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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - FUTURE

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Rays, 752:that which distorts the truth and lies about the future. I have chosen all these words with care;Rays, 760:which I listed lie, as you know, still in the future. They are the closer approach of the membersReappearance, 8:importance because They express whole cycles of future development within Themselves and strike theReappearance, 19:it uniquely possible for Him to work in the future. The development of spiritual recognition is theReappearance, 29:of acceptance of pain and of an unpleasant future and of death. It was an exclamation, evokedReappearance, 30:middle point, between an unhappy past and a future which is full of promise if the reappearance ofReappearance, 35:of restoration, indicating the keynote for the future and that the day will come when God'sReappearance, 44:of the great recognitions of mankind in the near future is the recognition that always He has beenReappearance, 48:enunciating those new truths which should in the future guide human living; they are building thoseReappearance, 49:years ago, because they hold the clue to His future work. Some of it is well known to you, for itReappearance, 55:the entire cycle of living - past, present and future - of humanity. He comes to correct theReappearance, 61:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future CHAPTER FOUR The Work of the Christ Today andReappearance, 61:FOUR The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future We have seen that the doctrine of greatReappearance, 64:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future Christ has been for two thousand years aReappearance, 64:activities and life and - consequently - of our future hope. Let us try and realize theReappearance, 64:yet divine Person, laying His plans for the future helping of humanity, assessing His resources,Reappearance, 64:33 years and presenting no clear hope for the future. What is the hope held out today by theReappearance, 66:these are the only truths which matter. In the future, the eyes of humanity will be fixed uponReappearance, 66:ecclesiastical headquarters. Our study of the future work of the Christ is necessarily based uponReappearance, 67:divine will and are the engineers of humanity's future. Let us, therefore, try and appreciate notReappearance, 68:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future I. The Crises of the Christ In the life ofReappearance, 68:perception, and influencing his attitude to the future. When the work is done in the period ofReappearance, 71:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future It is at this stage that most aspirants todayReappearance, 72:to carry them out in the relatively immediate future - the exact date of His coming being knownReappearance, 72:a few of His senior workers; yet all of these future events lie hid in a certain fundamentalReappearance, 73:may be - energy is being generated, held for future use, and focused in such a manner or conditionReappearance, 76:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future 3. As you are well aware, human history hasReappearance, 79:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future II. Christ as the Forerunner of the AquarianReappearance, 82:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future In June, 1945, at the time of the full moon (soReappearance, 84:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future Let us look at these phases of His work and tryReappearance, 84:of the Christian or Piscean era to realize the future growth of the educational systems of theReappearance, 84:Past attainment is ever the guarantee of future possibility. As Dispenser of the Water of Life, HisReappearance, 85:Christ in the past, and foreseen by Him as His future responsibility. Christ can draw upon theReappearance, 85:force of universality"; it concerns the future. This inflow of Aquarian energy is one of theReappearance, 86:of the first initiation. It will not, in the future, be the experience of the occasional discipleReappearance, 88:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future III. Christ as the Releaser of Energy DuringReappearance, 92:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future The forces of restoration are related to andReappearance, 94:Plan, as it can be worked out in the immediate future by the Christ and His disciples. FocusedReappearance, 95:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future IV. Christ as the Unifier of East and West ThisReappearance, 99:IV - The Work of the Christ Today and in the Future In Palestine, His appearance was mainlyReappearance, 101:then with strength and success contemplate His future work and choose His workers. There isReappearance, 108:need, and the only hope of a peaceful and secure future. Wrong human relations have reached such aReappearance, 110:and distressed, and too unsure of their future, their freedom and their security to be in anyReappearance, 121:innate freedom permitted. Now, in the immediate future and on a higher turn of the spiral of life,Reappearance, 124:and own one universal Father will, in the near future, no longer be regarded as a beautiful,Reappearance, 135:and will be one of the results of Christ's future scientific work (if I may use this term) with theReappearance, 144:and the present and providing a platform for the future, will really meet that human invocation.Reappearance, 150:truths upon which the world religion of the future will rest. Its keynote will be Divine Approach.Reappearance, 154:has still another list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, all men of spiritualReappearance, 157:The definition of religion which will in the future prove of greater accuracy than any yetReappearance, 170:in which to live and work, and a vision of a future which will satisfy some inchoate sense ofReappearance, 174:mass of men everywhere would be responding to a future possibility very different from the presentReappearance, 178:as that of the return of Christ; fear of the future or the love of purchasing, or the desire toReappearance, 179:as a whole. There must be no pessimism as to the future of mankind or distress over theReappearance, 189:It is with this thought that we look into the future. The fiat of the Lord has gone forth; ChristReappearance, 189:the time. Let vision come and insight. Let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrateSoul, 37:may well be that the applied physiology of the future will discover how to modify temperament." -Soul, 38:not build at once too high hopes for [38] the future of mankind on these discoveries. But there isSoul, 71:seems reason to hope for a better physical future of the race by the aid of a sound mental hygiene.Soul, 102:The purusha dwells, Lord of the past and the future; He who knows him frets no more, - In truth,Soul, 102:The purusha is in size, Lord of the past and the future; It is he today and also tomorrow, - InSoul, 151:that race and through the humanity of the future there will be seen not only a mechanism and aTelepathy, 33:individual thinker seeks to convey it) and the future stage of immediate response to [34] thought,Telepathy, 35:this line are the nurturers of the seed of the future intuitional civilization, which will come toTelepathy, 35:in the three worlds. Of this intuitional future age, Christ is the Seed Man, for "He knew what wasTelepathy, 35:the whole science of telepathy (as a seed of a future racial potency) can be developed andTelepathy, 67:in the very lowest of the human family, and the future of wonder and of usefulness which lies aheadTelepathy, 81:opportunity, the past, the present and the future, the good and the evil. The dynamic impressionTelepathy, 94:normal and carries with it much difficulty and future danger. Where the disciple is concerned,Telepathy, 121:ever an aspect of the Purpose) in the immediate Future. The Purpose is related to the Past, theTelepathy, 121:is related to the Past, the Present and the Future; the Agents of the Plan are impressed fromTelepathy, 126:reference to the past, to the present and to the future of every manifested life. Therefore, theTelepathy, 133:An involutionary alignment (the guarantee of future successful alignments) constitutes most ancientTelepathy, 139:it. Life itself, the training to be given in the future, the conclusions of science and a new modeTelepathy, 169:we will now deal, thus laying the foundation for future investigation, but saying little which willTelepathy, 185:is already in preparation. One point of this future triangle will emerge out of the field of world
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