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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERALIZING

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Astrology, 93:the wheel of life. It should be remembered - generalizing again and speaking symbolically - thatAstrology, 134:hinted at more in my other writings. I am only generalizing in this delineation of the subjectiveAstrology, 411:systemic and planetary in nature and - again generalizing - it might also be said that: ZodiacalAutobiography, 202:the mother and father of today (and here I am generalizing) leave the young people more free toDestiny, 127:universal nature of these recognized ideas. I am generalizing. There have been many devoted andEducation, 3:I would remind you that I am here generalizing, and that there are many and notable smallEducation, 119:for its civilization. I am necessarily widely generalizing. The new racial type is far more a stateExternalisation, 624:every generalization presupposes exceptions. Generalizing, and therefore over-simplifying theFire, 740:out through cycles of five. I am [740] here generalizing and speaking in broad terms; the karma ofGlamour, 187:they are pleasing God. I am, I know, widely generalizing, brother of mine, for I do know also thatGlamour, 255:as far as modern civilized living is concerned. Generalizing, the occidental is positive and needsHealing, 38:I would like to add in passing that I am here generalizing. So many people are prone to anHealing, 67:and bear steadily in mind that I am here only generalizing, but that this generalization is basicMagic, 84:sunlight are not paramount factors. I am here generalizing, and speaking for the masses of men, andPsychology1, 299:nature and the physical plane. I am largely generalizing and would remind you that there arePsychology2, 402:found in retrospection. I am, therefore, widely generalizing. There are those to whom thisPsychology2, 599:I would ask you also to remember that I am generalizing and not being specific. The difficulties toReappearance, 172:exceptions to this but they are relatively few. Generalizing, therefore, and over-simplifying the
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