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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENTILES

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Autobiography, 119:who are for the Jews and not against them. We Gentiles have not yet found out what to do in orderAutobiography, 120:is quick and expert in taking advantage of the Gentiles. But the Jewish religion lays no emphasisAutobiography, 120:between the orthodox Jew and the mass of the Gentiles are his religious taboos, for the JewishAutobiography, 121:found it so in Great Britain or in Holland. The Gentiles have frequently treated the JewsAutobiography, 145:He next asked me if I had known some bad Gentiles and I made the same reply. "Well, then you see,Externalisation, 544:its separative emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognize the Christ. InHealing, 265:nations to put the matter right, and many Gentiles have attempted to do so. Until, however, theMagic, 421:beings is a group of brothers. Catholics, Jews, Gentiles, occidentals and orientals are all theProblems, 98:usually no objection to intermarriage with the Gentiles, but this is only a late development whichProblems, 98:together and to seek each other out, and the Gentiles among whom they found themselves fosteredProblems, 102:it is a mounting menace. [102] It is for the Gentiles to bring the cycle of persecutions to an endProblems, 102:steps which will not arouse the dislike of the Gentiles among whom he lives. The need of the Jew atProblems, 102:cease their present policy of demanding that the Gentiles and Christians make all the concessions,Problems, 104:story of the persecution of the Jews by the Gentiles - widespread in the Middle Ages (if one goesProblems, 105:responsibilities, will cease crying aloud to the Gentiles to solve the problem alone, and willProblems, 105:understanding and so aid the thousands of Gentiles who earnestly want to help. There has never beenPsychology1, 174:goal for all, and that Asiatic, Nordics, Jews, Gentiles, Americans, and Anglo-Saxons, the Africans
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