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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GEOMETRICAL

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Astrology, 89:of pure fire, and holding within it a certain geometrical shape, yet withal vibrating so rapidlyAstrology, 305:these major cosmic influences. A glance at these geometrical charts will indicate in a moment theAstrology, 334:it will be found, create quite definite geometrical forms just as the crosses, formed between theAstrology, 468:for it is the science of the universal geometrical blueprint underlying the phenomenal worlds andAstrology, 681:stimulation of one of His centers and from the geometrical progression of the fire through theDiscipleship2, 304:activity of the second aspect, and that a subtle geometrical form lies behind the exotericDiscipleship2, 304:world of meaning. Behind the mathematics and the geometrical designs, and behind the numerologyDiscipleship2, 363:of soul ideas. Essentially, they are geometrical forms, lying behind all exoteric manifestations;Externalisation, 8:and the seeing of symbols, for all visioning of geometrical forms is mental clairvoyance. All theseFire, 110:I, 389; III, 198. Astrological. - S. D. II, 343. Geometrical. - S. D., II, 494; III, 176. MysticalFire, 110:and the metaphysical. The fifth key is the geometrical. Fire, 126:unaware of his Ray and therefore of the proper geometrical form of triangle that is [127] theFire, 170:of pure fire, and holding within it a certain geometrical shape, yet withal vibrating so rapidlyFire, 209:a gradual arousing of kundalini, and its correct geometrical progression through the etheric web.Fire, 357:a definite number of petals. Be connected in geometrical formation with certain other centers ofFire, 387:stimulation of one of His centers and from the geometrical progression of the fire through theFire, 421:intricacy is excessive and various, producing geometrical forms allied somewhat to those portrayedFire, 542:1:15:21.) In the midst forming a certain geometrical triangle (differing according to the ray ofFire, 864:and proceed to increased activity in due geometrical progression, whilst the center between theFire, 881:it circulates. [881] The triangles and other geometrical figures which it produces duringFire, 886:is to centralize them, to produce the necessary geometrical interplay between the seven headFire, 1121:eventually links each center up in a peculiar geometrical fashion, thus bringing every part of theFire, 1141:- lower mental. Man used himself to count by. Geometrical symbolism - abstract symbolism, higherFire, 1184:Law of Economy. All these streams of energy form geometrical designs of great beauty to the eye ofHealing, 344:awakening of the centers and in their right geometrical progression. This I have referred to inInitiation, 140:gradual arousing of kundalini and its correct geometrical progression, and a resultant continuityInitiation, 145:of the assembled crowd in the formation of geometrical figures, so in the initiation ceremony aInitiation, 145:ceremony a similar procedure is followed. The geometrical figures appropriate for the variousInitiation, 171:planes. [171] The uprising of kundalini, its geometrical progression, and its vivification of allIntellect, 150:cases serve to test the truth of some general geometrical theorem, to set our fundamental problemMagic, 257:plan is grasped through the presentation of geometrical forms to the inner eye of the aspirant. TheMagic, 439:found that these three charts will take certain geometrical lines, the lines of energies will formMagic, 486:can formulate it, and clothe it with matter in geometrical precision, and such a mind usually hasMagic, 553:the page whereon this symbol is found are four geometrical forms. Some of these are referred to byMeditation, 5:leads is, at the close, represented by some geometrical figure, some utilization of the lines ofMeditation, 25:suffered polarization are grouped in a different geometrical form to those which have not yetMeditation, 67:they will also be tabulated and checked. The geometrical forms created by the individual, and byMeditation, 68:the Word, to record and tabulate the consequent geometrical forms, to note its effect onMeditation, 79:Sacred Fire. The order of its progression. The geometrical forms it makes as it mounts. The orderMeditation, 80:head centers. When kundalini has traversed these geometrical lines the man is perfected, theMeditation, 95:predominant attractions and diversified by many geometrical forms, all in a state of flux orMeditation, 96:the mental ovoid, permitting no extraneous geometrical units to find entrance, and the dangers ofMeditation, 103:of the higher centers. There is a proper geometrical spiraling which this fire should follow,Meditation, 104:their reason. The fire does not proceed in due geometrical form, the necessary triangles are notMeditation, 153:and who is more dominated by mind, will be of a geometrical type. The outlines will be clear, andMeditation, 157:special property of those rays and embody their geometrical significance, demonstrating their placeMeditation, 186:the fifth principle - meet and blend in proper geometrical manner, each center is adequatelyMeditation, 186:through the centers according to their natural, geometrical progression. A secondary branch ofMeditation, 197:of a group. [197] It blends - under certain geometrical balances and arrangements - the auras ofMeditation, 198:reaches upwards to the desired locality. The geometrical figures formed in the matter of the planeMeditation, 198:than the physical (which are the result of the geometrical movement of the concourse gathered inMeditation, 198:clairvoyantly view the scene, the beauty of the geometrical forms is unbelievable, and that beautyMeditation, 212:If correctly drawn to scale some interesting geometrical patterns will be found as the circles cutMeditation, 219:through meditation) playing in accurate geometrical form between the three major centers: All theMeditation, 261:in the solar system. Through meditation the geometrical sense of proportion is adjusted, the senseMeditation, 275:and to carry the circulating fire in right geometrical progression from the base of the spine toPatanjali, 68:factor which produces the seeing of colors, of geometrical symbols, fourth dimensional sight, andPatanjali, 78:spine and into the head by a certain specified geometrical progression. This makes a man a masterPatanjali, 190:plane. It deals with the reading of symbols or geometrical forms ensouling an idea or thought andPatanjali, 349:design, and its basic distinction will be the geometrical exactness of its many units. ThePsychology1, 159:accuracy, their structural unity and their geometrical perfection. The Grand Geometrician comesPsychology1, 224:objective world. The internal constitution and geometrical formation of the minerals do not comePsychology1, 226:found in the mineral kingdom are profoundly geometrical. The first ray is that of dynamic will orPsychology1, 227:systematized processes of the seventh ray. The geometrical faculty of the Universal Mind finds itsPsychology1, 372:of form and line and color, their radiance and geometrical perfection, will appear likewise throughPsychology1, 373:which the work is done, and through which the geometrical plan expresses itself) is at the samePsychology2, 505:the basis of all history. Those dreams which are geometrical in nature, and in which the subjectPsychology2, 506:therefore, twenty-one basic symbols which, in geometrical form, embody the concepts which determineSoul, 60:the heading of "ether." "Whether space is a mere geometrical abstraction, or whether it hasSoul, 60:endowed with physical properties is more than a geometrical abstraction, and is most convenientlyTelepathy, 54:as the eye of the mental clairvoyant can see the geometrical pattern which thoughts assume upon theTelepathy, 90:eighth and the ninth initiations. Never does the geometrical pattern, the numerical progression or
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