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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GEMINI

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Astrology, 34:Light through knowledge None 10 4 * Unknown VI Gemini Desire for duality None 9 5 ** Unknown VIIAstrology, 50:11th) Unknown The Mutable Cross: 3. Pleiades Gemini Sagittarius Mercury Fourth Creative HierarchyAstrology, 52:emphasis is laid upon the influence of Aries, Gemini and Libra. Under that influence the man learnsAstrology, 55:the true significance of the constellation Gemini, the Twins, and the dual forces which pourAstrology, 56:the Bull in Taurus. The figures of the Twins in Gemini (two lines). The two claws of the Crab inAstrology, 61:The sky turns black." At this point, the sign Gemini begins potently to play its part in the lifeAstrology, 64:5,000 years to mature and the Sun was in Gemini when the final crisis of individualization tookAstrology, 64:of the applied stimulation. The Sun was in Gemini when this Approach was consummated by theAstrology, 64:Rituals typify, for the symbol of the sign, Gemini, is the source of the concept of the twoAstrology, 64:speaking, Leo governs the E .*. A .*. degree. Gemini governs the F .*. C .*. degree. SagittariusAstrology, 66:ruler 2. Taurus Venus 5th Libra Same ruler 3. Gemini Mercury 4th Virgo Same ruler 4. Cancer MoonAstrology, 66:5. Leo The Sun 2nd none 6. Virgo Mercury 4th Gemini Same ruler 7. Libra Venus 5th Taurus Same rulerAstrology, 66:Same ray 2. Taurus Vulcan 1st Pisces Same ray 3. Gemini Venus 5th none 4. Cancer Neptune 6thAstrology, 66:with disciples and the zodiacal signs, Gemini and Libra are two constellations which - throughAstrology, 68:Mercury Uranus 2. Taurus Venus Vulcan Vulcan 3. Gemini Mercury Venus The Earth 4. Cancer The MoonAstrology, 68:7th none 2. Taurus Vulcan 1st Pisces Same ray 3. Gemini The Earth 3rd Libra Same ray 4. CancerAstrology, 68:Jupiter 2nd Leo Same ray 7. Libra Saturn 3rd Gemini Same ray 8. Scorpio Mercury 4th Aquarius SameAstrology, 68:and Virgo, through the Sun and Jupiter. Ray 3 - Gemini and Libra, through the Earth and Saturn. RayAstrology, 86:Sun Saturn Mercury Sun Saturn II. Love-Wisdom Gemini, the Twins Virgo, the Virgin Pisces, theAstrology, 92:sign Taurus and as vital entities in the sign Gemini, taking then physical form in Cancer. This isAstrology, 119:stage - is being transmuted into intellect. Gemini - In the undeveloped man or the average man, theAstrology, 119:faint beginnings of the intuitive processes in Gemini. Then comes a great process of polarizationAstrology, 120:relinquished is held firmly and transformed." Gemini - The man upon the reversing wheel in GeminiAstrology, 120:Gemini - The man upon the reversing wheel in Gemini becomes increasingly aware of the intuition andAstrology, 120:The fluidity of Pisces and the undeveloped Gemini gives place to the responsiveness of theAstrology, 126:dual sign, this can also be seen working out in Gemini. In Pisces, there is demonstrated theAstrology, 126:fishes are unable to escape from each other; in Gemini there is also a definite relationshipAstrology, 126:planets active in Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini. These planets are: Orthodox - Jupiter andAstrology, 129:with the relation of Pisces to the sign Gemini, of which Venus is the esoteric ruler, and also inAstrology, 130:experience upon the Fixed Cross. The Twins in Gemini are symbols of the same basic duality, but theAstrology, 130:love and truly reason. The influence of Pisces, Gemini and Virgo is eventually fused and blendedAstrology, 130:of The planet Venus - ruler of the constellation Gemini. The Earth on which we live, called oftenAstrology, 131:of the sign Pisces. Virgo, the Virgin. [131] Gemini and Sagittarius are connected through theirAstrology, 145:- In Aries The consciousness of duality - In Gemini Mass consciousness - In Cancer IndividualAstrology, 151:the three Crosses can be carried out with Gemini, Taurus, Aries or the reverse: Aries, Taurus andAstrology, 151:Taurus, Aries or the reverse: Aries, Taurus and Gemini, remembering always that the Mutable CrossAstrology, 152:liberation. Transmutation of desire into Love. Gemini - The fusion of the opposites; theAstrology, 152:the ordinary wheel, these signs bring about: Gemini - Experience of the pairs of opposites.Astrology, 157:door into the Hierarchy when the significance of Gemini and Leo is understood and the first twoAstrology, 160:then the Tau, for Pisces was lacking and only Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius were evidenced. AriesAstrology, 161:Leo (concerned with individualization), and of Gemini (expressive of man's essential duality). YouAstrology, 161:of all, and indicative of the Fixed Cross; and Gemini, which gives the sense of the dual nature ofAstrology, 162:plus a general pervasive influence coming from Gemini. You have here three signs found in the FixedAstrology, 162:responsiveness to influences emanating from Gemini, and to each other through Scorpio. ThisAstrology, 163:Fixed Cross. "The Disciples dominate the world." Gemini - Pisces: The Mutable Cross. "WorldAstrology, 164:Saturn, in a peculiar relation to the sign Gemini, makes this possible. Individual man makes thisAstrology, 164:Capricorn is connected with Libra and also with Gemini and Taurus, and these four constellations -Astrology, 164:Taurus, and these four constellations - Taurus, Gemini, Libra and Capricorn - constitute a potentAstrology, 165:and confers illumination upon the initiate. Gemini - Guards the mystery or secret of duality andAstrology, 166:Evolution 6th and 4th Mars - Mercury Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio Dicipleship 3rd and 5thAstrology, 166:Scorpio Dicipleship 3rd and 5th Venus - Saturn Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn Initiation 1st andAstrology, 166:three divisions. First, that the constellation Gemini appears twice on account of its closeAstrology, 181:the winged God: Mercury, as you know, governs Gemini, the polar opposite of Sagittarius. This heAstrology, 182:for each arm a distinctive phrase: Unevolved man Gemini - Changeableness. Instability. Interplay.Astrology, 182:- Sensation. Mediumship. Fluidity. Evolved man Gemini - Recognition of soul and form. SoulAstrology, 182:note that the Twins set apart and unattached in Gemini become the Centaur, the man-beast, inAstrology, 184:these are Jupiter and Mercury. Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo, whilst Jupiter governs SagittariusAstrology, 230:situation was then as follows: Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo-Virgo LIBRA Scorpio -Astrology, 230:the emerges its dual consciousness in Gemini or the soul-body realization; the processes ofAstrology, 231:the Ram." We shall then have Aries-Pisces Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo-Libra Scorpio SagittariusAstrology, 241:be found in one or other of the three Crosses: Gemini, the Twins - Mutable Cross - Duality. Libra,Astrology, 241:and fusion. From another angle, you have: Gemini, the Twins - Mind - Cause of duality. Libra, theAstrology, 242:that in the note to Tabulation V both Libra and Gemini are omitted from the list. This is not anAstrology, 242:their belief in the Sphinx; the other omitted Gemini and Libra altogether. They were of an earlierAstrology, 242:of note and of a relative importance is that Gemini and Libra are the two strictly human signs;Astrology, 242:signs; they are the signs of the ordinary man. Gemini upon the Mutable Cross stands for man'sAstrology, 243:triumphant Disciples. The emphasis, however, on Gemini and Libra as far as humanity is concerned isAstrology, 247:to five signs of the zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius. Aries - Beginning -Astrology, 247:Taurus - Desire - Incentive - Progress. Gemini - Duality - Condition - Interplay. Capricorn -Astrology, 252:which the whole creative process was intended. Gemini and Virgo are closely related but GeminiAstrology, 252:Gemini and Virgo are closely related but Gemini presents the pairs of opposites - soul and body -Astrology, 254:Aries and have produced a recognized duality in Gemini. Astrology, 257:of existence of the soul in manifestation: I. Gemini Essential unrelated duality. The Twins. SensedAstrology, 258:Duality linked in synthesis. Compare symbols for Gemini and Pisces. The emergence of the WorldAstrology, 258:the soul principle runs the theme of service. In Gemini, the relation between the great duality ofAstrology, 260:there are just eight signs: Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius, andAstrology, 271:close relation to three constellations - Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio. Here again is a triangle ofAstrology, 272:when the energies pouring into Virgo from Gemini, via the planet Mercury, have done their destinedAstrology, 272:Mercury, have done their destined work; for Gemini is an expression of the fourth unmanifestedAstrology, 272:of the relationship between spirit and matter. Gemini is definitely a sign of duality and signifiesAstrology, 272:Spirit and matter (Aries), soul and body (Gemini), the mother and the child (Virgo), the Word andAstrology, 278:is studied. Aries - Beginning - Cardinal Cross. Gemini - Relation - Mutable Cross. Taurus - DesireAstrology, 314:the next sign to Aries) and manifested duality (Gemini, the sign preceding Cancer) and these three,Astrology, 320:(Taurus) and the establishment of relationship (Gemini), and these constitute the triple incentiveAstrology, 328:very potently focused through the constellation Gemini via the planet, Jupiter. We shall then haveAstrology, 329:Aries, and revealing the area of light control. Gemini - The Light of Interplay. This is a line ofAstrology, 329:of the other. It differs from the light in Gemini. [330] Libra - The Light that moves to rest. ThisAstrology, 333:of Earth The Light of Love The Light of Life 3. Gemini, Keynote: Gemini moves towards LibraAstrology, 333:of Love The Light of Life 3. Gemini, Keynote: Gemini moves towards Libra Mutation of relationAstrology, 333:7. Libra, Keynote: Libra relates the two in Gemini Unbalanced fiery passion The weighing of theAstrology, 335:Through a study of the Mutable Cross - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces - he can arrive at theAstrology, 338:moment of consummation knows his prison. [338] Gemini-Sagittarius Fluid interplay and instabilityAstrology, 339:the soul becomes radiant sun. [339] Sagittarius-Gemini The result of this related pair of oppositesAstrology, 343:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Gemini, the Twins In the consideration of theAstrology, 344:therefore, that can be said about [344] the sign Gemini has been dealt with under Sagittarius;Astrology, 344:easily ascertained facts. In this world cycle, Gemini, Taurus and Aries are three subjectiveAstrology, 344:to revelation through his science. As we study Gemini and Taurus (Aries we have already considered)Astrology, 345:world cycle changes, but for the present cycle, Gemini determines the paramount influence withinAstrology, 345:the following facts anent the Mutable Cross: Gemini - This is the force which produces the changesAstrology, 346:The formless nature of the influences of Gemini is strikingly borne out if the significance of
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