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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GATES

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Astrology, 33:the Crab, which is a mass sign and one of the "gates" into manifested life. The followingAstrology, 163:Cancer - Capricorn: The Cardinal Cross. "Both Gates stand wide." Taurus - Leo - Scorpio: The FixedAstrology, 168:been taught, these two signs are the two great Gates of the zodiac - one opening the door intoAstrology, 214:ocean of life; he descends into hell, but the gates of hell hold him not. He, the new and livingAstrology, 312:sign is, as you already know, one of the two gates of the zodiac because through it souls pass intoAutobiography, 8:first that caught one's eye on going through the gates) and on it the words, "She hath done whatAutobiography, 82:ever learn, Miss Alice, that there are twelve gates into the Holy City and everybody in the worldBethlehem, 39:are included. The soul of man stands at the gates of revelation, and he must learn that thisBethlehem, 42:ever: A Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand!"Bethlehem, 48:(St. John, XIX, 30.) He passed through the gates of death to a joyful resurrection. The gradualBethlehem, 52:and the sound which went forth "opened anew the gates of life." Door after door is opened on theBethlehem, 76:of Jerusalem which John saw, and her 12 gates." - Bishop Rabanus Manrus, A.D. 857. All theseBethlehem, 186:He did - pay the price, and, passing through the gates of death, attain to a joyful resurrection.Bethlehem, 188:The Christ of history passed through the gates of death for us. The cosmic [189] Christ its stillBethlehem, 221:frequent, as more and more men pass through the gates of suffering and of death into the kingdom.Bethlehem, 280:suffered. That He overcame death and opened the gates of immortality to all humanity is likewiseDiscipleship1, 231:a golden portal and then an ivory door. Three gates, but only two are shut. Pass on, oh pilgrim onDiscipleship1, 283:into habit and dynamic daily rhythm that the gates of initiation open before the disciple. YourDiscipleship1, 385:two halves, and leading straight to the golden gates. As you advance along this path, imagine theDiscipleship2, 92:of interest: All those who passed through the gates of death passed to a [93] definitely closerDiscipleship2, 93:in the Ashram when they pass through the gates of death. H.S.D. for the remainder of her lifeDiscipleship2, 409:use Christian phraseology) became such that the "Gates of Return" could be opened and freeDiscipleship2, 409:the fourth and the fifth kingdoms in nature. The gates (and I am still speaking in symbols) areDiscipleship2, 654:the garden from the world of men. Beyond its gates I see the forms of those who long to enter. IntoDiscipleship2, 654:not when: "The key is in your hands; open the gates and let the crowd in. This you can do, for theExternalisation, 259:then lead His triumphant cohorts through the gates into "Jerusalem," the city of peace. TheExternalisation, 295:it is for humanity. A demand rises to the very gates of Heaven; the massed intent of humanity isExternalisation, 305:The cry of the masses is rising up to the very gates of Shamballa. It is stronger far than theExternalisation, 522:of the Hierarchy a few weeks ago, "One of the gates is open; those who are ready can come in, butFire, 711:used to describe the body as a town with nine gates. The nine gates are, as you know, the nineFire, 711:the body as a town with nine gates. The nine gates are, as you know, the nine orifices of the humanFire, 711:Brahma-rundra or the door of Brahma, you get ten gates corresponding to the ten directions. TheFire, 747:orb of blue and the inner radiant fire. From the gates of gold down to the pit of earth, out fromFire, 850:not known within these halls, for its two great gates are passed. Discord and strife both disappearGlamour, 39:and of glamor until the disciple is nearing the Gates of Life. Only when he can catch dim glimpsesHealing, 363:leads to what, my brother? We can go up to the gates, but it seems as yet that we can go noHealing, 389:that the task of smoothing the way through the gates of death will be greatly simplified. AfterHealing, 684:undying principle which leads a man from the "gates of nativity, through the gates of perception,Healing, 684:a man from the "gates of nativity, through the gates of perception, to the gates of purpose" - asHealing, 684:through the gates of perception, to the gates of purpose" - as the Old Commentary expresses it. IHealing, 704:healing. Nobody is ever brought back from the "gates of death" whose karma indicates that his timeHerculesWay sweeps in a circle through the twelve great Gates, and, cycle after cycle, the Gates are openedHerculestwelve great Gates, and, cycle after cycle, the Gates are opened and the Gates are shut. The SonsHerculescycle after cycle, the Gates are opened and the Gates are shut. The Sons of God, who are the sonsHerculesin learning, pass between the pillars of the Gates time and again. Dull is the understanding but inHercules, 2:other way. They found the Way. They passed the Gates and struggled towards the mountain top, andHercules, 16:a bow, a bow of light. Through nine wide open Gates must the disciple pass before he had acquiredHercules, 43:When Hercules arrived with the bull at the gates of the city, he was met by the three Cyclops, whoHercules, 85:incarnation, for Cancer is one of the two great gates of the zodiac. It is the gate into the worldHercules, 85:is Capricorn, and these two constitute the two gates, one being the gate into form life, and theHercules, 85:He gave to him, therefore, the keys of these two gates. We read: "Jesus gives to Peter ... the keysHercules, 85:gives to Peter ... the keys to the two principal gates of the zodiac, which are the two solsticialHercules, 85:zodiacal signs Cancer and Capricorn, called the gates of the sun. Through Cancer, or the 'gate ofHercules, 120:that Hercules, though he had passed through five Gates failed at the sixth Gate, and had to beginHercules, 127:Learn why." And Hercules stayed within the city gates and there prepared for that which laterHercules, 161:the last pilgrim has found his way home. Two Gates, Three Constellations Sagittarius is the littleHercules, 161:little gate to Capricorn. There are two cosmic gates: Cancer, the gate into incarnation; Capricorn,Hercules, 166:Leo; or I shall use the opportunity to open the gates for other people. In Sagittarius, the gift ofHercules, 166:we love enough and are harmless enough then the gates of heaven and hell will be put into ourHercules, 172:of the Labor in Capricorn There are two gates of dominant importance: Cancer, into what weInitiation, 88:A Hand like this hand Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand! ButIntellect, 10:be a bridge too. Our only assurance is that the gates of the future are always open." - Bennett,Intellect, 10:Perhaps the problem consists in this: that the gates of the future seem to open upon an immaterialIntellect, 10:and, with this equipment, we stand before the gates of the future and ask the question: "To whatMagic, 229:has learnt to recognize - one going up unto the gates of heaven, and the other passing down intoMagic, 467:of it leads not the weary pilgrim to the gates of heaven. Some of you need this reminder. Magic, 473:aura, oh traveler on the way. Watch close the gates of thought. Sentinel desire. [474] Cast out allPatanjali, 154:of lives until he passes through the various gates of initiation out into the larger life of thePsychology1, 396:have. Release yourselves, and enter through the gates of peace. "Some of the sons of God, waitingPsychology1, 396:"Some of the sons of God, waiting outside those gates, ready to enter when the Word went forth toPsychology1, 396:to enter when the Word went forth to roll the gates aside, were laden with the treasure of thePsychology1, 396:their gifts. They sought to enter through those gates, not with a selfish end in view, but toPsychology1, 396:command. The rest obeyed. They passed within the gates, leaving the three outside. Many were raisedPsychology1, 396:heights of joy. The three remained without the gates, holding their treasure firm." In this ancientPsychology1, 397:us that... "They turned their faces towards the gates of earth. Their friends went on... TheyPsychology1, 397:be the fate of those who, having reached the Gates of Light, loved the possessions of the worldPsychology1, 397:revolting three, who waited still without the gates: "Hold what you have and gather more, but knowPsychology1, 397:time shall come, and again you stand before the Gates of Light, this time with empty hands. ThenPsychology1, 399:the word of power which would have caused the gates of resurrection to open wide. We are told thatPsychology2, 35:at will, what are symbolically called "the four gates into the City of Shamballa", - that city ofPsychology2, 691:even momentarily, much can be accomplished; the gates of the new life can be opened, and the inflowRays, 764:through the means of wide compassion. How many gates are there, O Passer on the Way? The gates areRays, 764:many gates are there, O Passer on the Way? The gates are seven, each leading to the center of aRays, 764:wide compassion as the key that opens wide the gates. Explain in words the simplest the need thatReappearance, 142:spirit; theology has brought mankind to the very gates of despair; the delicate flower of the
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