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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERALIZATIONS

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Astrology, 51:constellations. They are in the nature of generalizations, but the specific and the particular canAstrology, 347:the basic astrological Science of Triangles. The generalizations and the hints in connection withAstrology, 512:awakening or as yet undisturbed. Only these generalizations are possible, owing to the vastness ofAutobiography, 77:of course, is a generalization and like all generalizations somewhat untrue. I have women friendsAutobiography, 154:upon this world. Again, I would point out that generalizations are inexact. I have known manyEducation, 29:Integration Thus far we have been occupied with generalizations as to the educational processesExternalisation, 356:order can be clearly noted and appraised. All generalizations admit of error. It might, however, beExternalisation, 532:yet come to publicize it. Only certain further generalizations are here possible, some of which areFire, 408:the shortness of our vision. Broad outstanding generalizations are all that we can appreciate atFire, 1133:those atoms in the higher kingdoms. Certain wide generalizations might here be made, though tooGlamour, 19:the subject of Glamor falls into certain broad generalizations such as: The Nature of Glamor. TheGlamour, 22:place of light. The above are necessarily only generalizations, and the result also of the activityGlamour, 163:order can be clearly noted and appraised. All generalizations admit of error. It might, however, beHealing, 139:thought warranting careful consideration. These generalizations will be useful only if you rememberHealing, 139:be useful only if you remember that they are generalizations. No aspirant at any stage is perfectlyHealing, 190:is lost, but it is essential that certain broad generalizations are grasped by the student beforeHealing, 190:not be possible to apply broad psychological generalizations to the diseases indigenous to ourHealing, 194:or another) it might be useful if certain broad generalizations were made here, remembering that toHealing, 218:ills. You will note that, beyond certain generalizations, I am not relating specific diseases toHealing, 238:strain upon it. I am dealing naturally in broad generalizations; later evidence will go to show theHealing, 250:prime cause of death in the United States. Such generalizations are both as true and as false asHealing, 250:conditions. I prefer rather to give still wider generalizations which will indicate causes and willHealing, 313:intermediate level of consciousness. Only broad generalizations are therefore possible. Such aHealing, 352:seek, however, at this time to hold you to wide generalizations, and to basic laws andHealing, 531:from its vague abstractions and impractical generalizations in order to learn to recognize theHealing, 553:man can do. It will be obvious to you that broad generalizations such as the above do not coverMagic, 291:of the subject. They must learn certain large generalizations, and remember that as the omniscienceMagic, 431:be possible in this book to outline some broad generalizations, and to indicate certain facts ofMagic, 465:Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences Large generalizations are indeed safer than the detailedMagic, 465:much of our puerile literature, but e'en these generalizations should be regarded with muchMeditation, 75:that the student must ever remember that here generalizations only are given. The complexity in thePsychology1, 299:remind you that there are exceptions to all generalizations. I should also like to add that no oneRays, 372:by His ray type. Passing from these broad generalizations, which in reality lie far beyond ourRays, 497:far as possible (asking you to remember that all generalizations are basically sound but erroneousTelepathy, 177:of Space V. The Nature of Space Certain wide generalizations anent the etheric body should be
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