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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERAL

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Meditation, 33:and much be too occult and dangerous for general communication. Three things may be imparted, whichMeditation, 34:An Adept of their ray supervises their general evolution, dealing with them in groups. These groupsMeditation, 34:attainment. The Adept of their ray handles the general supervision but under Him work the MastersMeditation, 60:can be intoned; I can do no more than indicate general principles. Each human being, each unit ofMeditation, 60:Hence, I can but point the way. I may give but general hints; the rest must be threshed out by theMeditation, 72:deal more fully with this center beyond these general indications. Few people have the faculty ofMeditation, 90:requirements? I am endeavoring to give you a general idea of the dangers incident to the too earlyMeditation, 95:the meditation of his ray as indicated to you in general terms earlier in these letters. In eachMeditation, 105:and of the nervous system. I only desire to give general indications and warnings and (for yourMeditation, 110:dangers incidental to a defective body, save in general terms to lay down the ruling that whereMeditation, 110:quality of the emotional body. This is the general rule. In contrasting the Italian and theMeditation, 148:governed by the same laws. The mystic works as a general rule under the department of the WorldMeditation, 148:of the mystic. To make it more simple for general comprehension: after initiation the mystic isMeditation, 157:and vast subject, and may only be indicated in general terms. Certain forms, built up on theMeditation, 159:point out that I but outline broadly and give general indications. Violent emotion and unstableMeditation, 159:types of emotion - which are so common - have a general debilitating effect on the system, leadingMeditation, 161:trouble may go all the way from simply causing a general souring of the Personality, so that theMeditation, 161:so that it will be apparent to you that a general beginning has been made. One more hint on thisMeditation, 177:in rare cases by initiates and adepts, who, as a general rule, work through the instrumentality ofMeditation, 179:one as a healing agency on its return to the general reservoir. The true and occult significant ofMeditation, 224:green and orange may not yet be imparted to the general public, [225] though students and acceptedMeditation, 228:ensues. Let us enumerate or tabulate in broad general fashion, leaving the detailed working out toMeditation, 234:interaction upon each other, will come a steady, general leveling up, and an approximation inMeditation, 248:it increases the will to live. Green has a general healing effect, and can be safely used in casesMeditation, 262:work of greater or equal importance. To the general public the significance of the term lies in theMeditation, 279:and though he may attend still the larger general classes in the Ashram (the Master's hall forMeditation, 281:well known. Others may not be so familiar to the general student... In these letters we have dealtMeditation, 298:world at present is sufficient barrier to any general acceptation of training, and of theMeditation, 298:a man may be pushed through experience and a general hastening of the evolutionary process into aMeditation, 305:foreseen. I but seek to lay before you the big general plan in its outline. The working out in theMeditation, 321:of occult schools, little can be said and only a general outline can be given. Climatic conditionsMeditation, 343:you today, in closing this series, something of general use. I wish to speak to you anent serviceMeditation, 345:wisely his own niche, great or small, in the general scheme; who calculates soberly his mental andPatanjali, 58:its meaning, the Way is found. This is a very general paraphrase but conveys nevertheless thePatanjali, 123:[123] contribute this fuller development to the general economy, and the entire human family (withPatanjali, 123:Raja Yoga. "Devotion to Ishvara" is a large and general term covering the relation of the personalPatanjali, 210:a truth and it might be laid down therefore as a general axiom that every form of every kind is aPatanjali, 221:nor right to give in a book intended for the general public those rules, practices and methodsPatanjali, 232:subjugation of the sense organs. In Book I a general indication was given of the objective of RajaPatanjali, 244:formed from the specific and particular to the general and the universal or cosmic, An attempt toPatanjali, 269:and of the thinking principle. This is a very general paraphrase of the idea involved and is in thePatanjali, 307:on, and the creative word sent forth. This general view is given so as to present to the studentPatanjali, 313:meditation. This is a paraphrase of a very general nature, but gives the exact sense of the termsPatanjali, 396:individual, and becomes wider, broader and more general. For the human unit the mind images, thePatanjali, 400:all these factors which are summed up under the general title of "characteristics" are concernedPatanjali, x:for man's unfoldment, is indicative of the general trend of this rising second Ray impulse. ThisProblems, 11:mental attitude, the sense of relativity and a general national assertiveness. These indicationsProblems, 14:consciousness, motivated by the idea of the general good, one in which higher values thanProblems, 16:them for generations. We need, in the general interest, to face up to our past, to recognize theProblems, 21:accomplished on her own terms - the terms of a general control of other lands, beginning with theProblems, 37:the world is also brought to his attention. The general level of civilized information isProblems, 45:civilization; they should undertake that it is general and universal in its scope, truthful in itsProblems, 46:the whole and his responsibility to fit into the general picture in a constructive manner andProblems, 50:throughout the entire civilized world. The general level of cultural attainment became much lower;Problems, 52:setting and prove himself a useful citizen. The general trend of his education will be moreProblems, 62:continents - Europe, Asia and America - to the general unfoldment of humanity. The progressiveProblems, 68:living conditions, opportunity for all and the general leveling of all separative classes into oneProblems, 89:but as a national contribution to the general good of the comity of nations and not as a means ofProblems, 95:will only be possible when certain broad and general principles have been enforced by the weight ofProblems, 99:are on guard against him and his methods. This general statement is often untrue where theProblems, 102:own side which could account for some of the general dislike with which they are confronted; theyProblems, 126:At the same time, it must be remembered that the general trend and the basic teaching, as well asProblems, 155:born in the midst of a [155] ruined world and a general chaos, they are ready for the rebuilding.Problems, 161:subject in any detail. But we can indicate the general line of thought which will produce andProblems, 164:consciously to contact its Head a great and general inflow of spiritual light and love would occur;Problems, 176:group of world leaders know what is needed. The general public in every nation must be educated inProblems, 178:listen and comply. Steadily and regularly, the general public must be taught an internationalismPsychology1, xix:of the New Group of World Servers. Third, the general lines of the magical work of creation havePsychology1, xxiii:a wide basis and to link the individual with the general, and this may (at the first) seem too vastPsychology1, xxiii:their being," nor do they at this time (as a general rule) possess that inner mechanism of thoughtPsychology1, xxiv:being to the divine Trinity must be noted. A general idea of the entire symbolic picture is ofPsychology1, xxiv:work which we are undertaking. It may be of more general and public value than any other of myPsychology1, xxiv:these abstract truths in such a way that the general public, with its profound interest in thePsychology1, xxv:But the fact is that universal sentiency and a general awareness are recognized everywhere asPsychology1, 6:which will serve our purpose and will cover the general proposition. It will appear, as we study,Psychology1, 72:this early stage. I am occupied with stating a general outline, with the impartation of ideas, withPsychology1, 80:Whom Naught can turn The Implacable Ruler The General on the Perfect Way The One Who leads thePsychology1, 82:mind nor applied in such a way that they are of general and appropriate application. Hence thePsychology1, 91:and all has finally been reabsorbed into the general reservoir of forces and atoms. Of thePsychology1, 94:of all of them and in the acceptance of the general premises? Is it not possible that thePsychology1, 95:of the race will be blended together in a general soul awareness, and a consequent groupPsychology1, 112:Seven Rays will begin to emerge as part of the general knowledge of humanity only towards the closePsychology1, 121:these rays in greater detail. I am but giving a general impression at this time. It is apparentPsychology1, 121:later subraces of the Aryan race, as well as its general tone throughout the Aryan age, is alsoPsychology1, 128:It gives him his coloring and quality, his general tone on the three planes of the personality, andPsychology1, 129:last question, and I shall indicate to you, in general terms, - necessarily limited by thePsychology1, 142:form. On each planet is a small replica of the general scheme, and every planet conforms to thePsychology1, 153:of the subject is very great, and only the broad general outline of the system, and the basicPsychology1, 158:in every kingdom, and they determine the broad general characteristics which govern the energy, thePsychology1, 175:behind the scenes. They respond to the idea of general good, of human equality, of the superman, ofPsychology1, 175:of effort is not emphasized, because there is no general knowledge as to the source of the greatPsychology1, 187:and the techniques which they employ serve the general good and develop the realization ofPsychology1, 190:who conform to the requirement of grasping the general outline and the broad basic propositionsPsychology1, 190:When he eliminates the detail and deals with the general conformation of the solar Plan, he willPsychology1, 210:genius in organization, of the ideal commissary general who will dress and feed the troops in thePsychology1, 217:the outstanding contribution of our Earth to the general solar plan. Each of the planetsPsychology1, 222:Externalization Manifestation Realization. A general picture of the creative intent emerges as onePsychology1, 223:much time and only in retrospect would the broad general outlines of the evolutionary processPsychology1, 233:Ray of Harmony and Beauty, working out in the general harmonization of this kingdom throughout thePsychology1, 234:of vegetable growths which are found under the general heading of sea growths. Objective agency:
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