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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GAINING

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Astrology, 134:our Sun is rapidly moving and its influence is gaining in momentum and added potency with eachAstrology, 311:- the Word of the Leo subject who is rapidly gaining the higher consciousness and preparing forAstrology, 488:incites towards experience and towards the gaining of knowledge; Leo leads to the expression ofAutobiography, 48:climbed a mountain peak and - at the moment of gaining the summit - suddenly there stretches beforeAutobiography, 212:was steadily growing and inside myself I was gaining a sense of assurance and a recognition that IAutobiography, 302:also have in it adequate opportunity for the gaining of that experience, which the individualBethlehem, 143:no longer as the person, but as the Oversoul, gaining a profound vision of the divine ways of life,Bethlehem, 246:which is dynamic and living is awakened and is gaining potency and significance, and must thereforeDestiny, 29:world at this time. The seventh ray is steadily gaining momentum and has for a long time beenDestiny, 121:Let us follow the same procedure now, thus gaining some idea of the relationship between the sixthDestiny, 123:with the unfoldment of the soul in form and its gaining needed experience thereby. It is notDiscipleship1, 153:relinquishing of outer shackles and chains, thus gaining a liberty which will extend through everyDiscipleship1, 164:enforced and perhaps inconvenient interludes of gaining physical strength. The steady, unbroken,Discipleship1, 317:connection with the group. You can aid them in gaining the needed group poise for the work to beDiscipleship2, 41:and the Black Lodge. The former is now gradually gaining control. The withdrawal (quite imminent inDiscipleship2, 450:and rain, holding its life in form intact and gaining added beauty as strength develops. MyEducation, 32:and makes contact with his environment, thereby gaining experience and sustenance. The spiderEducation, 121:in the direction of simplicity is also rapidly gaining ground. The spirit of which commercialism isExternalisation, 176:to take sides. The momentum of this struggle is gaining daily. Fresh areas of the world are beingExternalisation, 394:victory and this could be described as the gaining of a new spiritual orientation and a newExternalisation, 660:toward expectancy and preparation is now rapidly gaining momentum. This was the first concreteFire, 148:His goal is the synthesis of the Spirits who are gaining consciousness through manifestation, andFire, 148:and who, by means of experience in matter, are gaining in quality. His function is, by means ofFire, 159:an environment which he has utilized for the gaining of experience and as a battle ground betweenFire, 230:His life animates for the specific purpose of Gaining experience. Making contact. Developing fullFire, 541:utilizes all that he has gained or is gaining under the law for the definite benefit of humanity.Fire, 893:out of the egg, and began its convolutions, gaining in strength and majesty, and producing throughGlamour, 106:the soul in all created forms must struggle, gaining strength and understanding thereby andGlamour, 271:is slowly dimming and the light of the other is gaining in intensity. When this "occultHealing, 139:live a full animal and emotional life, thereby gaining experience of growth, of contact, andHealing, 468:prove explanatory to you, and might aid you in gaining a new perspective upon death. This manualHealing, 513:expression in the three worlds, and not to the gaining of life experience. When the personalityHealing, 553:psyche of the patient. They are three in number: Gaining the cooperation of the personality of theHealing, 578:by the use of drastic physical disciplines, thus gaining the needed purity. The goal, as you know,Hercules, 60:physical plane achievement, and in the work of gaining the golden apples of wisdom, that the realIntellect, 33:discover the soul as the great Reality, thus gaining direct experience of spiritual things. EverettIntellect, 99:of the others - is that of concentration, the gaining control of the mental processes. AspirationIntellect, 143:will greatly facilitate the work of the soul in gaining a right record and an accurate registeringMagic, 48:which they use sequentially in the process of: Gaining certain experiences, resulting in acquiredMagic, 168:as if he were losing in mind control instead of gaining it, but this is only a temporary conditionMagic, 388:consideration, for this group of mystics is gaining each year in potency. Planetary Energies:Magic, 481:who, through concentration and meditation, are gaining power in thought. I speak for the thinkersMagic, 619:which (from about the year A.D. 1640) has been gaining in potency and is producing two effects: itMeditation, 292:through the ability built up in meditation, in gaining access to the Master. Patanjali, 139:The first can be completely suppressed only by gaining mastery over the whole of their support,Patanjali, 152:as the field of his experiments and experience-gaining endeavors. [153] It must be remembered thatPatanjali, 284:discipline and training involved in the work of gaining control of the thinking principle andPatanjali, 381:is part of unfoldment on the left-hand Path. The gaining of the soul powers by intense desire (orPsychology1, 207:the Path will be by self-control, thus gaining equilibrium amongst the warring forces of thePsychology1, 313:earth, because today the group idea is rapidly gaining ground, and the nature of humanity is beingPsychology2, 206:These are steadily increasing in number and gaining in power as our educational processes and ourPsychology2, 315:whose vehicles of expression, as centers for the gaining of experience, are not adequatelyPsychology2, 324:views the period of manifestation as a whole, gaining thus a sense of proportion, an understandingPsychology2, 326:the nature of life in the world is experience-gaining, because we see this happening around us onPsychology2, 326:into three groups: Those who are unconsciously gaining experience, but are at the same time soPsychology2, 353:or being, which cannot remain satisfied with the gaining of power in a personality sense and in aPsychology2, 425:of my ideas, and you are consequently gaining only an approximate understanding and conception ofPsychology2, 577:of love (as embodied in the Hierarchy) is not gaining ground at this time, for the response ofRays, 243:the human bodies through which the human soul is gaining experience. It holds the secret of beautyRays, 450:and makes contact with his environment, thereby gaining experience and sustenance. The spiderRays, 613:so fundamentally with relationships, is gaining ground, and its potency is being released by theRays, 747:Britain, where the socialist point of view is gaining ground among the masses, but which at presentTelepathy, 176:energies of the soul in the stage of consciously gaining experience; and that also, as the
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