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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GAINED

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Magic, 102:and less interest in the separated self has been gained. More faith in the Good Law which guidesMagic, 227:with all disciples and it is the reward of the gained victories of his astral plane experience. TheMagic, 227:reasoning principle acts upon the information gained in these two ways, sets its own streams ofMagic, 230:the third eye into activity, and so there is gained a potency and a clear vision which make rightMagic, 232:of his own past habits and his karma. He has gained the vital power and stands forth an ElderMagic, 235:should also be looked up and a general idea gained as to its nature and its function as theMagic, 235:this life), stand and so hold the ground gained, or become true practicing magicians, efficient inMagic, 299:body of our planetary Logos? What have you gained if I outlined to you the problem of the greatMagic, 349:and what matter if it suffer? Some good gained for the universal Brotherhood, some law explainedMagic, 350:rest, joy and peace are on their way. The half-gained victory, the days lived through with aMagic, 351:"in the blood of the heart" can power be safely gained and wisely wielded. As you go on and, asMagic, 488:and knows not what to do with all that he has gained. A potent thought-form embodying an aspirationMagic, 584:to gain something to add to the quota already gained by his compeers. Nothing satisfies him untilMagic, 595:has used to the full the knowledge which he has gained from lesser teachers, and from books andMeditation, 20:review his past lives, and from the knowledge gained thereby, he will guide his choice for theMeditation, 79:the faculties developed, the knowledge gained, and the remembrance of all that has transpiredMeditation, 89:hindered by the misapplication of powers gained by incipient occultists than it can by a lack ofMeditation, 89:that engenders not karmic results. The powers gained in meditation, the [90] capacities achieved byMeditation, 90:in terms of self, trusted to use the knowledge gained anent the bodies and the karma, of environingMeditation, 199:be scientifically tabulated and all knowledge gained will be definitely applied to the improvementPatanjaliof the mind. 14. When the object to be gained is sufficiently valued, and the efforts towards itsPatanjalidevotion to Ishvara, knowledge of Ishvara is gained. 24. This Ishvara is the soul, untouched byPatanjali, 16:the mind is a means whereby knowledge is to be gained. In the west the idea has mostly been heldPatanjali, 25:memory includes also the accumulated experiences gained by the soul through the many incarnations,Patanjali, 27:- The Problem of Union 14. When the object to be gained is sufficiently valued, and the effortsPatanjali, 27:correctly judged, and the results to be gained most earnestly desired (or loved) before thePatanjali, 32:extent upon this subject, but some idea can be gained as to what is meant by the consummation ofPatanjali, 34:an appreciation of its subjective energy may be gained. It should be borne in mind that the energyPatanjali, 35:arrive (when knowledge of the soul itself is gained) at a knowledge of the All-Soul and become onePatanjali, 46:devotion to Ishvara, knowledge of Ishvara is gained. Ishvara is the son in manifestation throughPatanjali, 97:and that mental body throws down the knowledge gained into the physical brain. Patanjali, 98:mind. Then, experience in meditation having been gained, and by an act of the will, the student canPatanjali, 234:also from signs. 23. Union with others is to be gained through one-pointed meditation upon thePatanjali, 234:path, and mire, and the power of ascension is gained. 40. Through subjugation of the samana, thePatanjali, 234:three worlds) and power to travel in space is gained. 43. When that which veils the light is donePatanjali, 234:which take place after this control has been gained. Twenty-four results are enumerated, and thesePatanjali, 261:seems suddenly to shut. But assurance has been gained; a glimpse of reality has been registered onPatanjali, 286:and its Results 23. Union with others is to be gained through one-pointed meditation upon the threePatanjali, 304:man, the microcosm. The purpose of our planet, gained by the adept through an understanding of thePatanjali, 319:principle which makes a man a son of God, is gained. Through the development of the head and thePatanjali, 321:son of God. Through the form, experience is gained, consciousness awakened, faculty is developedPatanjali, 322:through which experience and development are gained. The one who experiences, who incarnates andPatanjali, 328:path, and mire, and the power of ascension is gained. Pervading the whole body is that sum total ofPatanjali, 332:When these three aspects of freedom have been gained and the man is no longer dominated by thePatanjali, 332:plane life, then "the power of ascension" is gained and he can ascend into heaven at will. ThePatanjali, 338:three worlds) and power to travel in space is gained. The akasha is everywhere. In it we live andPatanjali, 358:developed, and the perceptions which have been gained are seen as having in them the "seeds ofPatanjali, 360:therefore, turning his back upon all that he has gained, and putting behind him all thought of thePatanjali, 362:is found in the heavenly realms and much may be gained through a comprehension of the greatPatanjali, 363:and the future. This, we are told here, can be gained by concentrated meditation upon time and itsPatanjali, 369:1. The higher and lower siddhis (or powers) are gained by incarnation, or by drugs, words of power,Patanjali, 369:1. The higher and lower siddhis (or powers) are gained by incarnation, or by drugs, words of power,Patanjali, 369:fourth book in which the powers and the results gained by the practice of Raja Yoga are carriedPatanjali, 378:yet part of their experience. [378] The powers gained fall into two main groups called: LowerPatanjali, 413:are only the channels through which knowledge is gained and [414] life experience undergone. ThePatanjali, 414:is simply another sense whereby information is gained and a further field of knowledge revealed. ItPatanjali, 421:senses plus the mind, nor with the knowledge gained nor the experience undergone. He knows thePatanjali, 428:the aspirant becomes illuminated and knowledge gained of those matters which concern the realm ofProblems, 39:them. The knowledge and understanding thus gained enable the man of culture to relate the world ofProblems, 52:than in the past and the information thus gained will be geared to his peculiar situation. AllProblems, 95:involved, much of usefulness may be gained. In the case of the Jews, the sin of separateness isProblems, 114:act of immediate legislation the Negro minority gained its full rights the problem would remain theProblems, 115:[115] superficial; although the Jews have gained their desire and Palestine was handed over to themProblems, 170:guidance is being accepted. They are not to be gained by the blind following of any ideology, noPsychology1, 150:cannot, and they dare not, pass on the knowledge gained. Their efforts to convey such informationPsychology1, 206:fourth ray man; the friction and the experience gained thereby may produce very rapid evolution,Psychology1, 236:three worlds) and power to travel in space is gained." - Patanjali: III.42. (The Light of the Soul,Psychology1, 343:itself in beauty and creative power, is gained through battle, through stress and strain.Psychology1, 347:of the fifth ray of knowledge. Then through gained and applied knowledge, the result is beauty andPsychology1, 350:It increases in power as progress on the Path is gained. Thus there is beginning to be gathered onPsychology1, 396:with the fullest measure of the riches they had gained. They loved not discipline. "Again the WordPsychology2, 30:identification is the result of the experience gained through the medium of the first. ThesePsychology2, 45:three produce the merging. All then is lost and gained. The Word goes forth: 'I tread the Way ofPsychology2, 68:become the medium through which knowledge can be gained of those realities which constitute thePsychology2, 101:speaking, and when greater knowledge has been gained of the energies determining the type of a man,Psychology2, 104:and through the agency of that lower self has gained experience and acquired much knowledge. ThePsychology2, 105:untrue has disappeared. The real Man has been gained and can never be lost again. This is mostPsychology2, 107:through service rendered, through experience gained, through mistakes made, and through lessonsPsychology2, 159:and he knows the pairs of opposites and has gained a vision of that which is neither of them, thenPsychology2, 322:Through these centers, the needed experience is gained, the life process [323] is intensified, thePsychology2, 330:consciousness, through the medium of experience gained through the processes of life in a physicalPsychology2, 338:of experience in form. Man begins to add to the gained personality experience of the three worldsPsychology2, 354:of immobile power. He is conscious of his power, gained whilst functioning as a selfish destroyer,Psychology2, 354:because the disciple has "recovered feeling, gained divine emotion, and filled his waiting heartPsychology2, 556:means whereby these contacts are approached and gained. The major idea which I would have you bearPsychology2, 604:delirium and detachment - that those who have gained much from the mystics or those who are at thisPsychology2, 614:stage of the intelligent disciple. Much will be gained by a recognition of this recapitulatoryPsychology2, 711:and will so remain until some understanding is gained of egoic unfoldment, and of soul contact,Rays, 47:Two In our study of Rule One on Initiation, we gained (or perhaps fixed more clearly in our minds)Rays, 181:the effect upon humanity (before mastery is gained) is to compel men "to wander in the fields ofRays, 194:as a result of the energies released and the gained good which the three earlier rents have madeRays, 200:moving forward. A relative freedom has been gained and the initiate stands free from much that hasRays, 242:initiation through the experience to be gained in a vehicle constituted, expressive and at theRays, 250:it will have been because the information was gained by those who have read the books put out byRays, 266:the soul, and then revelation ensued. Naught is gained by further elucidation. Proceed with theRays, 295:expression of all that they have achieved and gained in the earlier stages of their individualRays, 304:I realize, not possible for you but much can be gained by your effort to comprehend. What you meanRays, 426:pillars on either side of a closed door. Quality gained Luminosity PATH II. PATH OF MAGNETIC WORKRays, 427:a fivefold star mounting towards the sun Quality gained Electrical velocity PATH III. PATH OFRays, 427:blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word Quality gained Cosmic etheric vision or septenary
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