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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GENTLY

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Autobiography, 82:over and took me by the shoulders and shook me gently to emphasize what she had to say: "Will youDiscipleship1, 145:the sweet and feeble, the weak, well-meaning, gently ineffectual person. Look for the strong soulsDiscipleship1, 415:the larger issues and an inability to move gently on the Way. This your first ray mental nature canDiscipleship2, 117:recognition of place and activity is being gently yet surely held, then sound the Sacred Word, OM,Education, 4:of the [4] Aquarian Age must begin very gently to penetrate the human aura. IV. Education is moreFire, 1068:earth from the fire and subtle from the gross, gently with much sagacity; it ascends from earth toGlamour, 7:center at the top of the head is vibrating very gently, but is not in full functioning activity.Healing, 463:fully utilizing all the centers; it has simply a gently pulsating control and a gentle impulsiveHercules, 95:hind knew well the hunter who pursued her, and gently came at his command. Thus time and timeHercules, 130:than is necessary. He seeks to achieve his ends gently, not coercively. We are told that HerculesHercules, 169:to vast and unremitting suffering?" The Teacher gently touched the forehead of Hercules. Before theIntellect, 244:for his endeavor; he quiets the brain and gently slips into a psychic and negative condition.Magic, 207:This rule, when followed will bring about, gently and subjectively, the necessary conditions forMeditation, 62:times intone the Sacred Word, breathing it forth gently the first time and thereby affecting theMeditation, 84:inwards. When the picture is fully built then gently sound the Word again, and with an effort ofMeditation, 96:the brain, let him sound forth the Sacred Word gently three times. Let him picture the breath sentPsychology2, 127:being" and the life which pours through him, gently and naturally, will then have an effect uponPsychology2, 602:psychologist, the latter would be well advised gently and gradually to develop in him a cycle ofPsychology2, 602:I would call your attention to the words "gently and gradually". The encouraging of a normalSoul, 85:A.D.) says: "The membranes in the head are gently moved by the spirit which advances toward the
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