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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERAL

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Healing, 596:of acute trouble; all ills has reference to the general reaction of the man to the area ofHealing, 596:of the man to the area of difficulty and to the general disability produced by the disease, whilstHealing, 597:and those who have attained a high point of general integration) has a potent effect; planetaryHealing, 597:used to bring about a cure. One reason why the general health of all very advanced people isHealing, 610:paralleling correspondences are as a general rule accurate. This law gives an amazing picture, andHealing, 613:must be adapted and [613] incorporated into the general evolutionary plan. That plan has to doHealing, 622:leaving the body via the head center. The same general technique is true of the life thread whichHealing, 630:an occult manner. He therefore falls back on the general assumption that the patient is sick, thatHealing, 634:vehicle. This dense physical body is part of the general structure of the entire planet, composedHealing, 646:attains skill in action. Speaking in a broad and general way, and with the reminder that there areHealing, 658:the head and heart centers. This is a broad and general outline of the processes followed inHealing, 659:and unifies them all in his mind under the general idea that they are an expression of the loveHealing, 662:live more richly; it is also the mistake of the general public as it reacts to the action of labor,Healing, 663:Law of Perfection. I am dealing here with the general situation rather than with the individualHealing, 663:Rules Enumerated and Applied In considering the general subject of imperfection and of evil, we areHealing, 663:Science and Unity are therefore right in their general theory and premises, but totally wrong inHealing, 702:attention in his own ray. When he only possesses general and not specific knowledge of his own rayHealing, 702:the line of 1-3-5-7 or 2-4-6 and act upon that general assumption. To possess specific andHealing, 702:it is often possible to determine whether the general trend of the character is along the line ofHealing, 709:- in default of true ray knowledge - can be of general usefulness, because this fourth ray governsHercules, 24:by the soldiers at the crucifixion. It is the general opinion that the robe is the symbol ofHercules, 192:down of prejudice and learning to think in general terms, in wholes. The breaking down of barriersHercules, 207:is not warranted, unless the application can be general, practical and couched in such terms thatInitiation, 4:utter impossibility for us to do more than get a general idea of the scheme; hence the futility ofInitiation, 4:possibility of our approximating more than the general trend of the cosmic scheme.[5] Initiation, 7:all the study and toil he has at least a wide general conception of the Logoic thought-form intoInitiation, 26:work of the occult Hierarchy, in a book for the general public, much must be left unsaid. TheInitiation, 26:but men are not yet ready for more than the most general information. For those who, fromInitiation, 57:He is distinctively the Great Leader, the General, and the wise Executive, and in Church matters heInitiation, 59:in America and Europe acts Practically as the general manager for the carrying out of the plans ofInitiation, 59:and his work is particularly interesting to the general public at this crisis, for he works withInitiation, 66:planes is given him. He acquires a deep fund of general knowledge, and when he reaches his ownInitiation, 82:must be complete and the lure departed. A general attitude of obedience to the Ego must have beenInitiation, 83:such action as will make clear to the onlooking general public that such sins and infringements ofInitiation, 100:known, and no secret has been made of the general personnel and procedure. It is only sought hereInitiation, 101:of the Hierarchy and primarily his share in the general plan. When the initiate, who occultlyInitiation, 120:himself is concerned, a tiny mosaic within the general pattern; he becomes conscious of how he -Initiation, 120:initiation the part his egoic group plays in the general scheme is shown to him. He becomes moreInitiation, 136:the physical plane and thus develops. The same general idea of development must be now extended toInitiation, 136:of which it has been constituted, return to the general fount of deva substance, plus the increasedInitiation, 136:being but its reflection) are absorbed into the general reservoir of deva substance of a lowerInitiation, 152:to enumerate the Words of Power, but certain general indications may be given which will help theInitiation, 163:unmentioned were it not that a knowledge of the general outline of the subject may inspire theInitiation, 185:Path, not to mention the Path of Initiation. One general fact we do know, and that is, that beforeIntellect, 5:consciousness is by no means consciousness in general, but rather a historically conditioned, andIntellect, 22:are in a state of flux and [22] of change. A general feeling that much has been done to raise theIntellect, 43:we find in the East, but a fairly high level of general knowledge. It has produced what we callIntellect, 44:problems which call aloud for solution. A wide general system of education reaching down among theIntellect, 45:two things are needed: - trained minds with wide general knowledge as a foundation (and this ourIntellect, 133:of feeling and emotion. The mystics, as a general rule, drift to and fro between moments of highIntellect, 147:there was light." - Bible We have laid down the general premise that modern educational methods inIntellect, 149:accompanies the phase of divine contact, are so general in their use that we have come to look uponIntellect, 150:as extreme cases serve to test the truth of some general geometrical theorem, to set ourIntellect, 162:in these terms: "Intuition - defined in a quite general manner - is the direct assimilation of aIntellect, 170:The fact that, in connection with this, the general bodily sensations disappear, shows that theirIntellect, 200:In replying to the first question, as to the general suitability of all aspirants for this arduousIntellect, 217:in the happenings of the day and in the general give and take of life, the mind is in a state ofIntellect, 229:be included in such a book as this. A safe and general meditation form is all that is possible. InIntellect, 241:of the present time, all organization of general welfare and of group betterment; all religiousMagic, 18:but an idea as to their relationship and their general coordinated function may be indicated by aMagic, 25:and the best sellers, as you call them, to the general public. Equally, though fewer in number,Magic, 33:as the nature of spirit and soul could have a general definition and submit themselves to aMagic, 88:main expenditure of energy by the soul has been general, and outward-going into the fifth kingdom.Magic, 98:service humanity as a whole is rendering in the general plan of evolution. The rule under ourMagic, 121:complacency which negates activity. [121] As a general rule for the average aspirant toMagic, 131:shape, into one more easily apprehended by the general public. It has therefore now reached theMagic, 151:in contemplation, and that part of the general purpose of the Hierarchy in which his soul feelsMagic, 161:body is thrown into a state of activity by the general astral condition and must be handled wiselyMagic, 178:recipient of teachings that are intended for the general public or for esoteric use. AboveMagic, 180:can be trusted, but the time is not yet for its general use. It will be necessary to wait until theMagic, 182:these thought-forms, and [182] so enable the general public to see them. The time, however, is notMagic, 196:and sex life of the race. This is a broad and general outline of the three main streams of force orMagic, 197:am anxious for the students simply to grasp the general idea and the skeleton of the teaching. Magic, 235:"astral plane" should also be looked up and a general idea gained as to its nature and its functionMagic, 322:to service. They act as a balance and aid the general plan, and at the same time they themselvesMagic, 325:bear in mind that when the disturbance is general, as now, and the whole area involved, then theMagic, 325:involved, then the end is near. In nature, a general electric storm serves to clear the atmosphere,Magic, 356:rest are lost, submerged and swallowed up in the general process of nature, and the human kingdomMagic, 362:deduction. All that is now possible is a broad general outline, patient reserve, a willingness toMagic, 371:in the thick of the fray. We are like the General Headquarters Staff who follow the course of theMagic, 373:consciousness of another of the spirillae and a general tightening up of the whole cosmos of theMagic, 401:the present situation and forecast somewhat the general lines along which their andMagic, 403:When I speak of the plan I do not mean such a general one as the plan of evolution or the plan forMagic, 417:a world grasp of conditions and possess a general idea of what is going on in the differentMagic, 419:new age workers will, however, possess certain general characteristics. They will impose noMagic, 426:building, creative activity subordinated to the general purpose, beauty and inclusiveness. PerhapsMagic, 432:and the bias of the life forces and the general trend of the impulses influencing humanity in thisMagic, 492:Until the time comes when there is a more general appreciation of the value of concentration and ofMagic, 507:subject of death for the consideration of the general public. But I conjure all of you to push theMagic, 518:such as these, which are to be read by the general public it would be most unwise to give moreMagic, 524:planet which can be more easily contacted, whose general plight can be more specificallyMagic, 551:activity? This question is, of course, too general and vague, but until the inclusiveness of theMagic, 570:the lower triple sheath." (P. 227.) This gives a general picture of the subject of ourMagic, 588:of the subject and the impossibility of giving general and blanket rules. It is interesting here toMagic, 595:and too intriguing to be put in the hands of the general public, who are driven by desire for someMagic, 595:of this science of the centers is too great for general usefulness. The teaching to be given in anyMagic, 595:are dependent upon too many factors for a general rule and instruction to be given. The ray andMagic, 624:added the strain of the period itself, and the general condition of unhappy humanity. ThisMagic, 626:which have hitherto served to weld him into the general scheme of the elementary planetary life. ItMagic, 628:consciousness, which is evidenced today in the general tendency towards amalgamations, and the
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