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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GAIN

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Astrology, 5:original beauty and truth before the world can gain a truer perspective and a more just andAstrology, 40:those which the Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previous incarnations. Gaps necessarilyAstrology, 40:lacking because He has as yet much cosmically to gain. It is the energy of this Hierarchy whichAstrology, 45:mediators or the synthesizers; they express the gain of System 1 and the goal of System 2. TheAstrology, 209:where the pairs of opposites are concerned they gain and profit from each other, for there is aAstrology, 278:special effort will be made, for instance, to gain certain aspects of control during the month inAstrology, 289:drives all Leo people on to experiment and so to gain knowledge; it is this which links them withAstrology, 290:- The incentive towards experience in order to gain knowledge. Leo - The expression of experienceAstrology, 527:in its infancy. The next few years will see it gain. What is really happening is a shift in theAstrology, 566:His disciples: "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?" or hisAstrology, 591:and their transmitting agents, the planets, to gain some general idea of the pouring through of theAstrology, 607:to point to distant goals.[607] We can, however, gain some dim, human interpretations of divineAtom, 116:build better bodies, no effort that we make to gain self-control and to equip our mental body, isAutobiography, 279:will produce. The student has, first of all, to gain a general idea of the esoteric teaching; heBethlehem, 13:of importance. There is nothing but a valuable gain to us, an enriching of our consciousness, whenBethlehem, 120:Let us use our divine powers so as [120] to gain for ourselves perfect health, long desiredBethlehem, 138:radiance? We might list five of them in order to gain an idea of what must be done and in order toBethlehem, 139:self exists, and finally and inevitably must gain the victory over the lower self. One of theBethlehem, 146:indwelling Christ can be revealed, we shall gain a new vision of physical living and a renewedBethlehem, 232:and living among them. It is difficult for us to gain this high achievement in consciousness whichBethlehem, 247:full citizenship in the kingdom of God) begin to gain in meaning. The body which we now have isDestiny, 7:understanding will depend the benefit you will gain from my teaching upon these points. It is aDestiny, 21:the Hierarchy and Humanity. You will thus gain a more synthetic [22] viewpoint, and a deeperDestiny, 85:and because of her powerful personality to gain those ends? There is an ironic fate whichDestiny, 101:in its infancy. The next few years will see its gain. What is really happening is a shift in theDiscipleship1, 123:so to do. That is the true value or permanent gain. In connection with the occult sentences I gaveDiscipleship1, 176:alignment which I earlier gave to you, you will gain in power to do God's will. The two aspects ofDiscipleship1, 203:Be prepared to recognize them and to gain from them that inner development which the right handlingDiscipleship1, 232:real group sense. You came into incarnation to gain it and found your way into group activity. ThisDiscipleship1, 246:traveled much since that time. What has been the gain up to this moment? Do you feel your innerDiscipleship1, 260:of an individual's life can aid him to gain facility in thus seeing and shining. In this task ofDiscipleship1, 278:give you opportunity to express for others the gain of your life experience. Therefore I would askDiscipleship1, 288:in this group. No one is seeking in any way to gain authority over you. No one wants you to work orDiscipleship1, 293:May, and in the next halfyearly work. You will gain a fuller idea of the group work and of yourDiscipleship1, 295:joy, but responsibility; discipline but realized gain. The work to be done by a sannyasin lies everDiscipleship1, 297:in the world) might be expressed as the need to gain discrimination between Primary principles andDiscipleship1, 386:usefulness to this group of disciples, should I gain this released perspective? You think ever inDiscipleship1, 448:service in your chosen field of work. You will gain much practical and experimental experienceDiscipleship1, 459:of this fact and which will help you to gain a more perfect alignment and the further release ofDiscipleship1, 475:my own. 5th month - Unto my group I give the gain of all the past, my love and understanding. 6thDiscipleship1, 514:of your soul. This you will have to do to gain the release for which you long. I tell you alsoDiscipleship1, 515:on the subtler planes. There has been no marked gain. Such interludes are inevitable; there is noDiscipleship1, 532:will be apparent to you that there would be no gain in my changing your work at this time, for youDiscipleship1, 544:It is for you to find the way to serve and to gain the needed sense of proportion, the necessaryDiscipleship1, 550:study of esoteric psychology which you can gain through a study of A Treatise on the Seven Rays.Discipleship1, 564:plane, and give again. And thus, in giving, gain. Discipleship1, 577:Preserve yourself from over-intensity and thus gain a truer sense of proportion. The HierarchyDiscipleship1, 616:overwhelm you with such frequency. Your major gain has been to recognize more consciously theDiscipleship1, 629:- making it objective in your consciousness. The gain of this exercise, if successfully carriedDiscipleship1, 629:Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain the spiritual illumination which can beDiscipleship1, 637:have worded this with definite intent. You will gain much from the effort. NOTE: The Tibetan statedDiscipleship1, 638:and this the group will enable you to gain. Your function in the group will become more apparent asDiscipleship1, 719:and [719] with the future. You may perhaps gain some idea or picture of the conditioning life ofDiscipleship2, 130:instructions, you will consciously realize sure gain. I suggest ten minutes' brooding each dayDiscipleship2, 143:twelve months' work, and which could - as you gain the power to [144] meditate, relate, receive andDiscipleship2, 372:now consider these points of revelation so as to gain from them some real understanding: Discipleship2, 394:as best he can. He must perforce experiment and gain practical experience; he must learn theDiscipleship2, 438:but symbols and parables; they will aid you to gain a more just appreciation of initiation. In theDiscipleship2, 457:so vibrant, so alive, that other groups may gain stimulation from it. You have therefore a fullDiscipleship2, 616:as nations in South America and sought to gain recognition; they were great nations and asDiscipleship2, 732:of view of hierarchical work) as your attempt to gain the right of entry into my Ashram or what isDiscipleship2, 735:and tried in order to demonstrate to him the gain or the non-gain of the past cycle of livingDiscipleship2, 735:order to demonstrate to him the gain or the non-gain of the past cycle of living experience. Such aEducation, 78:damaging of others in order to achieve personal gain, will emerge in right perspective and at theExternalisation, 79:cannot be aroused to sacrificing effort, you can gain some idea of the magnitude of the task withExternalisation, 82:and the Wesak Festival in 1940 let each of you gain that control of speech which has often beenExternalisation, 129:action. To make the world safe for democracy, to gain room to live, to defend the rights of littleExternalisation, 173:materialistic, full of pride and the desire to gain that which is not their own by right. ThisExternalisation, 275:aggression has appeared on Earth and sought to gain control over humanity. Note that aim. ThisExternalisation, 447:are present, and where there is the intention to gain individual and national ends instead of thoseExternalisation, 447:all humanity, those qualities will equally gain in strength. Externalisation, 463:to identify yourselves with material things; gain a proper sense of the spiritual values; ceaseExternalisation, 479:- objective and subjective - which has sought to gain dominance over mankind. Had the Hierarchy notExternalisation, 499:as it will benefit them and bring more financial gain to their coffers. Signs of this oppositionExternalisation, 560:all this, it is necessary to remember that the gain of all experience for ever persists, nothing isExternalisation, 626:and self-preservation, the hope of gain, the satisfaction of ancient hatreds, and the regaining ofFire, 132:form) is active intelligent matter plus the gain of objectivity, and the increased radiatory andFire, 239:within the prison of the sheath in order to gain experience. The supposition is correct that thisFire, 248:capacity, or the power to choose and gain experience. Ability to evolve, to increase vibration andFire, 250:for purposes of manifestation and in order to gain experience. [251] b. A Heavenly Man containsFire, 252:capacity, or the power to choose and thereby gain experience. They are the embodiments of manas orFire, 252:Ability to evolve, to increase vibration, to gain knowledge, and to make contact. This increasedFire, 257:to progress, to increase vibration, and to gain full self-consciousness on cosmic levels. d. TheFire, 289:units have accomplished this, they can then gain - through the final initiations - something of theFire, 509:is consumed by fire; this results in a definite gain for that great Entity, the planetary Logos,Fire, 703:It then returns to its eternal Source plus the gain of its experiences and with the increasedFire, 820:and withdraws into itself, this time plus the gain of material existence, and plus developedFire, 904:analogy. 82 "Measure thy life by loss instead of gain, Not by the wine drunk but by the wine pouredFire, 923:from a study [923] of the two together he will gain knowledge as to the type of energy which flowsFire, 1031:which produces the Son, and which drives Him to gain experience through the medium of the solarFire, 1156:[1156] quick unfoldment of etheric vision, the gain will be very real if occult students have atFire, 1158:types of fire blend, merge, and circulate, they gain thereby and produce definite effects in theFire, 1198:those which the Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previous incarnations. Gaps necessarilyFire, 1198:because He has as yet much cosmically to gain. It is the energy of this Hierarchy (whose numbersFire, 1203:mediators or the synthesizers; they express the gain of System 1 and the goal of System 2. TheFire, 1280:Himself the source of cosmic action, and the gain of cosmic love. The triple All enters - from outGlamour, 25:careful analysis and see what is the sumtotal of gain. Divide your analysis into the followingGlamour, 36:lines, my brothers, for in this way you will gain facility in discernment, in clear precise action,Glamour, 137:John, the beloved disciple, was privileged to gain a cosmic picture and a true prophetic visionGlamour, 185:to illumination. It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Every human
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