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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GERMANY

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Astrology, 449:this combination of energies when playing upon Germany's soul Ray of Harmony through Conflict andAstrology, 525:and activities, and hence also, its link with Germany through the soul ray of both nations and withAstrology, 542:the race. The evil men who guided the destiny of Germany talked of world groups and of the EuropeanAstrology, 542:Order of Nations but it was a grouping around Germany as the center and for the selfish interestsAstrology, 542:as the center and for the selfish interests of Germany. The grouping which is a part of the divineAstrology, 543:or on the control of the forces of materialism. Germany represented materialism in the West andAstrology, 544:They are [544] working for the release of Germany from the glamor which descended upon her people.Astrology, 545:this philosophic death in its lowest aspect that Germany has responded. The destruction of religionAstrology, 545:has responded. The destruction of religion which Germany sought to bring about is not a prelude toAstrology, 546:cause retrogression. Of these, the rulers of Germany were guilty. They did not succeed in quenchingAstrology, 546:spiritual life of the nation because religion in Germany was not corrupt as it was in Russia andAstrology, 546:religious ideal is on its way to manifest; in Germany, ancient crystallized forms of belief are metAstrology, 546:the evil wrought by her rulers to the world, Germany may some day regain the expression of soulAutobiography, 52:along with us. Perhaps some of the trouble with Germany lies right there. It dawned on me then howAutobiography, 150:to be overcome with fear. War breeds fear and Germany, with her terror tactics traded on that andAutobiography, 223:conditions and had been purchased by groups from Germany and France whose aims and ideas wereAutobiography, 223:The few years preceding the war, particularly in Germany, were peculiarly nasty. All kinds of vicesDestiny, 49:Intelligence. 1st Ray Power. I indicate the Way. Germany 1st Ray Power. 4th Ray Harmony throughDestiny, 49:between the present personality rays of Germany and Great Britain, yet a relationship can be seenDestiny, 52:is to be prominent in the destinies of India, Germany, Italy, Austria and Brazil. It is for thisDestiny, 52:the potent changes in these four countries. In Germany and Italy the harmonizing of the fourth ray,Destiny, 53:worked out. The static stabilizing tendency of Germany showed for instance in her futile effort toDestiny, 53:This has been the line of least resistance for Germany, for though the first ray is not inDestiny, 53:time, yet the bulk of the people in power in Germany during the past world war (1914-1945) were allDestiny, 54:influence than is the case in other countries; Germany also enforced a standardized order and wayDestiny, 56:and nurture civilization and ideas. China, Germany, Great Britain and Italy are masculine andDestiny, 58:of the soul may come into being. The genius of Germany has often in the past been expressed alongDestiny, 58:of its fourth ray soul, and through its power Germany has given much of music and philosophy toDestiny, 58:the greatest evil, but as time goes on and Germany learns the lessons which she must learn, theDestiny, 58:be impressed upon the German consciousness: Germany must be helped to get again the vision of thisDestiny, 62:of the Great Powers and the two Axis Powers, Germany and Italy. But the same methods can be appliedDestiny, 68:1st - France Pisces 12th Fifth Leo 5th Third. Germany Aries 1st Fourth Pisces 12th First. GreatDestiny, 69:10th France Paris Virgo 6th Capricorn 10th Germany Berlin Scorpio 8th Leo 5th Great Britain LondonDestiny, 76:the Nations - An Analysis of Certain Countries Germany is ruled by Aries, bringing in the powerfulDestiny, 77:of [77] France and the Piscean personality of Germany must eventually come to terms and it isDestiny, 77:France has an integrated personality whilst Germany has not; France is mental whilst Germany isDestiny, 77:whilst Germany has not; France is mental whilst Germany is predominantly astral; France is,Destiny, 77:not a continental and local occurrence. Germany is therefore controlled by the following energiesDestiny, 78:between idealism and facts, between France and Germany, and between the groups within GermanyDestiny, 78:and Germany, and between the groups within Germany itself. Ray 7. - Ceremonial Order or Ritual, viaDestiny, 79:activity of the destroying agent as far as Germany is concerned is offset by the influence ofDestiny, 79:resolved for this particular world cycle. Germany is mediumistic, as was its dictator, as I haveDestiny, 79:the dictator. The Piscean personality of Germany (which is the sign governing mediumship) accountsDestiny, 79:need for this assertion is realized by many in Germany but the negative Piscean personalityDestiny, 80:do much to release the Piscean personality of Germany. Here lies the crux of the world problem.Destiny, 83:via Mercury, leading to a definite link with Germany (as a study of the earlier tabulation willDestiny, 86:and determinations. Italy sees more clearly than Germany the principles involved at this time, andDestiny, 90:ray produces the condition which brings together Germany and the States, for the fourth ray is theDestiny, 90:order to escape from the personality activity of Germany as it expresses itself through its firstDestiny, 99:and activities, and hence also its link with Germany through the soul ray of both nations and withDiscipleship1, 730:of that ray - misapplied and misdirected - led Germany to invade Poland. In 1932, the influence ofEducation, 39:an effort in this direction was seen going on in Germany, and in a lesser way in Italy; itEducation, 79:the Victorian era and the poets and musicians of Germany, as well as the clusters of artists whoseEducation, 80:undesirable lines has been well demonstrated in Germany with its wrecking of idealism, itsEducation, 80:all that is most selfish, brutal and aggressive. Germany has proved that educational processes whenExternalisation, 85:heart center is Los Angeles. The heart center of Germany is Munich, and its head center isExternalisation, 133:to the formation of such countries as Italy and Germany which were created out of many smallerExternalisation, Esoter:of reaction to mass need, you will find France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal, all of whomExternalisation, 138:among the peoples of all nations, not excluding Germany; this has been the outstanding significantExternalisation, 167:at this time to [167] their peoples. Men in Germany were called to battle by their leaders with theExternalisation, 167:that they must give their lives in order that Germany may live. A study of the speeches by theExternalisation, 172:Hierarchy in its consciousness does not isolate Germany, even though these forces have chosen thatExternalisation, 172:major point of departure and enterprise; in Germany They have Their people working as elsewhere.Externalisation, 187:subjection of the weak to the rule of a super-Germany; it is one in which the life of the littleExternalisation, 187:go on just in so far as they serve the need of Germany. The lesser Axis powers are permittedExternalisation, 187:they benefit German aims - Italy, to give Germany scope in the Mediterranean; Japan, to handle theExternalisation, 187:the Asiatic problem which is too large for Germany to handle alone. It is an order whose intentionExternalisation, 187:industrial and agricultural products shall go to Germany and the unwanted residue to the littleExternalisation, 188:will be subordinated to the glorification of Germany. Germany will be portrayed as the seed of allExternalisation, 188:be subordinated to the glorification of Germany. Germany will be portrayed as the seed of all worldExternalisation, 188:All sources of supply must be controlled by Germany, and consequently even those nations at presentExternalisation, 188:everything will be related to the good of Germany, and no other nation will be considered.Externalisation, 188:ethics must necessarily be eliminated, because Germany regards Christianity and its divine FounderExternalisation, 188:for the decadence of all nations, except Germany. Christianity must also be overthrown because itExternalisation, 189:The intensive culture given to the youth of Germany during the past twenty years has proved theExternalisation, 189:the victims of an evil process. The children of Germany must be rescued from the future whichExternalisation, 189:as the children of other countries; the women of Germany must be set free from fear, as must theExternalisation, 189:must the women in other lands; the population of Germany must also be liberated from the evil ruleExternalisation, 194:to produce national blocs, as in the case in Germany today when she proclaims Germany as theExternalisation, 194:in the case in Germany today when she proclaims Germany as the super-race. Such efforts will onlyExternalisation, 194:very few exceptions, there are no pure races. Germany in particular, by its place at the crossroadsExternalisation, 194:which has been brought to a critical point by Germany. This problem is also capable of solution ifExternalisation, 200:and certain northern European nations, including Germany. A Union of the Latin countries, includingExternalisation, 202:four lines of human living will show how truly Germany is today the focal point of the worldExternalisation, 202:From the economic angle, Hitler has said that Germany has been forced to fight in order to preserveExternalisation, 202:of her people; factually, the economic life of Germany was not as critically threatened as that ofExternalisation, 203:world problems are today being precipitated by Germany into the arena of action; they are evokingExternalisation, 203:period of the war itself, until the defeat of Germany and the end of the actual fighting. [204] TheExternalisation, 204:I would here remind you that among the people in Germany and Italy there are thousands who alsoExternalisation, 204:effectively in the countries ranged against Germany. The men and women of goodwill, associated withExternalisation, 207:based upon a recognition of our common humanity. Germany, under her misguided and evil rulers,Externalisation, 207:and all have grievously erred in the past. Germany has precipitated the evil which has come uponExternalisation, 230:of a particular nation, such as the good of Germany or the destiny of America. Few disciples thereExternalisation, 230:and the Forces of Aggression (focused through Germany). They embody a true, but erroneouslyExternalisation, 231:and dislike, are strenuously opposing Germany and her satellite, Italy. I refer to that group ofExternalisation, 234:today seeking by every possible method to stop Germany. Externalisation, 234:wide scale. Against these emerging conditions Germany has assembled her potent war machine, afterExternalisation, 234:you that all nations hate and oppose war; even Germany, behind the imposed terror, shrinks inExternalisation, 235:the establishing of those right conditions which Germany is set to prevent. Yet many neutrallyExternalisation, 235:after nation crumbles under the iron heel of Germany, grinding the peoples of the world and
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