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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GATHERED

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Healing, 300:III - Our Karmic Liabilities "The Great One gathered here and there. He chose and He rejected. ThisHealing, 303:III - Our Karmic Liabilities "The Great One gathered to Himself His forces and affirmed HisHealing, 422:only exists because of the veils which we have gathered around ourselves. All of us, as workers inHealing, 444:and only exists because of the veils we have gathered around ourselves. - Vol. V. A Treatise onHealing, 467:power of the soul they are both withdrawn and gathered up into the center of life and light fromHealing, 487:constitutes the astral plane is still being gathered into forms of illusion and still forms aHealing, 574:From that center, the energy involved is gathered up and returned to one or other of the threeHealing, 574:higher centers is itself involved) the energy is gathered up and driven into the head center andHealing, 623:When death takes place and the life thread is gathered up by the soul and withdrawn from the heartHealing, 667:also emerged, such as Hitler and the group he gathered around him, bringing much evil upon theHealing, 705:seven ancient symbolic statements or formulas, gathered out of the Book of Rules for InitiatedHercules, 102:in Taurus. The apples of wisdom have been gathered in Gemini and the distinction between wisdom andHercules, From n:realm, of men not one was found. Only the women, gathered round their queen. Within the temple ofHercules, 158:It will be the achievement of all the races gathered together in the United States. Hercules, 198:lies ahead. There have been other sons of men gathered out of the human family from time to time,Initiation, 42:place in the Himalayan mountains, and has gathered around him at Shigatse some of those immediatelyInitiation, 56:masses more than with individuals, though he has gathered around him quite a numerous body ofInitiation, 75:expanding the range of his endeavor until he has gathered around him those units of consciousnessInitiation, 104:stage of evolution of this Great Being may be gathered from the analogous degree of evolutionaryInitiation, 105:energy he pours out in blessing over the people gathered at the ceremony in the Himalayas, and fromInitiation, 192:rules given here are fourteen in number, and are gathered from a series of instructions compiledInitiation, 207:planet Mercury, and which occult students have gathered concerning the inner round. On the surface,Initiation, 217:or of the individualized self-consciousness, are gathered together into groups according to the rayMagic, 47:in relation to our planet. A Hierarchy of Lives, gathered by an evolutionary process out of ourMagic, 135:and in all organizations. One group is being gathered but its members belong to many groups. ToMagic, 141:that other minds may contact it. Thus are groups gathered, organized, taught and lifted, and thusMagic, 188:or status, not at the numbers of people who are gathered around his personality but at the motivesMagic, 276:some consciously, others unconsciously. They are gathered from all fields of expression but are allMagic, 329:and as "members one of another". They are [329] gathered out of every nation, race and people; theyMagic, 331:coming age. If it is true that there is being gathered together in the background of our presentMagic, 353:and those upon the probationary path are being gathered around Them now and are being organizedMagic, 397:that is inherent in every atom of the body is gathered together and obliterated in the light of theMagic, 398:who are beginning to function upon the earth, gathered together in loose formation and held by theMagic, 400:will govern and guide the world. They are being gathered out of every nation, but are gathered andMagic, 400:are being gathered out of every nation, but are gathered and chosen, not by the watching HierarchyMagic, 417:One by one, here and there they are being gathered out and are gathering to them those who are freeMagic, 430:that this group which is slowly forming is gathered out of every imaginable group of thinking andMagic, 515:In this cycle, the outgoing consciousness is gathered in and lifted up. When success crowns thisMagic, 517:when the outgoing consciousness has been gathered inward, and the other takes place at the close ofMagic, 606:a linking or a bridging group. They are gathered out of the more exoteric circle of the organizedMagic, 618:knowers of the race, the Hierarchy of Adepts has gathered its personnel. Magic, 638:he will awaken to the fact that the group he has gathered around him are molded by him or he isMeditationWith the consent of their author they have been gathered together for publication. They areMeditation, 54:completeness for this solar system, the Logos gathered through inspiration the matter needed forMeditation, 69:there will be a few very esoteric groups, gathered out of all the others, where the membersMeditation, 108:consummation that shall be the result of that gathered material vibrating to a certain measure,Meditation, 160:Under all these heads many points may be gathered, but I write not letters on healing, but lettersMeditation, 165:sounds which have a vital effect upon the units gathered on those rays. The effect of sounding itMeditation, 195:group leader reviewing rapidly the auras gathered before him. This sound will create the necessaryMeditation, 196:the higher illumination. The healing of people gathered together for that purpose. The controllingMeditation, 198:of the geometrical movement of the concourse gathered in that Himalayan center) form themselvesMeditation, 198:by the radiant auras of the Great Ones Who are gathered there. [199] Meditation, 247:detail the work of these healing groups, when gathered for meditation. Here I would but add thatMeditation, 271:till he blends and has earned the right to be gathered closer to his Master's Heart. Later I willMeditation, 352:or of the individualized self-consciousness, are gathered together into groups according to the rayPatanjali, 65:who are so doing, the true raja yogins will be gathered. Obstacle III - Wrong Questioning This isPatanjali, 91:other. The activity which holds the electrons gathered around their center is recognized asPatanjali, 106:is that spirit exists; the deduction to be gathered from the consideration of the world or of thePatanjali, 233:exact science and within its few short pages are gathered all the rules, necessary in the AryanPatanjali, ix:of the Ageless Wisdom, and thus has been gathered together the personnel of the Hierarchy of ourProblems, 20:is to serve the nations and the races which are gathered together under the Union Jack. It must beProblems, 99:names, they join forces with men and women gathered out of all nations who belong to humanity andProblems, 130:is a strictly capitalistic church. The money gathered into its coffers supports a powerfulProblems, 140:Gentile, but simply one great body of believers, gathered out of all the current religions. TheyProblems, 181:much good can be accomplished. Thousands can be gathered into the ranks of the men of goodwill.Psychology1, 20:within the boundaries of the solar system, gathered to Themselves that substance which TheyPsychology1, 20:Within the radius of Their influence, They gathered all that now appears. This aggregated,Psychology1, 64:of this Lord Who brings release may be gathered from the following six aphorisms which, an ancientPsychology1, 114:be possible eventually to externalize the groups gathered around a Master on the inner planes.Psychology1, 114:organisms, and each member of these circles gathered around a Master is aware of that whichPsychology1, 154:experience of the Gita wherein he "saw all forms gathered together in the body of that God ofPsychology1, 219:in a more advanced and sublimated form, being gathered out of the offering of the vegetable kingdomPsychology1, 350:Path is gained. Thus there is beginning to be gathered on the subjective side of life a steadilyPsychology1, 361:Groups exist, but they are groups of individuals gathered around an individual. The seventh rayPsychology1, 365:they feel happy about it. What groups do who are gathered together for the performance of anyPsychology1, 397:found. They sought to hold that which they had gathered and to dedicate it to the service of God.Psychology1, 412:Fire and in this series of Instructions. I have gathered some of it together and students wouldPsychology2, 37:in the ark.' " [37] Ray Three "The Blessed One gathered force. He hid himself behind a veil. HePsychology2, 49:(Pages 787-790), and the following statements, gathered from those pages, will be elucidated in thePsychology2, 66:into activity, and finally all the forces are gathered together into one fused and blended streamPsychology2, 170:an appetite, a dream, but only one! Sometimes he gathered in his arms the vision that he saw, andPsychology2, 530:is not so dominant and the forces begin to be gathered up into the solar plexus. There they willPsychology2, 544:particular life wherein the energies are finally gathered up and "elevated" as the esoteric termPsychology2, 673:and all who respond to these ideals must be gathered together through mailing lists. TheirPsychology2, 676:plan for the development of a group of people, gathered out of every nation, who are trained in thePsychology2, 683:much can be accomplished. Thousands can be gathered into the New Group of World Servers and canRays, 101:reincarnating soul, which again and again has gathered to itself the lives which it has touched andRays, 165:the energy of the remaining centers is rapidly gathered up and withdrawn. What is true of theRays, 189:and the groups which they have everywhere gathered around themselves. It is these groups, many inRays, 300:kingdom and the members of that Hierarchy are gathered out of every nation, every political party,Rays, 315:The final words of the Christ to His apostles, gathered together in the upper chamber (in theRays, 329:books if due search is made and the material is gathered together into a coherent whole. I suggestRays, 343:and women whose souls are on some one ray are gathered together subjectively by a Master on theRays, 489:energy" or the energy-substance which has been gathered for the building of the bridge. TheRays, 512:is necessary. A ring-pass-not of consciously gathered energies must be created and held in a stateRays, 545:consciousness. In group formation, disciples are gathered together at times to receive instructionRays, 671:and the energies of the sacral center are gathered up into the throat center - without, however,Rays, 681:by the defeat of the evil group which Hitler gathered around him - have again organized theirReappearance, 37:on Earth where He has His abiding place - are gathered today all His great Disciples, the MastersReappearance, 38:Ancient of Days down to the humblest disciple (gathered with others at the feet of the Christ) is
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