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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERALLY

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Astrology, 75:rulers for two types of people: The orthodox and generally accepted series of planetary rulers forAstrology, 311:Human beings stand today at a midway point, generally speaking, between these two states of mind,Astrology, 315:episode of cosmic life and not of death, as is generally supposed. Hercules comprehended the trueAstrology, 335:above indications may not conform to the ideas generally held, and appear to reverse also some ofAstrology, 434:the needed sensitivity is produced. Sensitivity, generally speaking, is of a threefold nature:Astrology, 557:1. The Cross of the Hidden Christ Speaking generally, therefore, the Mutable Cross governs the formAtomof the laws of life and human unfoldment generally included in the term of "occultism." It will beAtom, 58:of all forms you have the totality of nature as generally understood. Let us now extend our ideaAutobiography, 199:themselves away in intimate conversation they generally end by hating you - a type of hatred thatAutobiography, 254:and my disciples have been able to do, it is generally conceded that I am a Master and a name isAutobiography, 287:however, of such ancient origin that they are generally accepted, either as recognized truths, asAutobiography, 288:emotional and mystical as has hitherto been generally the case. [289] Autobiography, 301:were largely outmoded and were, therefore, generally limiting sidetracks. She insisted on mentalBethlehem, 29:fifth kingdom in nature. But it cannot yet be generally perceived. It is through the process ofBethlehem, 147:fuller recognition. "Purification" is the word generally used to cover the process whereby theBethlehem, 170:competitive attitude to life and the selfishness generally shown by the average man. But to the manBethlehem, 214:when the meaning that Christ gave should be more generally understood by us in the light of theBethlehem, 262:They remain objectives for all mankind, and are generally so recognized, even when their ChristianBethlehem, 262:is on its way to great and vital events is generally recognized. We have in the past progressedDestiny, 120:energy by man. War in the past, speaking generally and esoterically, has been based consistentlyDiscipleship1, 470:your love (from all, I repeat) and love widely, generally, impartially and intelligently. I wouldDiscipleship1, 725:in the group or is it to be stepped down to a generally lower average to suit the least advanced?Discipleship1, 786:B. and my disciples have been able to do, it is generally conceded that I am a Master and a nameDiscipleship2, 60:groups. The judgment being given is not the generally assumed one of assigning penalties orDiscipleship2, 66:when the newer modes and methods are more generally established. The problem, therefore, of theDiscipleship2, 66:that strain is far more wide-reaching than is generally believed. Do you realize wherein the strainDiscipleship2, 125:far in this series of instructions. But speaking generally, the group as a whole has not given asDiscipleship2, 180:in the heart's reaction." This happened so generally and so acutely that the heart - as aDiscipleship2, 186:time proceeds, this "raincloud" will become more generally recognized; scientists will begin toDiscipleship2, 216:women of goodwill in every land. These will be generally unknown to each other, but they are allDiscipleship2, 413:Ashrams that the light of the soul was, speaking generally, beginning to flood the aura of theDiscipleship2, 518:second ray fall (as you know) into two groups, generally speaking; there are, naturally, numerousDiscipleship2, 611:is a needed phase of occult development. This is generally and often sadly recognized. But -Education, 69:essential man, and is at this time being more generally recognized as useful to, and consistentEducation, 131:of the state and its control, far more than is generally conceded. Those are two problems which areExternalisation, 53:but an idealism of a more material kind - a generally recognized present idealism. They are notExternalisation, 96:whilst the other group, humanity, unaware generally of the implications of the situation, isExternalisation, 99:however, as usually understood, or wisdom as man generally defines it. This is free of emotion andExternalisation, 397:for peace, for goodwill and cooperation. It was generally popular and was and still is very widelyExternalisation, 592:world, is universally recognized and has been generally emphasized; all faiths can say with ShriExternalisation, 609:needed and will be tried to the uttermost. The generally accepted idea that He will return as aExternalisation, 618:this attitude to religion and politics must be generally accepted as necessary to all men, and thatFire, 59:(whatever terms you care [59] to use) that are generally understood to exist whenever the sun isFire, 61:and has naught to do with magnetic qualities, as generally interpreted when considering aFire, 151:its control. As we have been told, and as is generally recognized, the effect of heat in matter isFire, 180:some particular kind or quality. This is a fact generally recognized, but students should be urgedFire, 386:or manvantara. The first three of these globes - generally known as A., B. and C. form a descendingFire, 560:will again be permitted. [560] It will be generally recognized at that time that Spirit-matter areFire, follow:stands the vegetable kingdom, approximating more generally the animal consciousness than theFire, 617:with form or body. Arupa, formless or bodiless. Generally speaking, the term rupa is applied to allFire, 871:power, fully expressing itself in love. Speaking generally, therefore, it might be stated thatFire, 903:are the basis of the divine alchemy. Speaking generally, it must be remembered that the earth devasFire, 928:far-reaching. Mantrams are of many kinds, and generally speaking might be enumerated as follows:Fire, 1153:take place as the cycles slip away which may be generally summarized as follows: First. CertainGlamour, 20:some differentiation of that concept. Speaking generally, the interpretations have been as follows,Glamour, 21:of the reality. I would point out here that (generally speaking) these four expressions are fourGlamour, 114:is not as far ahead as might be [114] generally supposed. I speak not in terms of the Aryan race asGlamour, 114:I speak not in terms of the Aryan race as it is generally understood today or in its NordicGlamour, 155:potently affect these situations and - speaking generally and within certain esoteric limits - itHealing, 21:of theology is most misleading, but is, alas, generally accepted. World thought, strongly tingedHealing, 33:true and partially false, but it is more generally true from the occult point of view than it isHealing, 48:disease - as it expresses itself in man - can be generally regarded as due to the following causes,Healing, 78:and astral bodies) will become more and more generally used. The widespread interest in breathingHealing, 169:is the solar plexus center; the most active - generally speaking - in humanity as a whole, is stillHealing, 273:and as the vital aspect of the outer form, is generally recognized. The shift of the attention ofHealing, 313:is that syphilitic conditions are more generally physical in their origin than cancer. Clear linesHealing, 316:insanities are far more abstruse than is [316] generally realized. From the standpoint of theHealing, 316:are definitely syphilitic in origin than is generally admitted, and I would remind you that,Healing, 339:fact, what has always been suspected and is now generally recognized, that the period of the fullHealing, 353:weaken or increase resistance far more than is generally believed possible. One of the causes ofHealing, 384:have reference also to man as a whole. It has generally been surmised that the main prerequisite toHealing, 431:The next point needs no proving, for it is generally accepted. It is that desire governs theHealing, 436:recognition of the voice of the soul is not yet generally developed. These are matters, however,Healing, 650:on the second, third and fifth rays use more generally the mode of laying on of hands or magneticHealing, 675:that essential, in spite of what some modern and generally fraudulent healers may claim. There isHealing, 714:theme of healing. The physical body is not yet generally recognized as an electrical unit; itsHealing, 714:energy has made possible) have become more generally understood, are a familiar subject ofInitiation, 64:helper at first and for several lives is generally kept at this kind of work. Later, as he makesInitiation, 100:MYSTERIES The participants in the mysteries are generally known, and no secret has been made of theInitiation, 105:and tongues and races. It may not perhaps be generally known that at a certain crisis during theInitiation, 129:as symbols of office and of power, but it is not generally appreciated that they are of electricalInitiation, 152:groups. It [152] must be remembered also that, generally and broadly speaking, the sounds withinInitiation, 221:form or limitation. The result of manifestation. Generally used in a relative sense for phenomenaInitiation, 222:force centers. Planetary Logos This term is generally applied to the seven highest spiritsIntellect, 13:here as to whether such a stage is even yet generally possible when we remember that there areIntellect, 40:education, but the individual is left, speaking generally, without any specific culturing. TheseIntellect, 53:to which the name of 'soul' is generally given. In the strict sense of the word, 'soul' belongs toIntellect, 106:to full perception, to hallucination, or, more generally, to belief... It brings about an at leastIntellect, 184:the oneness of the human soul. Speaking generally, this Way is almost universally divided intoIntellect, 249:and wonderful soul; and, fortunately, they are generally innocuous. Their name is legion, and theyMagic, 316:two. Sometimes when emotional reaction lacks, as generally understood, there is nevertheless aMagic, 405:The minds of men must be made widely and generally active, and the entire level of humanMagic, 406:of the knowledge of reality. These groups fall generally into four major divisions; cultural,Magic, 523:treatise is intended to be more practical and generally useful. It deals primarily with theMagic, 588:is the first stage of the work and only became generally possible when man became a more trulyMeditation, 110:more or less degree in every occult group. It is generally recognized that each race has for itsMeditation, 289:is exactly the same as another. But it might be generally laid down that there are five ways (outMeditation, 311:to found a preparatory or an advanced school. Generally speaking (for national requirements varyMeditation, 356:form or limitation. The result of manifestation. Generally used in a relative sense for phenomenaMeditation, 357:force centers. Planetary Logos This term is generally applied to the seven highest spirits
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