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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GALVANIZING

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Astrology, 22:They produce an effect upon advanced man, galvanizing the centers above the diaphragm into activityAstrology, 303:Then the focus of the substance in any form (its galvanizing center) can be seen. I do not hereAstrology, 352:vehicle is the transmitter of psychic energy, galvanizing and coordinating the dense physical bodyAutobiography, 291:dealing with truths and with human need and galvanizing men to seek the one Master in their ownDiscipleship1, 144:awakening them to a sense of responsibility and galvanizing them into activity. By the steady powerDiscipleship1, 275:soul must pour through your fourth ray mind, galvanizing it into a renewed, inclusive, loving,Discipleship1, 364:time with the cooperation of the personality, galvanizing the physical [365] body into rightDiscipleship1, 380:You will then gradually become a hidden force, galvanizing others into activity and pushing themDiscipleship2, 202:creative work; it is a part of that dynamic, galvanizing energy which feeds the enthusiasm of theExternalisation, 17:a tremendous inflow of spiritual energy, galvanizing his whole being into activity, and bringing toFire, 881:great and small, of group relationships, of the galvanizing power of the unifying life, and theGlamour, 253:is an objective and subjective activity. The galvanizing of the physical body into activity throughHealing, 331:physical [331] mechanism, the body, through the galvanizing activity of what we call Life. Second,Healing, 428:through the medium of the etheric body, thus galvanizing it into life activity for the duration ofMagic, 151:soul and passes down into the vital body, thus galvanizing the physical instrument with the neededPsychology2, 419:should normally stream through into his brain, galvanizing his physical vehicle into some form ofPsychology2, 453:the personality vehicles; there follows a galvanizing into activity of cells in the brain whichPsychology2, 512:draw it from the etheric body itself through the galvanizing effect of two things: ideas, as theyPsychology2, 592:flow the five major pranas - energizing, galvanizing and controlling the entire human organism.Psychology2, 594:the major centers as distributing areas and thus galvanizing, at will, any part of the mechanism
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