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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GAUGE

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Astrology, 90:are the kind of charts by which the Masters gauge Their disciples and they are most interesting; IAtom, 119:Naturally it is not possible for finite mind to gauge accurately the plan of the Deity. All that weBethlehem, 221:from the angle of divinity, He has enabled us to gauge the value of the experience, and has shownDiscipleship1, 121:to you the point of view from which I personally gauge the capacity and growth of the group andDiscipleship1, 240:of Light. By our falling into criticism, we can gauge our soul quality. Neither criticism of thoseDiscipleship1, 271:How much has been done, only you yourself can gauge. A steady readjustment has gone forward in yourDiscipleship1, 309:achieved. You are not in a position rightly to gauge your own progress. Continue to serve and toDiscipleship1, 337:you a year ago. By so doing, you will be able to gauge any measure of growth to which you may haveDiscipleship1, 518:all of you from the inner side, can symbolically gauge this fact more easily than you because (asDiscipleship1, 727:a definite ray pattern. Then the Master can gauge the rate and type of development and canDiscipleship1, 761:creative work. I would remind you of this. The gauge of a disciple's capacity lies in his influenceDiscipleship2, XIII:your personal instruction. I have attempted to gauge you and your need from the point of the nextDiscipleship2, 10:of disciples as a whole into my aura and so gauge its general condition of receptivity - for thatDiscipleship2, 78:guidance for all of us. A Master has to know and gauge the disciple by the work which he does inDiscipleship2, 78:his aspiration. The attentive world has also to gauge the existent phase of divine expression inDiscipleship2, 78:daily life. By what else can the onlooker gauge it? The disciple is therefore under constant dualDiscipleship2, 354:and the grade of the disciple. A Master can gauge a disciple's ability to pass onward and arrive atDiscipleship2, 452:the means of these words you could be enabled to gauge your life processes and determine activity.Discipleship2, 539:results as they worked out in your life, and gauge these results in such a manner that you come toEducation, 6:all interested in education. This problem is to gauge rightly the center or the focus of a man'sExternalisation, 25:The response of this Festival will submit a gauge of opportunity for the guidance of the GreatExternalisation, 148:of the Great Invocation, and must also learn to gauge its results in their individual lives, thusExternalisation, 456:preparatory work now going on, and endeavor to gauge what will be the results if these energies andFire, 300:it is not possible for man correctly to gauge the work done by Them and Their relative point ofGlamour, 28:in any of these groups, I can at the same time gauge the quality of the group itself as a whole.Glamour, 176:or Agency whose task is of a triple nature: To gauge the unfoldment of the human consciousness andHealing, 26:for him to grasp these distinctions and to gauge the point in evolution which a man may haveHealing, 26:consists in the inability of the healer to: Gauge the extent of the trouble, where it may beHealing, 380:activities of mankind, the Masters can usually gauge what will occur, but esoterically They refuseIntellect, 93:of soils of God who have preceded us, we must gauge the depth and the [94] height and braceIntellect, 234:and helpfulness. We have found it wise to gauge the growth of a student in the meditation work byMagic, 602:his service and for no one else. It is wise to gauge and [603] approximate the evolutionary status,Magic, 630:understood. They demand liking and praise. They gauge success by numbers and by response. TheyMeditation, 278:hues, and by studying it the Master can rapidly gauge the progress made and judge when theMeditation, 315:development of the students; he must be able to gauge the colors and expansion of the students'Psychology1, 8:is that of devotion, we can more truly gauge our opportunity, our capacities and our limitations;Psychology1, 8:at the time, we are then in a position to gauge our particular problem with judgment. We can thenPsychology2, 651:of sorely needed changes. It is hard too to gauge the extent and the power of the forces working inRays, 367:"Unknown God," are focused in Sanat Kumara. Some gauge of the unfoldments which can lie ahead ofRays, 589:study of these concepts anent the mind, learn to gauge your own mental condition. [590] The energyTelepathy, 23:of truth. By watching their reactions, He can gauge the united activity of the group and theTelepathy, 126:to us, it will not be possible correctly to gauge the wider aspects of the purpose of Sanat Kumara.
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