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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GATE

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Astrology, 169:with [169] equally conscious purpose through the gate of Capricorn. Five times he has to passAstrology, 169:Five times he has to pass through that Gate in full waking consciousness and these five happeningsAstrology, 174:service. He therefore passes back through the gate of Cancer, but with his consciousness heldAstrology, 176:rider of that horse, O Lanoo? Gone towards the gate, O Master of my Life. But something speedsAstrology, 298:esoterically called "the Messenger at the eighth gate"; Mercury was active at the time ofAstrology, 298:the time of individualization when the "eighth gate" was opened and a major initiation of ourAstrology, 312:with it for many long cycles. It is "the gate which stands wide open, broad and easy to passAstrology, 312:and with the mother of forms, just as the other gate, Capricorn, is allied with spirit, the fatherAstrology, 333:approach Directed Approach The controller of the Gate 10. Capricorn, Keynote: Capricorn consummatesAstrology, 356:upon this woeful planet inevitably to the very gate of initiation in Capricorn. In this statementAutobiography, 82:but not everybody is going in by your gate." I could not imagine then what she meant and she wasAutobiography, 129:of me. A gang of them used to collect near the gate of the factory and when I hove in sight they'dAutobiography, 129:to shudder at the thought of going through the gate but, after all, I'd had a lot of experience inBethlehem, 26:which perforce lights the way to the Gate leading to the "Secret Place of the Most High." They haveBethlehem, 28:point of attainment, men as a group approach the gate which leadeth unto life. All modernBethlehem, 54:of God in himself. By passing through the gate of the new birth, he can redeem the flesh in whichBethlehem, 223:done what He came into incarnation to do. The gate into the kingdom stood open. The boundaryBethlehem, 241:individual carries them triumphantly through the gate of death, but if one told them that this wasBethlehem, 272:of them as they tread the difficult path to the gate which admits into that kingdom, become theDiscipleship1, 10:side of life and arrive more rapidly at that Gate which opens on the lighted Way. You have theDiscipleship1, 231:sings close to the heart of God. Fifth month - A gate of brass, a golden portal and then an ivoryDiscipleship1, 291:so souls unite in flight. Passing through the gate they thus alight before the throne of God." ThusDiscipleship1, 295:hitherto dim and distant portals of the Golden Gate which lie ahead are not so dim and distant.Discipleship1, 385:and leaves and on the far horizon - is a golden gate, with the two halves of its door closed. ThenDiscipleship1, 385:along this path, imagine the two halves of the gate slowly opening as you go forward in confidence,Discipleship1, 385:as you go forward in confidence, looking at the gate and not at your feet. What you see within thatDiscipleship1, 391:preparing to pass, as a solar Angel, through the gate, on to the Path of Initiation. Can I, in viewDiscipleship1, 392:God said: 'Go forth and far away.' "Before the gate which opens on the lighted way to peace, theDiscipleship1, 528:hand-rail on the side towards the stream. The gate to this garden is in the middle of the northDiscipleship1, 528:more long than square. When one approaches the gate from outside, one sees written over it theDiscipleship1, 528:the words Peace, Rest, Service. It is an arched gate set into the thickness of the wall. ADiscipleship1, 530:on the path and looks towards the entrance gate, one sees fruit trees, en espalier on the wall toDiscipleship1, 584:the feet of him who waits to greet him at the gate - a sealed vase. The Pilgrim, as he walks uponDiscipleship1, 639:2nd month - The Way of Meditation leads to the gate. 3rd month - The Way of the Presence leads toDiscipleship1, 674:to the game of life, the soul passes the gate. [675] The field is green and on its broad expanseDiscipleship2, 37:Speak low, brother. Give love always. The open gate. The work to be done is now outlined and youDiscipleship2, 654:theirs, though you have entered first. Open the gate and welcome with a smile and words of love andDiscipleship2, 654:take your stand. There rest. Move forward to the gate at need, returning ever to the place of rest.Externalisation, 409:them to move forward into the light, through the gate of initiation and on to that path which [410]Fire, 978:with each other and who guard not the gate of speech. If a man succeeds in understanding theGlamour, 51:the feet of Him Who waits to greet him at the gate - a sealed vase. The Pilgrim, as he walks uponGlamour, 90:the Dweller is the "one who stands before the Gate of God," who dwells in the shadow of the portalGlamour, 117:to the Path of Discipleship, and right up to the gate of initiation. There, standing before theGlamour, 117:gate of initiation. There, standing before the Gate, he recognizes the final duality which awaitsGlamour, 200:himself, emerging after so doing through that gate which we call the second initiation into a widerHealing, 144:being. The door into this experience is the "Gate of Cancer." Initiation into the kingdom of God isHealing, 144:into the kingdom of God is entered through the "Gate of Capricorn." These four attributes and theHealing, 363:with the work of the healer with patients at the gate of death, he may experience a sense ofHealing, 363:whilst the loved one passes through the gate which leads to what, my brother? We can go up to theHercules, 2:Prepare for the last tests. Pass through each Gate and in the sphere which they reveal and guard,Hercules, 15:and Hercules withdrew and faced the first great Gate. Then the Presiding One, who sat within theHercules, 27:21st - April 20th) The Myth The first great Gate stood open wide. A voice came through that portal:Hercules, 27:"Hercules, my son, go forth. Pass through the Gate and enter on the Way. Perform thy labor andHercules, 27:rushed forth, running between the pillars of the Gate with over-weening confidence and surety ofHercules, 27:of fiery fame, ruled in the land beyond the Gate, and there he raised the horses and the mares ofHercules, 28:come hither and drive these horses through the Gate". And then he turned his back and pridefullyHercules, 28:mares, or harness them or drive them through the Gate in the footsteps of his friend. They turnedHercules, 28:he caught the horses, and drove them through the Gate himself. But Abderis lay dead. The TeacherHercules, 28:Go forth into the country guarded by the second Gate and find and take the sacred Bull into theHercules, 38:gifts and entered through the first wide open Gate to labor at his task?" "He rests, Oh, greatHercules, 38:proceed to labor once again, enter the second Gate, returning with dispatch." The second Gate stoodHercules, 38:Gate, returning with dispatch." The second Gate stood open wide and, from the light which veiledHercules, 38:a voice emerged and said: "Pass through the Gate. Proceed upon thy way. Perform thy labor andHercules, 38:slowly passed between the pillars of the Gate into the light which shines where stands the sacredHercules, 41:Rise soon and seek the country, guarded by Gate the third, and find the golden apples. Bring themHercules, 54:of God. He and the Teacher saw the third great Gate, opening before the son of man, revealing a newHercules, 55:his wisdom and his strength. Through the third Gate he passed, going due north. Throughout the landHercules, 55:and returning oft upon his steps to the third Gate. Sad and discouraged, still he sought on everyHercules, 56:"I come again in different guise at the eighth Gate. Prepare again to wrestle." The Teacher, gazingHercules, 58:on the Way." Then Erytheia, who keeps the gate which all must pass before they stand alone beforeHercules, 58:then with pointing finger indicated the fourth Gate and said to him: "Pass through that Gate.Hercules, 58:fourth Gate and said to him: "Pass through that Gate. Capture the doe and enter once again the HolyHercules, 76:ever through deeds of love". Erytheia keeps the gate, the soul, which is ever opened byHercules, 77:with the fourth test." Before the fourth great Gate stood Hercules; a son of man and yet a son ofHercules, 77:uttered not a word or made a sound. Beyond the Gate the landscape stretched in contours fair and onHercules, 78:Hercules, standing between the pillars of the Gate, listened and heard the quarrel, and wonderedHercules, 78:Hercules - Labor IV - Part 1 Through the fourth Gate sprang Hercules, leaving behind the many giftsHercules, 80:returning from the test, passed through the Gate again and found his way, back to the teacher ofHercules, 81:O Hercules, my son, between the pillars of the Gate." And Hercules obeyed. Beyond the Gate, theHercules, 81:of the Gate." And Hercules obeyed. Beyond the Gate, the landscape stretched in contours fair and onHercules, 85:of the two great gates of the zodiac. It is the gate into the world of forms, into physicalHercules, 85:two constitute the two gates, one being the gate into form life, and the other into spiritual life;Hercules, 85:the gates of the sun. Through Cancer, or the 'gate of man', the soul descends upon earth (to uniteHercules, 85:is its spiritual death. Through Capricorn, the 'gate [86] of the gods', it reascends to heaven."Hercules, 89:and also "the father of all that is". The gate of Cancer is entered through the process ofHercules, 89:of consciousness into the human, whilst the gate of Capricorn is entered through initiation. One isHercules, 89:the constellation Cancer, which was called the gate of the sun through which souls were said toHercules, 89:home, the constellation Capricorn, the other gate of the sun. Capricorn was the sign from whichHercules, 95:labors, and time and time again, past the fourth Gate he chased the sacred doe clear to the templeHercules, 95:the Lord. Thus rested he. Before the fifth great Gate stood Hercules, armed to the teeth with allHercules, 96:is the test and wherefore do I seek to pass this Gate?" and speaking thus he waited, listening forHercules, 96:land lying upon the further side of the fifth Gate. The people of this ravaged land live silentlyHercules, 96:to the need. Upon the nearer side of the great Gate which guarded firm the country of Nemea, heHercules, From n:different sort? Can he now pass the sixth great Gate? And the Teacher answered: "Yes." He wasHercules, From n:"Arise, O Hercules, and pass the sixth great Gate." Another word likewise went forth, though not toHercules, 114:the Teacher too looked on. Through the sixth Gate again passed Hercules, and seeing this and seeingHercules, 120:passed through five Gates failed at the sixth Gate, and had to begin again at the bottom, and makeHercules, 125:and yet a son of God, passed through the seventh Gate. The power of the seventh sign passed throughHercules, 127:learnt. A lesson still remains. At the ninth Gate again, the centaur must be met and known andHercules, 127:"The seventh labor is completed, the seventh Gate passed. Ponder upon the lessons of the past;
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