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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERAL

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Rays, 36:second initiation, and are consequently of more general interest, for it is that initiation whichRays, 43:if I have succeeded in giving you at least a general idea of the possibilities lying ahead of theRays, 45:his life demonstration - regarded in a broad and general way, from the angle of the life-tendencyRays, 51:is a purely exoteric one of accustoming the general public to the fact of its existence. This hasRays, 71:and hence was not nearly so popular with the general public, though in reality much more powerfulRays, 75:vision and the prelude to an unfoldment in the general massed human consciousness (from that pointRays, 98:The three Rules we have earlier considered are general in nature and relate to certain broad themesRays, 102:and for the return of the lesser lives to the general reservoir of living substance. The ocean ofRays, 104:wills the return of the lesser lives to the general reservoir from the very first moment that itRays, 147:And I mean, totally. But the dim outlines of the general picture must be grasped, and each decadeRays, 147:The previous seven rules have been of a wide and general connotation. They have been largelyRays, 170:are instituted and plans worked out. This general definition is the easiest for men [171] toRays, 180:rightly approached and applied. This broad and general presentation must be rightly grasped if theRays, 209:been failure; from the angle of the unwitting, general public, the publication of Discipleship inRays, 213:coordination, a proper attention to the general picture, and an application of the detail of [214]Rays, 227:is a brief and inadequate summation of the more general and the more easily comprehended results ofRays, 255:to the majority of aspirants but a wide and general idea can take form and provide the immovableRays, 275:time is not yet. Today we have the creation of a general thought-form or the germinating of theRays, 299:technique - we brought to the attention of the general public the fact of the existence of the NewRays, 311:carrying out of the will of God in the large and general plans. If it is the will as it expressesRays, 323:I have myself dealt in a broad and general way with the subject of initiation in one of my earliestRays, 336:mysteries will not be revealed to men. Only a general statement of the effects upon the HierarchyRays, 336:entire theme of initiation from its broad and general angle and from the angle of definition; it isRays, 336:protected and cannot constitute a danger to the general public. Students in the immediate futureRays, 389:The Masters are also subject to limitation. The general idea of all aspirants is that TheyRays, 396:as to convey but little. I wrote then for the general public. I will now endeavor to convey some ofRays, 402:of the Triangles will not be understood by the general public, but some of you who read this willRays, 409:was said, because the book was written for the general public and thus only a few ideas wereRays, 413:in nature, but little can be communicated to the general public. I may, however, tell you certainRays, 416:items of information will give you a general idea of the significant connection between ourRays, 423:them the germ of possible enlightenment to the general public. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is notRays, 423:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is not written for the general public; it is strictly a presentation ofRays, 434:truly esoteric sense. You have here a wide and general picture, involving the goal, the means orRays, 450:terms, symbolic if you will, which will convey a general idea to your minds. We can learn muchRays, 459:present; some are not. I am seeking to give a general picture. Individual application and futureRays, 482:but it has not been given out before to the general public. There are two things which it isRays, 499:therefore, as a whole stands ready for a general alignment process, and that is the spiritualRays, 507:modern terms and words. I have but conveyed the general idea - the collaboration of all the sevenRays, 514:may now be deriving benefit from its use. This general uselessness is caused not only becauseRays, 541:personality and the Spiritual Triad. The same general process dictates all the desired fusions andRays, 542:to bring about. These are the broad and general lines governing the initiatory process; the workRays, 594:from the territorial angle; there is only a general distribution of those persons who have whatRays, 609:In the above tabulation you have a wide and general picture of three major Principles, leading toRays, 626:of the masses against physical plane war, the general fatigue of the nations and the use of theRays, 637:also be applied by him in his consideration of general human affairs; he needs to see in all worldRays, 640:not the way that humanity will choose to go. General trends are watched and possibilities areRays, 641:of the three Rays of Aspect and their general and momentous effect upon [642] mankind in thisRays, 657:the Solar Logos. All that we can do is to get a general picture of the planetary initiations, theRays, 671:this center; it becomes a balanced part of the general endocrine system and past imbalance isRays, 748:steady Awakening to better Understanding The general effect of these clashing ideologies and theReappearance, 16:"every eye shall see Him." Even if there is no general recognition of His spiritual status and HisReappearance, 16:Messenger when He came before, it will be more general and quicker now, both in rejection and inReappearance, 19:area of the earth's surface is a matter of general interest within a few minutes. This makes itReappearance, 19:will distinguish His coming will be not only the general expectancy but also the fact that much isReappearance, 23:not symbolical or mystical words but part of the general setting which will surround the period ofReappearance, 23:divergent in nature; the important factor is the general human interest and thought aboutReappearance, 32:to this great Prayer or Invocation: That of the general public. That of the esotericists, or of theReappearance, 32:That of the Members of the Hierarchy. First, the general public will regard it as a prayer to GodReappearance, 34:the case. Thirdly, both of these groups - the general public and the world aspirants in theirReappearance, 34:- have, among them those who stand out from the general average as possessing a deeper insight andReappearance, 42:are proven facts. First, as we have seen, a general planetary condition which has unfortunatelyReappearance, 42:world faiths, and largely outside of them) is general and complete and a turning to God is to beReappearance, 44:humanity is sick of hate and controversy. The general staff of the Christ is already active in theReappearance, 50:humanity, use love instead of emotion as their general technique, and compose that great body ofReappearance, 71:out, and often ruthlessly worked out. This general definition is the easiest for men to formulate,Reappearance, 77:of men everywhere, fostering the urge to a general betterment. His activity is necessarily a massReappearance, 86:experience of the occasional disciple but the general experience of countless thousands towards theReappearance, 88:is known" will be brought into a more open and general relationship. The mystical approach to theReappearance, 102:be useful to make a few opening remarks upon the general subject of the teaching given (down theReappearance, 113:These factors are bringing about a great and general transformation; the indications of this areReappearance, 114:often hopelessly; nevertheless, it indicates a general process of spiritual reorientation, ofReappearance, 116:can be said is that they have familiarized the general public with the theory; had it, however,Reappearance, 133:through the world intuitives and released to the general public by the world thinkers. It is alsoReappearance, 153:that it is only possible to indicate the broad general outlines of the new world religion. TheReappearance, 160:for the Reappearance of the Christ If the general premise and theme of all that has been hereReappearance, 160:that this promised reappearance is in line with general [161] religious belief and the major hopeReappearance, 163:to His loved Humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration, and another very vitalReappearance, 173:throughout the world. Here (again speaking in general terms and at the same time recognizing theReappearance, 173:of ecclesiastical structures, into salaries and general overhead, and only a percentage of itSoul, 11:assumption of inner and outer only in the most general way. This book, by centering, in the main,Soul, 15:for instance: "It is the layman's belief that in general, he himself directly feels why at one timeSoul, 21:should, therefore, be classified with the general sciences as a discipline laying bare the generalSoul, 21:general sciences as a discipline laying bare the general traits of mind, where mind is defined asSoul, 23:will give way to personality, 'consciousness' in general to specific exhibitions of learnedSoul, 25:and its Mechanism - Introduction A broad and general division is outlined for us by Dr. Prince asSoul, 30:a survey, in fact, may be of real value to the general public by supplying it with a ready summarySoul, 31:and agelong convictions of the East on the general subject of psychology. In considering theSoul, 32:as a whole, use a terminology that staggers the general reader. The secretion of the thyroid gland,Soul, 32:to those of bio-chemistry, then to chemistry in general and then, inevitably, to physics as theSoul, 47:and back of the kidneys. They are concerned with general growth, and the growth of the brain cells.Soul, 52:there remain only the filling of blanks in the general outline? Who can say? But to my mind theSoul, 74:sense of the word in psychology, and is the general conception of idealists. "Third, the soul isSoul, 87:not only of conscious life, but of life in general; the heart is the center of its vital orSoul, 113:and physiological side, for the rest is in general peculiar to Tantrik Occultism. The TantrikSoul, 118:with each other and the rest of the body. In a general way, however, there may (it is said) beSoul, 133:with reference to preventive medicine and the general health of the endocrine system. AnSoul, 157:literature, the drama, music and the arts in general. [158] Soul, 159:Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Yoga Vasitha GENERAL: Creative Understanding, Count Hermann KeyserlingTelepathy, 12:I have, however, in the above, dealt with the general outline and we will take the specific detailsTelepathy, 17:the information was sent out acted as a large general distributor; the area which received the
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