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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GERM

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Initiation, 57:worked with the Christian Church, fostering the germ of true spiritual life which is to be foundInitiation, 64:but lacks the indwelling Christ principle. The germ has been there, but it has lain dormant. Now itMagic, 88:Thus was humanity brought into being. This germ, however, carried within it two otherMagic, 90:the soul have found a point of rapport, and the germ of a thought form has come into being. ThisMagic, 96:personal ambition which carries within it the germ of its own destruction. When, however, theMagic, 302:predominantly a human characteristic and is that germ of the imaginative faculty, linked to theMagic, 352:The manifestation of the indwelling Christ. The germ has been there but it has lain dormant. Now itMagic, 359:is seen in its right proportion as that living germ which can expand into the divine flower of theMagic, 378:man, and the steady vitalization of the latent germ of mind until it flowered forth as manifestedMagic, 457:the stage of conception. Latent within the germ (the result of male-female interrelation) lie allMagic, 460:three worlds of human evolution. They bring the germ of the idea, and the embryonic concept intoMagic, 534:development of consciousness so that the latent germ of sentiency or of sensitive response toMeditation, 30:to guide it by means of instinct, and when the germ of mentality was sufficiently implanted to havePatanjaliand desire. 25. In Ishvara, the Gurudeva, the germ of all knowledge expands into infinity. 26.Patanjali, 19:the soul alone has the power to contact the germ or the principle of Buddhi (in the ChristianPatanjali, 49:of Union 25. In Ishvara, the Gurudeva, the germ of all knowledge expands into infinity. In thePatanjali, 49:identify itself with its vehicles or organs, the germ of all knowledge begins to expand. In thePatanjali, 49:in the Bible as the Ancient of Days, this "germ of all knowledge" can be seen at differing stagesPatanjali, 52:those who have achieved omniscience, those whose germ of knowledge has been subjected to properPatanjali, 164:those who are not yet free. This sutra holds the germ of the entire science of thought. Its premisePatanjali, 308:of man, and the Christ consciousness is seen in germ. Taking the analogy of the antenatal state andPsychology1, 90:its completion and in its scope. From a primeval germ, developing under the pressure of nature'sPsychology1, 90:All, we are told, is inherent in the parental germ, and the conditions of the environment, added toPsychology1, 176:They have nevertheless within them that germ of the spirit of love which is normally inclusive andPsychology1, 387:for the sixth or coming subrace, which is the germ race for the future sixth great race, whilstPsychology2, 14:taken. That initiation indicates simply that the germ of soul life has vitalized and brought intoPsychology2, 214:an inner reality as an unseen factor, such as a germ, working within a human body. ThisPsychology2, 214:body. This precipitation and culturing of the germ kingdom is slowly happening. Psychology2, 215:be expanded so that it can be developed from the germ of self-consciousness (such as it was atPsychology2, 224:for the whole. The Hierarchy is essentially the germ or nucleus of the fifth kingdom in nature. 6.Psychology2, 317:soul activity is to be found the source or the germ of all the experiences which - on the physicalPsychology2, 498:to the thought life; they initiated predisposing germ-complexes, and therefore constitute thePsychology2, 611:to some of the problems so as to provide the germ or seed of thought from which future study canPsychology2, 694:preceding the full moon, there can grow the real germ of the new age group, and of the new worldRays, 134:of that brotherhood which will constitute the germ or the seed of the coming manifestation of theRays, 297:to aspirants and applicants are the seed or germ of the concepts indicated in the words forRays, 308:times, the initiate creates and then anchors a germ of livingness; at times he builds that whichRays, 376:mysterious sense, it is the life of that seed or germ which will come to fruition in the thirdRays, 423:those points are given which carry in them the germ of possible enlightenment to the generalRays, 631:in fusion. The U.K. is the nucleus or the living germ of the British Commonwealth of NationsRays, 657:doing, providing a definite culture wherein the germ of the solar will can be fostered in one ofRays, 658:or planetary field for the "planting of the germ of Will" - the nurturing of which is a future partRays, 659:The work of preparation for the planting of the germ or seed of the divine will on Earth is nearlyRays, 667:in the three worlds has for aeons nurtured the germ of this new life and fostered the tiny spark ofRays, 723:stage upon the Path of Initiation has in it the germ of comprehension and an understanding (deeplyReappearance, 90:useful and good and which could form the living germ of the new creation. At the time of the FullTelepathy, 55:to his environment and circumstances. The germ or embryonic capacity for all types of planetaryTelepathy, 109:is unfolded or unfolding - becomes the "seed or germ" of the intuitive faculty. The entire processTelepathy, 110:that of the mental body. It is the "seed or germ" of higher contacts and of impressions coming fromTelepathy, 112:and sensitive, and can thus become the seed or germ of the spiritual Will; this will involveTelepathy, 184:may come when you remember that the seed or germ of all states of consciousness is latent in every
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