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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERATION

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Astrology, 30:circulation. This will suffice for our day and generation. We are concerned with energies which canAstrology, 41:and the cause of the second fall into generation, the fact [42] behind the taking of a lower natureAstrology, 44:others cannot. They cannot fall into physical generation. Students must bear in mind that from theAstrology, 105:Saturn, therefore, "fell" when man fell into generation. He "followed the sons of men down intoAstrology, 217:it is the door into incarnation and the sign of generation. Scorpio is the sign of sex and ofAstrology, 235:many sexual experiments now going on, the coming generation will arrive at a point of balance andAstrology, 235:of the young and highly intelligent emerging generation - the children and babies of today. TheAstrology, 281:Venus, pure love-wisdom, falls into generation in this sign and occultly "descends to earth" andAstrology, 281:for the descent of the Christ principle into generation or into matter. Virgo and Venus areAstrology, 662:Mars was the Lord of birth, of death, of generation and destruction. (Vol. II, 410) Mars was calledAstrology, 673:the most prominent. It presides over the natural generation of men. It is called the 'other sun.'Autobiography, 26:time they have had compared to the girls of my generation and social background. Until I was twentyAutobiography, 124:of reality and glorious opportunity that this generation has no time for the puerilities ofAutobiography, 177:to achieve. As far as I can ascertain the modern generation of investigating students are not theAutobiography, 185:the same way - revolt. Today the British young generation seems to me, from what I can gather, toAutobiography, 185:as to what they want to do and what the younger generation should stand for in this world, whilstAutobiography, 200:but I do know, however, that the modern generation is not entirely wrong. I do know that theAutobiography, 202:I would like to have engendered in the younger generation a respect for their function as theAutobiography, 202:function as the coming parents for the next generation and I would like to have the mother andAutobiography, 203:groups. I respect, like and trust the younger generation. About this time we moved from RidgefieldAutobiography, 214:Wisdom has little or no appeal to the modern generation. But those of us who really studied it andAutobiography, 281:disappear as the Ageless Wisdom presents itself, generation after generation, and the continuity ofAutobiography, 281:Ageless Wisdom presents itself, generation after generation, and the continuity of revelationAutobiography, 300:survive the rigours and confusions of the second generation are rare and that survival is a trueBethlehem, 168:conception. Today only a few of the younger generation care much about such points of doctrine. LetBethlehem, 280:of many of God's children who, in their day and generation, had served, suffered, and brought theDestiny, 62:to be capable of verification, either in this generation, or the next, but it is rooted in nationalDiscipleship1, XV:[XV] in an effort to be of service to the coming generation of disciples. In many cases, theyDiscipleship1, 31:truth which will serve the needs of the coming generation. It is for my disciples to safeguard thisDiscipleship1, 452:the Plan, and to a right handling of the younger generation (a thing hitherto totally unknown). InDiscipleship1, 452:the desired ends hastened when people of your generation and opportunity can - in this interludeDiscipleship1, 453:of training. What are the needs of the coming generation? The coming world religion and what shouldDiscipleship2, 102:- from our point of view - of the same spiritual generation and that the difference in age was inDiscipleship2, 202:they seek to utilize in fitting the younger generation to live beautifully, constructively andEducation, 59:acknowledged curriculum imposed upon the rising generation, and that the teaching given to theEducation, 77:and most careful guidance. It is the older generation who foster in a child an early and mostEducation, 99:which will govern future procedure in the next generation and carry the world through the mostEducation, 132:periods of continual incarnation. The idea of generation, birth and subsequent manifestation runsEducation, 139:the human consciousness in relation to racial generation and the perpetuation of the species, andExternalisation, 13:report accurately, and so serve their age and generation, and make the astral plane a familiar andExternalisation, 28:the gift of the intuitive sons of men to their generation. Advanced human beings have then seizedExternalisation, 87:sacral center of the planet, dealing with the generation of forms, and their work is to keep theExternalisation, 89:Planetary sacral center. Conditioning substance. Generation. Fifth Ray aspect of First Ray. Mind.Externalisation, Esoter:wrought significant changes in their day and generation and altered the face of Europe,Externalisation, 201:over non-essentials, and secondly, the younger generation is basically spiritual but quiteExternalisation, 218:questions may enable you to serve your day and generation more ably and to present the situationExternalisation, 281:interests will no longer rule the coming generation as they have ruled the last two. When theExternalisation, 371:have done, as far as in them lies, but the next generation - at present in the cradle or at schoolExternalisation, 427:and who (for the present comfort of the present generation) would sacrifice the children ofExternalisation, 436:living shall be [436] the lot of the incoming generation. This necessitates on the part of theExternalisation, 547:future. In those books I isolated for the new generation of esoteric students the "truths" whichExternalisation, 576:before He can come, and it will be as the new generation assert their hold over human thinking. ButExternalisation, 581:rays or to the fundamental changes which the new generation of young people (now growing up) willExternalisation, 591:anent the Hierarchy, and this the coming generation of disciples will distribute. If this truth isExternalisation, 669:my books present the goal adequately for this generation. In this particular though relativelyFire, xii:psychology which may perhaps be employed for a generation as a reference and a textbook, and mayFire, 78:much of very real interest to the coming [78] generation of thinkers for three main reasons, whichFire, 165:plane. We do not deal with the lower centers of generation, nor with the spleen which has a directFire, 202:for the future mental activity of the immediate generation. The following facts must also be borneFire, 203:centers: The solar plexus. The spleen. Organs of generation. Base of the spine. Above are the threeFire, 590:aspect these centers are known as the centers of generation and the solar plexus, but areFire, 627:plane of life-force, and one of the planes of generation. Here man will for the first timeFire, 707:for the investigations of students for another generation. Each generation should produce thoseFire, 707:of students for another generation. Each generation should produce those able to ascertainFire, 865:The solar plexus, The spleen, The organs of generation, The base of the spine, are - in due orderFire, 876:which is needed for the sustaining of cosmic generation. The electricity of substance, theFire, 909:effect at the other end, so to speak; the rising generation will be properly taught and guarded,Fire, 973:the solar plexus, or the still lower organs of generation. It is this constant stream of emotionalFire, 975:in two directions, either via the organs of generation, or through the physical eyes. In manyFire, 988:energy of the lower three centers (the organs of generation, the spleen, and the solar plexus)Fire, 1050:esoteric three and exoteric four. The organs of generation - an esoteric two. The base of the spineFire, 1079:world chaos has subsided. Next, when the present generation has consummated its work ofFire, 1104:cycles of intense mental adjustment, and of the generation of force until (towards the close of theFire, 1189:generator also; there are the lower organs of generation which are equally a reflex product with anFire, 1200:and the cause of the second fall into generation, the fact behind the taking of a lower nature byFire, 1202:others cannot. They cannot fall into physical generation. Students must bear in mind that from theFire, 1210:realization is rapidly on its way but only the generation after the one which the children of theGlamour, 129:to condition the future and lead the modern generation out of darkness into light. None of you asGlamour, 220:what I am in fact doing is teaching the coming generation how to destroy those forms of thoughtHealingis in its infancy. Only in this age and generation is it at last possible to impart the laws ofHealing, 109:and bowels and the male and female organs of generation. It will some day be understood that theseHealing, 177:center, the predisposing agent towards physical generation. The center at the base of the spineHealing, 180:found in the gonads, the human organs of [180] generation - viewing them as a basic unity, thoughHealing, 234:and today they not only affect the organs of generation or the lungs (as they did in the earlyHealing, 283:or trouble in connection with the organs of generation [284] (as for instance disease of theHealing, 377:up among the children of today, and the next generation after them will provide still more. TheHealing, 450:in nature has characterized this day and generation; a stupendous destruction of all forms ofHealing, 513:reaction is that of a meditation process or the generation of power, later to be used in the threeHealing, 562:or otherwise - which attack the organs of generation and which frequently make the subject anHealing, 562:links the brain, the mind and the organs of generation closely together and proves the fact ofHealing, 714:conveyed to the intelligent healer of that new generation by what seems to you both disappointing,Hercules, 44:preserves and reproduces, symbolizing not only generation but regeneration. As the latter it isHercules, 46:it has been called in some books, the "sign of generation", both earthly and heavenly. We have seenHercules, 50:talks about the problem; and the rising generation are asking in no uncertain tones: "What aboutHercules, 109:of years, and it is only in this day and generation that the true esoteric meaning can possiblyHercules, 109:we have a world full of aspirants; the coming generation in all nations will produce its thousandsInitiation, 2:The fundamentals have always been true. To each generation is given the part of conserving theInitiation, 2:dim and blur the outline. Above all, to each generation is given the joy of demonstrating theInitiation, 67:it covers the work that a number of the newer generation have come to do. In this linking up of theInitiation, 103:achievement, is seldom understood by his own generation. He is frequently the butt of men's
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