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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERAL

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Externalisation, 350:forth in response to the "massed intent" of the general public. Do you see, therefore, the imminentExternalisation, 352:be your line of endeavor. I can give you a general idea of the hierarchical Approach and the natureExternalisation, 356:are doing by the increased clear thinking of the general public of all the nations, bound togetherExternalisation, 360:through the world intuitives and released to the general public by the world thinkers. It has beenExternalisation, 365:to deal with this subject in a broad and general way, for the subject is too vast for us to beExternalisation, 367:resources, and a recognition of [367] a general historically-proved guilt in relation to the war,Externalisation, 378:group among the world leaders is voicing certain general propositions which must be regarded asExternalisation, 379:insignificant unit. He has no academic or general training which would enable him really to graspExternalisation, 379:person I write. I would start by reminding the general public of one important fact. This is thatExternalisation, 386:to make at this particular time. They are of a general nature and basically individual. The wholeExternalisation, 402:absorbed will then be seen fitting into the general spiritual plan. You will find that theExternalisation, 417:today, though still denied by the orthodox; the general public are familiar with the idea of theExternalisation, 419:to you that I can indicate only the broad general outlines of the new world religion. The expansionExternalisation, 427:war as it affects them; or they cannot bear the general suffering and prompted by pity they demandExternalisation, 428:deception, backed by a terror campaign, argues a general weakness, lack of courage and a naturalExternalisation, 431:Poland is symbolic. The need of humanity and its general well-being comes [432] eternally first.Externalisation, 440:and demand right human relations - a result more general than that produced by the activity of theExternalisation, 442:I need to ask for the control of emotions in the general interest, and for the consecration ofExternalisation, 449:human selfishness and national greed and by the general low level of human attainment - viewingExternalisation, 455:international relations, national parties and general human affairs. It is not for me to tell youExternalisation, 462:Today, however, a community of suffering and a general recognition that the causes of war are to beExternalisation, 468:group of spiritual Individuals, Who receive so general a recognition throughout the world and inExternalisation, 480:area of the earth's surface is a matter of general interest within a few minutes. Time and spaceExternalisation, 484:called the Forces of Reconstruction will be more general in their application, and they will affectExternalisation, 485:and the men and women of goodwill. Such is the general plan proposed by Those Who stand - withExternalisation, 487:until the end of the age," He meant no vague or general idea of helping humanity from some distantExternalisation, 489:utterance. I have only been able to give their general significance. Nothing else was possible, butExternalisation, 490:of this stanza in terms which will make it of general appeal and not simply of importance toExternalisation, 490:be so presented that the masses everywhere, the general public will be prompted to take it up andExternalisation, 506:a great leader, an organizer, and a wise general executive. A special group of devas work under HisExternalisation, 507:of the plan. The Master Rakoczi takes of the general plan as it is outlined in the inner CouncilExternalisation, 508:[508] He might be regarded as acting as the General Manager for the carrying out of the plans ofExternalisation, 510:by the Guides of our evolution: First, that the general public serves or is dominated by theExternalisation, 514:that the work to be done in familiarizing the general public with the nature of the Mysteries is ofExternalisation, 523:periphery of the hierarchical center can get a general idea and develop (if you attempt to do so)Externalisation, 524:hierarchical endeavor, because you can reach the general public more easily than They can do, andExternalisation, 526:concepts upon the embryonic minds of the general and average public; and It also directs theExternalisation, 526:can become - in due turn - the intelligent general public. The Hierarchy works, as you know, in orExternalisation, 529:which will suffice to [529] give you a vague and general idea of the new alignment being set upExternalisation, 530:will be seen taking place, and at the great General Assembly of the Hierarchy - held as usual everyExternalisation, 540:though I touch not upon it - you can imagine the general effect of these inter-hierarchicalExternalisation, 546:Invocation is more pronounced and its use more general. This is primarily the responsibility ofExternalisation, 549:been to bring all this to the attention of the general public through my interpretation of theExternalisation, 559:Masters, upon the physical plane, evoking general recognition and guaranteeing to the public theExternalisation, 565:recognition by a very much larger number of the general public of the fact of the Hierarchy; thisExternalisation, 566:intermediate body between the Hierarchy and the general public. This group is divided into twoExternalisation, 566:problems, and the increasing ability of the general public to view these problems in terms of OneExternalisation, 572:will be distinctive of the attitude of the general public. Men will be put into high office andExternalisation, 574:These three phases correspond broadly and in a general sense to the three degrees of the Blue LodgeExternalisation, 574:into its own. These phases are: The stage of a general recognition of light in all departments ofExternalisation, 575:initiation will be objectively staged and the general public will recognize it as the major riteExternalisation, 575:in the process of externalization there is a general moving forward of the entire Hierarchy ontoExternalisation, 575:its own self-initiated efforts, has attained a general quietude and has acquired a certain measureExternalisation, 577:of K.H. will be largely directed towards the general public, but they will work primarily throughExternalisation, 579:the second ray whose task it is to educate the general public in the truer values. A trained andExternalisation, 580:next twenty-five years; these will indicate the general structure of the new world of culture, willExternalisation, 580:by public opinion; the fact that the new general ideas will in many cases be governed by theExternalisation, 582:world affairs and to the education of the general public, and not in the early stages to esotericExternalisation, 584:but the impulse to subordinate these to the general effort and to aid humanity as a whole, with aExternalisation, 588:Much has already been done in familiarizing the general public with the concept of the Hierarchy.Externalisation, 588:its quality. When this recognition has become general, the idea (by this time permanently presentExternalisation, 596:IV - Stages in the Externalization First: a general planetary situation which has (unfortunatelyExternalisation, 596:world faiths, and largely outside of them) is general and complete, and a turning to God is to beExternalisation, 598:humanity is sick of hate and of controversy. The general staff of the Christ is already active inExternalisation, 603:humanity, use love instead of emotion as their general technique, and compose that great body ofExternalisation, 614:thinkers and workers have far more than the general fate to endure. They - if they open theirExternalisation, 616:to His loved humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vitalExternalisation, 624:throughout the world. Here (again speaking in general terms and at the same time recognizing theExternalisation, 625:of ecclesiastical structures, into salaries and general overhead, and only a percentage of itExternalisation, 635:I would call your attention to the fact that the general concept of a World Savior (always attachedExternalisation, 664:brackets called middle class and lower class) to general betterment, and thus set up a momentumExternalisation, 667:Order. All these Ashrams are working under the general direction of the Master R. He worksExternalisation, 671:system of divine recognition? It is toward this general freedom and the intelligent activity of theExternalisation, 675:world to force men to think for themselves is a general part of this training process. Until a manFire, 33:subject matter can be built up, and providing a general outline which will serve to show the limitsFire, 63:Rao says on page 20, of Esoteric Writings: As a general rule, whenever seven entities are mentionedFire, 69:Three Rays We here touch upon a matter of wide general interest yet which is withal very littleFire, 102:and spirit till they are lost from sight in the general flame; the fires of mind and spirit burn upFire, 104:touched upon. All that may now be indicated is a general idea of the fundamental ailments to whichFire, 147:says in Five Years of Theosophy, page 102: "As a general rule, whenever seven entities areFire, 159:of matter can be pictured by using the same general cosmic symbols as are used f or the portrayalFire, 212:centers of the seven Heavenly Men in the same general way as the lesser Rods are applied to theFire, 220:its environing atoms. It adds its quota to the general heat of the atomic system, whatever that mayFire, 220:the atomic system, whatever that may be. These general rules relating to atomic bodies can beFire, 223:several things which might be considered in general terms as Consciousness, and in specified termsFire, 224:be possible to do more than attempt to bring a general clarity of conception as to the broadFire, 224:of the Wisdom can grasp the nature of the general theme, he can then more easily and accurately fitFire, 228:countless sparks" within it, until the heat is general and balanced. When this is the case and eachFire, 245:the different factors play their part in the general scheme of things, and all are interrelated,Fire, 247:extend the idea now to man, following the same general outline: 1 In connection with the Atom, theFire, 259:and but little can be revealed to the general public. This is for three reasons: First, the stageFire, 275:and a subsidiary law. This leads [275] to two general types of cycles, and is involved in the veryFire, 275:which we call environment or circumstance. The general law, which produces cyclic effect, is theFire, 288:for us to do more than to get a broad and general idea. The subject is so vast and theFire, 288:if we confine our attention to certain broad general conceptions, leaving the subsidiary points forFire, 304:which man is the microcosmic reflection. If the general concept here laid down is studied inFire, 308:itself. Let us first of all get one broad general outline and then proceed to fill in the details.Fire, 356:clear something that is oft lost sight of in the general fog surrounding this subject. The humanFire, 360:that it will not be possible to reveal for general publication details as to His specific Identity,Fire, 360:those who are pledged to keep silent. But some general idea may be conveyed before we take up
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