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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GERM

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Astrology, 49:the Hierarchies exist as the aggregate of germ lives, giving the impulse, providing the model, andAstrology, 122:hidden, incarnated and imprisoned Christ; the germ of the Christ life is psychically impressed,Astrology, 252:to each other; the mother protects the germ of the Christ life; matter guards, cherishes andAstrology, 253:astral plane. Eve has no child in her arms; the germ of the Christ life is as yet too small to makeAstrology, 258:[258] II. Virgo The period of the hidden germ of spiritual life. The period of the active germ ofAstrology, 258:germ of spiritual life. The period of the active germ of spiritual life. Gestation in the earlyAstrology, 277:the smallest atom of substance has in it the germ of that which can respond to spiritual energy isAstrology, 282:or second aspect of divinity, the Son or the germ of the Christ Who will come, the Son of Mind,Astrology, 446:certain forms of symbols - is nevertheless a germ or seed of future hierarchical effort when thatAstrology, 637:being simply the supervisors. This is the first germ of that which grew later into the Tree ofAtom, 77:and a suggestion which may have within it the germ of a possible [78] truth, and which seems toBethlehem, 42:Christ, or soul, is born consciously. Always the germ of the living Christ has been present, thoughBethlehem, 197:he must, in some form or other, pay a price. The germ of mind, even in infant humanity, gives riseBethlehem, 246:He can be "born in Bethlehem," because the germ of that which is dynamic and living is awakened andBethlehem, 251:He lives we shall live also. In us is the same germ of essential life which flowered forth toBethlehem, 254:a new and deathless race - a race in which the germ of immortality will flower and in whichBethlehem, 277:We may constitute God's crucial experiment. The germ of divine life is in us, but we ourselves haveDestiny, 46:form (which is ever the first to manifest in germ) is rapidly disappearing or is being absorbedDiscipleship1, 30:become securely established, we shall have the germ of those characteristics which will dignify theDiscipleship1, 54:now working with me. These groups constitute the germ of a great experiment. If successful, theyDiscipleship1, 280:my brother, seek increasingly to foster this germ of the intuition from the purely unselfish motiveDiscipleship1, 282:understand, I who watch and guide can see the germ of the needed organizing faculty demonstratingDiscipleship1, 292:must take is for you to know and decide, and the germ of your decision is already in your mind. IDiscipleship1, 349:Earlier, I gave you some seed thoughts to be the germ of your meditation. This I did with a longDiscipleship1, 488:of world [488] glamor. Will you provide a tiny germ of active life from which a greater work couldDiscipleship1, 608:glamorous attitude and my words thus form the germ of a new field of glamor. I speak this warning,Discipleship2, 50:new religious idea or concept, a seed thought or germ of a new activity which (at some later date)Discipleship2, 56:is that of Integration. We have therefore the germ of a new scientific religion, called (as I haveDiscipleship2, 78:aspects of the teaching so that the seed or germ may be truly implanted in the human consciousnessDiscipleship2, 94:it is an essentially new esoteric concept and a germ thought which the many aspirants of the worldDiscipleship2, 220:of the planet. Within the United Nations is the germ and the seed of a great international andDiscipleship2, 308:relationships of the disciple or initiate. The germ, seed thought, key form and invocative potencyDiscipleship2, 347:daily life, service and ashramic activity. The germ, seed, key or inherent, invocative potencyDiscipleship2, 388:and when properly considered, the seed or germ of an intended revelation. The Master knows wellDiscipleship2, 400:told you that these points of revelation are the germ or seed of a certain invocative potency; thisDiscipleship2, 423:heart and at the very center of its meaning the germ of an expanding realization. Keep this thoughtDiscipleship2, 630:endeavor to apply the recognized truth and the germ of the revelation to the practical affairs ofDiscipleship2, 713:to emphasize to you the word "seed." It is the germ, and only the germ, of the spiritual life withDiscipleship2, 713:the word "seed." It is the germ, and only the germ, of the spiritual life with which you have toDiscipleship2, 713:concept of nurturing and fostering the seed or germ of the new life which is just beginning toEducation, 100:his quota of good to the whole. The initial germ of this idea (amazing as it may seem) started whenEducation, 111:save the patient's life. A violent streptococci germ and infection had menaced the life of humanityEducation, 111:form. This operation was largely successful. The germ, to be sure, is not eradicated and makes itsExternalisation, 28:soil - its potencies are unpredictable. Certain germ ideas are emerging into the humanExternalisation, 33:are the glory of every age and the positive germ of the subjective unfolding impulse which isExternalisation, 34:be stated as follows: They constitute the germ of life which will result in the emergence of theExternalisation, 35:the seeds of the coming civilization and the germ of the new culture. The germ of the life of theExternalisation, 35:and the germ of the new culture. The germ of the life of the new age is there, within the husk ofExternalisation, 35:mentioned above. They conceal and nurture the germ or seed of the new civilization of the AquarianExternalisation, 39:and conceal," thus protecting from trouble the germ - or seed of the new Aquarian culture andExternalisation, 41:world glamor. Thus these groups can nurture the germ of the future culture, act also as bridgingExternalisation, 48:[48] humanity came into being, developing the germ of individuality, the seed of self-consciousnessExternalisation, 54:fifth group reaches a stage where it is indeed a germ of a new age organism (and many such groupsExternalisation, 199:their present ineffectiveness, have in them the germ of that which is truly new, for they are theExternalisation, 698:and creditable, and His coming will provide the germ for all world hope; the reason for this willFire, 151:it contains within it the seed of thought, the germ of truths, and the clue to the mystery of theFire, 247:evolution of the atom is Man. - S. D., I, 206. A germ exists in the center of every atom. - S. D.,Fire, 346:aspired; Spirit answered; the vibration of the germ of mentality had permeated the substance likeFire, 458:fourth will emerge the fifth, each receiving Germ protection, Form, Gradual development,Fire, 515:them as: First. The interior economy of the life germ on the three planes which concern man in theFire, 527:A permanent atom is the positive nucleus or germ substance to the sheath wherein it is found. It isFire, 610:part of mother, or of material aspect, to the germ of the inner life. Then [611] the Ego manifestsFire, 613:to a planetary scheme. He is the central germ of positive life or force, which, in due course ofFire, 619:utilize the heat of the Mother to nourish the germ of the Divine Thought, and to bring it toFire, 619:Thought, and to bring it to fruition. When the germ has developed to maturity the Mother aspect noFire, 619:form (no matter what form it may be) nourish the germ of that which is the next step on in theFire, 619:in the early stages nourishes and preserves the germ of that which will some day be a man; theFire, 619:the atoms and cells of His Body, fostering the germ of self-consciousness, fanning the flame untilFire, 653:205. Read S. D., I, 201. Every atom contains the germ from which he may raise the tree ofFire, 719:previous round, but will stimulate the mental germ in those members of the present human family whoFire, 720:fire to the increase of the activity of the germ or spark of mind; this will be effected by aFire, 837:matter; and with this projection came the first germ of evil. We would have you know that there isFire, 850:instrument of purpose utilized by all and just a germ of eventual recognition. Within this hallFire, 875:positive electrical demonstration which is the germ of the created Son, and Whose Life is embodiedFire, 916:the One Who over-shadows and Who implants the germ of life in the waiting acquiescent Virgin MotherFire, 971:activity in mental matter, and attracting to his germ thought the material necessary for itsFire, 1013:a thought form upon the mental plane, or that germ body which will (through accretion and vibratoryFire, 1147:Their heredity is peculiar. They implanted a germ of mind in the secondary group of animal-men whoFire, 1147:hierarchical effort. Thirdly, They fostered the germ of instinct in certain groups of animal-menFire, 1207:the hierarchies exist as the aggregate of germ lives, giving the impulse, providing the model, andFire, 1259:the "ecstasy" of the occidental mystic is the germ, latent within him, which will some day flowerGlamour, 3:become impossible; then, only, is the divine germ seen as latent in all forms. Intuition is lightGlamour, 59:Interpretation. The idea, a vital entity or a germ of living potency, is seen through the medium ofGlamour, 180:in the words: "the effort to isolate the germ or seed of divinity which has brought all forms intoGlamour, 185:for those who could respond to and recognize the germ or seed of truth, and training men to takeHealing, 313:and cures (either through the subjugation of the germ or group of energies which caused it or byHealing, 314:of physical fever and indicates a rampant germ of desire which must be dealt with before the feverHealing, 320:words meet the need of truth. We use the word "germ" to indicate the source of some disease or theHealing, 320:disease or the origin of some form. We talk of a germ or seed of life; we refer to the germ of anHealing, 320:talk of a germ or seed of life; we refer to the germ of an idea; we indicate that intangible pointHealing, 320:all is energy and that there is naught else. A germ is a point of energy having within it certainHealing, 320:the planet Earth. In relation to disease, a germ still remains a point of energy, but it might beHealing, 321:there will not be these predispositions, the germ cannot find a lodging, and there will not be theHealing, 347:It might be said that the seeds of death (the germ of death) are latent in the planet and in theHealing, 611:of the cosmic physical plane. It is the germ or the seed on each subplane which embodies someHealing, 612:find that they can respond. A principle is a germ of awareness, carrying all the potentiality ofHealing, 613:is not in any way a goal; it is not the seed or germ of anything. Any changes wrought in theInitiation, 31:body of sensation and feeling, and a rudimentary germ of mind which might some day form a nucleusInitiation, 31:otherwise have been inconceivably slow. The germ of mind in animal man was stimulated. The fourfoldInitiation, 31:The astral or emotional body, The incipient germ of mind. was coordinated and stimulated, and
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