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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GATE

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Hercules, 129:labor was declared complete and the seventh Gate passed. Justice with mercy. "If Thou O God wilt beHercules, 140:also the son of man. "The light now shines on Gate the eighth," the Teacher said. "In ancient ArgosHercules, 140:son of God and son of man, and conquer." Through Gate the eighth, then, Hercules passed. TheHercules, 142:the Teacher said. "The Light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blended with your own". FrancisHercules, 155:"the time has come to tread another way. At Gate the ninth you stand. Pass through and find theHercules, 155:sure." he added. "The task awaits. Through Gate the ninth you now must go." Forward, then, wentHercules, 161:Three Constellations Sagittarius is the little gate to Capricorn. There are two cosmic gates:Hercules, 161:There are two cosmic gates: Cancer, the gate into incarnation; Capricorn, the gate into theHercules, 161:the gate into incarnation; Capricorn, the gate into the spiritual kingdom. Prior to Capricorn isHercules, 161:Capricorn is Sagittarius, spoken of as "a lesser gate". I like to think of it as the little gate atHercules, 161:gate". I like to think of it as the little gate at the foot of the hill through which we passHercules, 161:the mountain and in passing through that little gate, we demonstrate our ability to rightly use theHercules, 164:in Sagittarius, and you cannot go through the gate at the foot of the mountain until you have seenHercules, 169:man who is also the son of God must pass through Gate the tenth". he said. "Within this very hourHercules, 170:embarked upon this quest, and passed through Gate the tenth. Downward, ever downward, did he travelHercules, 172:we erroneously call life, and Capricorn, the gate into the spiritual kingdom. Capricorn, the gateHercules, 172:gate into the spiritual kingdom. Capricorn, the gate through which we finally pass when we noHercules, 180:has turned, and now you stand before another Gate. For long you have pursued the light whichHercules, 180:I have spoken." Forth went Hercules through Gate the eleventh in search of Augeas the king. WhenHercules, 195:then he called for Hercules. "Before the last gate now you stand," the Teacher said, "One labor yetHercules, 195:slowly. "Invoke the aid of Helius." Through Gate the Twelfth the son of man who was also the Son ofHercules, 210:in Sagittarius, prior to passing through the gate which leads to the mount of initiation. SlowlyHercules, 222:preparatory to passing through the door or gate of initiation. Here we have the idea of the doorMagic, 223:and over the mountains of vision to the gate of Deliverance. He may travel sometimes in the darkMagic, 229:rebirth, and the other leads through the golden gate to the city of free souls. One is thereforeMagic, 468:to the game of life, the soul passes the gate. The field is green and on its broad expanse the manyMeditation, 114:planes, the same great Hall of Wisdom, the same Gate of Initiation, admitting all into the innerMeditation, 310:life of the disciple becomes not easier as the Gate is neared, but ever the watch must be morePatanjali, 209:dross be burnt; and let me enter through that Gate, and tread the Way of Fire." The breath of GodPsychology1, 84:south instruct and aid the blind. Then shall the gate into the north remain wide open, for therePsychology1, 396:into light and passed between the pillars of the gate; they left behind the loads they brought andPsychology2, 148:with the flaming sword, who stands before the gate of Paradise to turn away those who seek thePsychology2, 174:speaks with power the Word which opens wide the Gate of Life. He stands before the Angel and takesPsychology2, 271:Enlightenment carries the disciple through the gate of initiation, and is the effect of the samePsychology2, 312:that the Dweller is "one who stands before the gate of God", who dwells in the shadow of the portalRays, 764:- Appendix An Esoteric Fragment Where is the gate, O Lanoo, which guards the triple-way? Within theRays, 764:of Him Who is the threefold Path. I reach the gate and pass within, entering thus the Heart,Rays, 764:bliss. By the one who seeks to know, the first gate must be found. That entered, in periodic cyclesRays, 764:the occult sense of oneness must guide unto the gate. What else will lead a man to the portal of
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