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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERALIZATION

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Astrology, 50:form. For purposes of clarification [50] and of generalization, it might be noted that the seventhAstrology, 75:through a broad, but necessarily inadequate, generalization: [76] Average and undeveloped man,Astrology, 201:kingdoms in nature. Thus you see, that from a generalization re the exterior constellationsAstrology, 297:broad and consequently [297] somewhat inaccurate generalization, it might be said that this processAstrology, 411:passing before his eyes. Speaking with a wide generalization, it might be said that the three majorAutobiography, 77:the feminine mind. This, of course, is a generalization and like all generalizations somewhatAutobiography, 120:fairness and yet from the standpoint of a broad generalization, they, are absolutely true -Discipleship1, 544:me, as you well know. It is necessarily a wide generalization, based on true experience inDiscipleship2, 668:may be, as yet, a somewhat new idea. As a wide generalization, the theory is accepted that all inEducation, 101:himself. The above is, I realize, a broad generalization. It leaves out of reckoning altogether theExternalisation, 128:or group of nations can be classed in a broad generalization as either black or white. Bear this inExternalisation, 624:success. It must be remembered here that every generalization presupposes exceptions. Generalizing,Fire, 1207:form. For purposes of clarification and of generalization, it might be noted that the seventhGlamour, 11:Deal, therefore, with the symbols in a wide generalization, exoteric, conceptual and esoteric, butGlamour, 88:physical nature. Making a broad and sweeping generalization, it might be said that for the humanGlamour, 89:and evil effects (speaking again with a wide generalization), the training of the body and theHealing, 25:supervenes. It might be stated as a basic generalization that personal physical trouble has itsHealing, 49:developed, to handle the force. The above is a generalization which may be found useful. The methodHealing, 52:in studying this tabulation that it is a generalization, and only a partial listing of the types ofHealing, 53:high or low caliber. This is, of course, a broad generalization, for that basic condition isHealing, 58:the situation possibly help humanity. [58] One generalization I can, however, make, and even thatHealing, 67:that I am here only generalizing, but that this generalization is basic and therefore ofHealing, 96:can heal by thought power. Most certainly the generalization can be made that an individual and aHealing, 185:cleared of all obstruction. This is a dangerous generalization and a reversal of the facts. TheHealing, 214:transmuted into spiritual living. This is a wide generalization, and the process is not carriedHealing, 248:Group Life We have arrived now at another major generalization as to disease and death in relationHealing, 266:just and spiritual men is unalterably true. A generalization is never a complete expression of theHealing, 313:generalizations are therefore possible. Such a generalization is that syphilitic conditions areHealing, 342:mind. Soullessness. This is, of course, a wide generalization and has no reference to that categoryHealing, 585:but energy, for God is Life This is a broad generalization which may convey much to the initiateMagic, 239:Yet this statement does not help. It is a generalization that one can admit, yet which remainsMeditation, 40:wisely assign, but not before. Before that time, generalization only is possible, and a meditationProblems, 38:of the Children of the World This is a drastic generalization but it is basically correct in itsProblems, 99:their numbers are increasing daily. In a broad generalization about any race or nation, thePsychology1, 6:One - I. Introductory Remarks The above is a generalization which will serve our purpose and willPsychology1, 400:of the three disciples. The above is a broad generalization. The period covered is so vast, and thePsychology2, 183:elementary requirements and, by means of a broad generalization, to indicate the major reasons whyPsychology2, 207:of men's minds. The above is only a wide generalization, and the various groupings shade into eachPsychology2, 259:in the majority of cases. Speaking with a broad generalization, we could say that human beings canPsychology2, 310:his dense physical nature. Making a sweeping generalization, it might be stated that, for the humanPsychology2, 311:and evil effects (speaking again with a wide generalization), the training of the body andPsychology2, 327:planned service. [327] This is a rough and broad generalization, but it accounts for humanPsychology2, 402:generalizing. There are those to whom this generalization does not apply, but even they, if theyPsychology2, 613:of the psychic powers brings me to a wide generalization, to which you must remember there will bePsychology2, 633:into the New Age. This is of course a wide [633] generalization and there are many bridging groupsPsychology2, 656:creed or race. This is not a vague and mystical generalization, carrying with it no practicalRays, 213:of whom are at the same point in evolution, is a generalization and simply means that all of themRays, 497:What I have now to say is in the nature of a generalization. I would like to indicate, as far asReappearance, 120:the Christ." (Eph., IV, 13.) [120] Beyond this generalization, no intelligent person will attemptTelepathy, 4:it. It is usually stated, however, in a wide generalization, that these people have tapped theTelepathy, 150:takes place. This development - to make a wide generalization - falls into three categories: The
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