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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENERATION

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Initiation, 201:of the spine, [201] The spleen, The organs of generation, are also affected, but affected along theInitiation, 201:the creative fire and energy from the organs of generation to the throat, or, through the consciousIntellect, 33:have to be modified for each person, for each generation, country and race. That education isMagic, 164:nevertheless many hundreds (out of the present generation of young people) who stand on the vergeMagic, 176:a further structure of greater extent. Each generation now should produce its seers. I like theMagic, 192:hitherto on the work of physical creation and generation and therefore the source of physical sexMagic, 203:we are told, is the "rare efflorescence of a generation of enquirers". The question which theMagic, 266:immediate fraction of the Plan which his age and generation require. All these various applicationsMagic, 328:fanaticism. They belong mostly to the older generation and the hope for them lies in their devotionMagic, 330:band of mystics, is the majority of the new generation of young people who are part of neither bandMagic, 332:sense and work to demonstrate during the next generation. It is this type of energy, the energy ofMagic, 336:and this it is the privilege of the coming generation of scientific investigators to bring about. Magic, 426:into its appointed place, and in this day and generation attend ye to the roots of growth." LittleMagic, 507:of opportunity is with us, and that the coming generation can, if it so wishes, perform the magicalMagic, 568:thus having special relation to the organs of generation and of elimination. Upana is found betweenMagic, 583:why an adept is a "rare efflorescence of a generation of enquirers." Let us take up each of theseMagic, 583:We are told by one of the Masters that a whole generation of enquirers may only produce one adept.Magic, 583:is one who avails himself of the wisdom of his generation, who is the best product of his ownMagic, 585:souls flower forth into adepts in any specific generation who have "trodden the winepress of theMeditation, 5:forms built by the average advanced man of this generation. But when he steps upon the Path ofMeditation, 74:is focused on the vivification of the organs of generation and on the functional physical life ofMeditation, 106:head center, instead of to the lower organs of generation. Therefore, it will be apparent to youMeditation, 140:The work is duly planned out for the coming generation of students, this series of letters havingMeditation, 224:who are the teachers and students of the coming generation to ponder upon the significance of whiteMeditation, 320:the average educational standards of his day and generation and must show aptitude for some line ofMeditation, 326:the public. In this way be serves his time and generation and educates the race in the higherMeditation, 334:now to heal the wounds of the present suffering generation. What then has to be done? The matter IPatanjali, 157:feet, the excretory organs, and the organs of generation. The mind. This is the sixth sense, thePatanjali, 199:know, a close connection between the organs of generation and the [200] third major center, thePatanjali, 330:having [330] special relation to the organs of generation and of elimination. Upana is foundProblems, 18:have a firm determination to train the rising generation to know [19] themselves as men and not asProblems, 62:possible point of attainment for their day and generation - men who have united within themselvesProblems, 98:which meets with no approval from the older generation. The Gentile also objects in many cases. TheProblems, 114:forming part of the world population in the next generation and immediate cycle and they are aProblems, 135:which will attempt to prepare the present generation of children for full living in the world ofProblems, 154:which should be remembered is that in the new generation lies hope - hope through repudiation ofProblems, 156:chance of its full emergence during the present generation. The signs, however, of its rising arePsychology1, 108:But I know of no others, in this particular generation, who are so doing, for They have delegatedPsychology1, 232:Also, in so doing we work for the coming generation of enquirers, knowing full well that thePsychology1, 232:of the thinking public in the succeeding generation, and the theology, in due time, of that whichPsychology1, 276:the young and seeking enquirers of the present generation the fact that God says thus and so, orPsychology1, 293:because they can see more clearly than the older generation, and will think in wider and largerPsychology1, 319:race. The sacral center. Physical appearance. Generation. 2nd and etheric race. The heart or vitalPsychology2, 283:are not primarily intended for the present generation of readers but for those who are coming intoPsychology2, 512:ready and hope for a better future for the next generation. It is during this interim state thatPsychology2, 547:past ages in mankind itself and handed on from generation to generation. Characteristic of somePsychology2, 547:mankind itself and handed on from generation to generation. Characteristic of some particularPsychology2, 591:public and will be widely read during the next generation. Should I give them here, my readersPsychology2, 622:majority of people have suffered in this age and generation. The intense one-pointed attitude, theRays, 75:significance will not be apparent to the present generation, or even to the next; it will, however,Rays, 94:thought and to its appositives to this day and generation. I make no prophetically predictions, IRays, 109:human consciousness. Secondly, I write for the generation which will come into active thoughtRays, 134:in nature has characterized this day and generation; a stupendous destruction of all forms ofRays, 183:which he must work; these are swept into form generation and activity, and embody in theRays, 332:to life experience, and this only the coming generation is capable of giving; they and they aloneRays, 765:and in Their hands lies knowledge for the next generation. Approach. Soul, 31:body, to the hair, heart, blood and organs of generation. All this can be gathered out of anySoul, 51:of building better bodies in order that the next generation can manifest better psychically.Soul, 74:the Buddhist emphasizes, holds for the coming generation a way of escape from these extremeSoul, 118:intermediate conductors with the gross organs of generation, micturition, digestion, cardiacSoul, 133:and a method which will be for our day and generation the mode of spiritual achievement. Soul, 146:on the screen - of [146] which we in this generation can form no idea.' I imagine Dr. Frazer is
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