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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GAINED

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Externalisation, 281:life; nevertheless the victory will have been gained. Matter and materialistic interests will noExternalisation, 360:the words "transfiguration of a human being" is gained, the realization will come that when "theExternalisation, 369:agony of mankind can be assuaged, and time be gained for calm, unhurried planning. 2. The danger ofExternalisation, 395:their efforts; they did not hold the tension gained but slipped back into negligence; the work didExternalisation, 443:these points I shall not dwell. Nothing is here gained by reiteration except the growing burden ofExternalisation, 483:in handling substance. If men can demonstrate a gained wisdom in the creation of a form which willExternalisation, 483:of resurrection and express the enlightenment gained by the bitter experience of the past, thenExternalisation, 670:Externalization Nothing of true value is to be gained by any arbitrary or autocratic activity onFire, vi:thirty days after that period, Mrs. Bailey gained her release from the limitations of the physicalFire, 73:the objective personal life is that experience gained which demonstrates as faculty in the Ego.Fire, 86:When more scientific knowledge has been gained it will be found that the same procedure on a largerFire, 132:radiatory and latent activity which it has gained through experience. Let us illustrate: The matterFire, 149:analogy down to the microcosm a glimpse can be gained of the same idea and hence ability toFire, 149:to quality, and therefore emerging plus the gained faculty that experience has engendered. Second,Fire, 289:Man, and the application by Him of the knowledge gained (through the aid of manas or mind) in aFire, 298:process of evolution. Perhaps some idea may be gained if we remember that, in an occult sense,Fire, 310:recognized, that any clear conception will be gained of what that coherent rational inclusiveFire, 476:are not ready, or who would misuse the knowledge gained for selfish ends. The phrases are asFire, 482:or who are [482] recovering old knowledge (gained through approach to the Path, or latent throughFire, 541:the man consciously utilizes all that he has gained or is gaining under the law for the definiteFire, 543:Halls and in each has transferred that which he gained therein to the content of his consciousness;Fire, 661:and through realization of that which is to be gained through a specific contact. That which isFire, 687:of love-wisdom to the intelligence earlier gained. Our solar Logos, and the Heavenly Men, areFire, 721:supposedly dominated the material aspect, or gained the control of the third Fire in an earlierFire, 735:within the astral permanent atom. It has gained an increase of vitality through physical planeFire, 736:In each incarnation the life forces have gained through the utilization of the vehicles, AnFire, 738:has used and worked with deva substance and has gained all the vibratory [739] contact possible,Fire, 746:all adepts. Freedom to work on any Path must be gained by occult [747] meditation; freedom toFire, 796:and the true esoteric knowledge is not to be gained by the study of figures by the lower mind. ItFire, 891:to the grosser planetary functions. Little is gained by enlarging upon these lives and their work;Fire, 906:and microcosmic fires, some idea may be gained as to the true significance of the eventualFire, 962:mental plane, plus or minus that which has been gained or lost in the process. The true Adept,Fire, 978:he learns how to speak, when to speak, what is gained by speech, and what happens when he speaks,Fire, 1003:and until they are more spiritual, and have gained control over their lower nature, the magicalFire, 1096:as an esoteric triplicity much light may be gained by meditation upon them as The residualFire, 1117:play the part of atoms. Thus some idea may be gained of the unified purpose underlying the turningFire, 1198:point in evolution of the solar Logos may be gained by study of the varying aspects of force whichFire, 1208:significance of this and their relativity can be gained by a consideration of the nine InitiationsFire, 1237:and correlates; through the knowledge thus gained there comes an understanding of all that can beFire, 1246:given. It may only be stated that luminosity is gained upon the battle ground through a fight withFire, 1247:pillars on either side of a closed door. Quality gained - Luminosity. Fire, 1250:idea as to the meaning of this phrase may be gained through a consideration of the purposes ofFire, 1251:of the burning-ground." The power to do this is gained through passing through three preliminaryFire, 1253:fivefold star mounting towards the sun. Quality gained - Electrical velocity. Fire, 1257:from thence to the Jupiter scheme. The quality gained is cosmic etheric vision, the extent of theFire, 1258:initiate, though a clue to the secret may be gained if it is realized that in a peculiar andFire, 1260:to this beyond pointing out that the quality gained by the adept who treads this path may not beGlamour, 6:the reality behind any specific form has been gained, that very fact will indicate the awakening ofGlamour, 16:the more formal and visual symbols. You have not gained from these symbolic forms what has beenGlamour, 32:the human consciousness and this is a real point gained, for that which is recognized can then beGlamour, 74:of divinity and to a full and rich life can be gained and can be possessed, but only through theGlamour, 114:for they provide the means whereby experience is gained. This experience will lead eventually toGlamour, 168:the words "transfiguration of a human being" is gained, the realization will come that when "theGlamour, 226:Then as time goes on and facility in the work is gained, the group can pass to the more difficultHealing, 77:are conditioned by the point in evolution and gained experience of the incarnate soul, by theHealing, 162:much and suffers much. Then as experience is gained, the stage of spiritual expression supervenesHealing, 212:They regard it as their right and due, to be gained by affirmation, and forget the hard workHealing, 227:each has contributed something which they have gained during life experience - something different,Healing, 227:atoms and cells of the physical body, and that gained something has in due time been released againHealing, 250:false as statistics usually are, and nothing is gained by laboring these points. These difficultiesHealing, 281:the etheric body, which will equal that already gained in the field of exact physical knowledge,Healing, 333:still remains to be made, and much will be gained thereby. Further than this I cannot here enlarge,Healing, 358:through shared suffering and limitations and the gained ability of failure rightly met. So let trueHealing, 414:and the life is centralized elsewhere. It has gained an increase of vitality [415] through physicalHealing, 420:radiatory and latent activity which it has gained through experience. Let us illustrate: The matterHealing, 530:purely experimental, but out of the experience gained in utilizing both fields of knowledge a newHealing, 554:or attention in his own life. The healer has a gained facility in the use of all his centers atHealing, 599:are aided by five other Masters in applying the gained knowledge. These five Masters are workingHealing, 691:of patient endurance. Nothing further is to be gained by adhering either to the soul or to theHealing, 711:and soul power is [711] added to the knowledge gained in the three worlds. The dynamic use ofHercules, 53:the controlling factor and once they have gained possession of the sacred bull, the problem ofHercules, 60:physical plane is the place where experience is gained and where the causes, initiated in the worldHercules, 60:It is the place, therefore, where knowledge is gained, and where that knowledge must be transmutedHercules, 99:feet of him who was the Teacher of his life, and gained permission to wear the skin in place ofHercules, 102:Some measure of control of thought has been gained in Aries, and some power to transmute desire hasHercules, 128:with painful exactness the impressions gained by the casual tourist, and the man who goes and livesHercules, 132:insignificant. This is compassion. The knowledge gained brings disillusionment. Peering into humanHercules, 144:redirected, and increased after victory has been gained. Such power must then be rightly controlledHercules, 149:When he finally dealt with it as a unit, he gained the victory. Cruelty. The satisfaction menInitiation, 21:right conditions. Some idea of the work may be gained if we briefly summarize the different aspectsInitiation, 25:good of the group; by a knowledge which has been gained through a millennia of lives, in which theyInitiation, 158:the sanction of the assembled Lodge has to be gained, for such a Word affects the matter of anInitiation, 169:it wise. This he seldom does, as the results gained thereby are practically unimportant and heInitiation, 174:up in one short phrase the totality of knowledge gained in the Hall of Wisdom, as the earlierInitiation, 176:from expansions of knowledge) when the knowledge gained is: [177] Consciously sought for.Initiation, 202:[202] sought, and the quota of information thus gained filed for group reference. In this way muchInitiation, 205:by stages when - the control having been gained - the man demonstrates perfectly through the mediumIntellect, 24:cries of the present, and much has thereby been gained. The masses are beginning to do their ownIntellect, 32:each other as nature and Spirit. Information is gained from without to the inside; understanding isIntellect, 69:of reflection upon the inarticulate experience gained in the moment of insight..." "The first andIntellect, 71:of himself and of his circumstances, should be gained. Paralleling this, however, there should beIntellect, 138:are to be known. Later, when a man has gained control of the mind and can offer it to the soul as aIntellect, 142:seems suddenly to shut. But assurance has been gained; a glimpse of reality has been registered onIntellect, 143:will ensue a process of transmitting the gained information to the waiting quiescent brain. WhenIntellect, 151:and shows the system whereby illumination can be gained, and produces for our consideration anIntellect, 199:of Meditation? Second: The Knowers of the East gained Illumination by retiring from the world intoIntellect, 201:and meditation, he will nevertheless have gained much, and greatly enriched his life; hisIntellect, 238:Realities. As practice in concentration is gained, the consideration of the outer form, and of itsIntellect, 249:true, one is tempted to ask whether anything is gained by frightening the public and whether it isMagic, 85:the pairs of opposites, the middle path is gained that leads straight to the heart of the citadel.
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