the guarantee of the future because only when men can think in these widerProblems, 18:of goodwill. This should be the keynote of all future education of the German people. Given thatProblems, 18:in the hands of those with a vision of the future, who have a firm determination to train theProblems, 25:is also true of the United States. A great future lies ahead of that nation but not because ofProblems, 25:can move forward with greater ease into the future than can such countries as Spain and PolandProblems, 32:the most urgent confronting humanity today. The future of the race lies in the hands of the youngProblems, 32:bring about a bridging between the needs of the future and the present forms of education. TheseProblems, 33:the present methods (and not all are bad) with future ways of developing the youth of the world soProblems, 35:employed, which will link the past and the future by using all that is true, beautiful and goodProblems, 35:the whole man. There is no hope for the future world except in a humanity which accepts the fact ofProblems, 35:emphasizes the authority of the human soul. The future which lies ahead is full of promise. Let usProblems, 42:(as the war has proved) but which can in the future so wisely control. Problems, 45:new age with its nascent civilization and its future culture. If the children of today are taughtProblems, 48:determining a child's character for good and his future usefulness in the world. 3. An atmosphereProblems, 49:us now formulate a more extended plan for the future education of the children of the world. WeProblems, 52:Educators will, therefore, lay emphasis in the future upon: A developing mental control of theProblems, 52:be possible to superimpose the wisdom of the future. Capacity wisely to handle relationships and toProblems, 53:of synthesis is cultivated. Young people in the future will be taught to think of themselves inProblems, 54:growth will be emphasized. The educator of the future will approach the problem of youth from theProblems, 55:should begin to train the boy or girl for that future profession or mode of life which it isProblems, 56:- World citizenship - ages: 18-25 In the future, education will make a far wider use of psychologyProblems, 57:of preparation for that useful and interesting future. It, therefore, becomes increasingly apparentProblems, 58:the present as the determining factor for the future will increasingly be recognized and thus greatProblems, 59:presented to him in a truer perspective and the future thrown open to him also in an appeal for hisProblems, 60:It concerns an attitude to life and the future which many thousands of people hold today, and amongProblems, 61:in picking and training the teachers of the future and particularly those who, in the war tornProblems, 61:members of a great family. The educator of the future will need to be more of a trainedProblems, 62:of the World When the young people of the future - under the proposed application of principles -Problems, 63:between what is today and what can be in the future. If, during the coming years, we develop thisProblems, 65:life, past and present, and its relation to the future of mankind; the keynote of the new religionProblems, 66:- the release of the energy of the atom - the future of mankind and the type of the incomingProblems, 66:transportation, is it not possible that in the future neither of these planetary resources will beProblems, 66:which the use of atomic energy may make in future civilized living. Two major problems will growProblems, 67:first constructive use was to end the war. Its future constructive use lies in the hands of scienceProblems, 67:are discovering this "secret of release" and the future security of humanity is, therefore,Problems, 67:goodwill. The education of the children of the future in the fact of human unity and the use of theProblems, 78:case the fault of the employer. Power in the future lies in the hands of the masses. These massesProblems, 80:of the higher values. They are the hope of the future but are individually imprisoned in the systemProblems, 83:can appear on earth, and this in the immediate future, but the members of this kingdom recognizeProblems, 89:of color, of historical process and of future purpose. It is a major and most critical problem inProblems, 89:this crucial problem (upon which so much of the future peace of the world depends), we must make anProblems, 91:distrustful of favors and support because of future claimed indebtedness, and unable to enforceProblems, 93:underfed and frightened as they look toward the future, tired to their very souls of fighting andProblems, 100:is taught with due threats; the concept of a future life, dependent upon conduct and behavior toProblems, 106:unfinished, and unless it is conducted in the future with righteousness and justice, may terminateProblems, 106:falls into two divisions: the problem of the future of the African Negro and the problem of theProblems, 106:of the African Negro and the problem of the future of the Negro in the western hemisphere. AfricaProblems, 109:white people, plus cooperative planning for the future? Will this be paralleled by an ability onProblems, 111:to give complete freedom to the Negro races. The future peace of the world depends today uponProblems, 131:vast financial resources enable it to menace the future enlightenment of mankind under the cloak ofProblems, 134:terror, fear and hopelessness as they face the future; everyone is questioning what that future hasProblems, 134:the future; everyone is questioning what that future has in store and there is no surety anywhere.Problems, 138:and that there lies ahead of them a spiritual future as well as a material one. It is with thisProblems, 140:There are certain keynotes - embodying the future of religion - which should govern the thinking ofProblems, 141:that the work of the churches should, in the future, be directed; the carrying forward of this taskProblems, 145:that will - these are the truths upon which the future spiritual teaching will be based. The factProblems, 147:of these existing truths that the church of the future will work, bringing a great regeneration toProblems, 154:What has been in the past shall indeed be in the future; revelation will succeed revelation untilProblems, 158:- as it is today. The religion [158] of the future will account for the progress of humanity by itsProblems, 161:which will make it spiritually effective in the future and which today will slowly condition man'sProblems, 162:Is it not possible that in the world of the future, men everywhere and of all faiths will keep theProblems, 162:and prophesy the nature of certain of the future worldwide Festivals. There are three suchProblems, 168:hope of either. It is essential for the future happiness and progress of humanity that there shouldProblems, 171:the steps taken by humanity in the immediate future will condition the new age and determine man'sProblems, 173:which must constitute the standard for the future of mankind. Everywhere they are exposing theProblems, 177:set to work; it is upon their efforts that the future of humanity depends; they exist in theirPsychology1, xvii:Great Ones. We are building and planning for the future and for humanity, and not for the personalPsychology1, xx:and go forward with joy and courage into the future? There has been, behind all the books which IPsychology1, 29:man his duality and so laying the foundation for future unity. This is a most needed stage and hasPsychology1, 29:past guarantees the infinite expansion of the future. [31] Psychology1, 85:is of prime significance today. The work of the future can be seen from a study of these names: ThePsychology1, 92:a dream world of a possible and ardently desired future in which frustration will end, in whichPsychology1, 92:Belief in God and Heaven and in an immortal future have grown out of the ancient awe and ignorantPsychology1, 93:schemes of the past, the present and the future, or in the fields of literature, art and of sciencePsychology1, 96:of God and own one universal Father will, in the future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful,Psychology1, 97:they feel that the holding out of promises of future help and revelation, and the encouragement inPsychology1, 103:lead students to believe that the immediate future will see some great event and some unforeseenPsychology1, 104:with accuracy events coming in the immediate future, or distant happenings. There are warningsPsychology1, 104:its freedom from categories of past, present and future (for they are lost in the consciousness of
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