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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GESTATION

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Astrology, 100:place in Capricorn, at the close of the needed gestation period. Uranus embodies the energy of theAstrology, 182:Virgo - The mother of the Christ Child. Gestation. Pisces - The world Savior. Mediatorship. Astrology, 228:- Meditation - Soul life, as sensed in man, the gestation period. The stage of the hidden Christ.Astrology, 256:to the quickening at the middle point of the gestation process. It will, however, do none of youAstrology, 258:The period of the active germ of spiritual life. Gestation in the early stages. The stage ofAstrology, 260:we are entering into the eighth month of the gestation period; this is almost literally the caseAstrology, 262:Christ principle in this world period: Virgo - Gestation - governing nine signs from Virgo toAstrology, 274:personality becomes the Mother in the stage of gestation, through the period of infancy upon theAstrology, 345:subject to the nine cyclic changes of the cosmic gestation period; it fosters and protects theAstrology, 345:makes the sixth month of physical human gestation so critical. Pisces - This is the life expressionAstrology, 627:of the Mother (matter) which, throughout the gestation period, nourishes and cares for the rapidlyBethlehem, 43:The process is a sequential proceeding from gestation until, in "the fullness of time," the ChristFire, 371:may it be said - the nine cycles which cover the gestation of a Heavenly Man, and which precede HisFire, 692:time, to the Logos it is but the brief period of gestation which all bodies undergo. A secondFire, 738:- which, after the period of unconscious gestation is reborn into the Devachan, is of necessity asFire, 738:abode of Elementaries); (2) when it enters into 'Gestation State'; (3) when it is reborn in theFire, 938:work of the next three and a half months of the gestation period. The final process of concretionFire, 971:Elementals and Fire Elementals A period of gestation is then pursued, itself divided into variousFire, 971:is adequately vivid, the second part of the gestation period is entered upon, and the vitalizationFire, 972:the physical plane. [972] A later stage in the gestation period is pursued when the thought form,Glamour, 257:day. But they must follow an ordered process of gestation and of timed appearance. When there isHealing, 176:sacral center is concerned primarily with the gestation period prior to birth, and in its rightHercules, 115:is conceived and nurtured through the period of gestation until at last in Pisces, the oppositeHercules, 115:sciences, all call for long periods of mental gestation and the struggle of bringing forth newHercules, 122:interplaying, the number of the months of gestation of the human embryo. Again "as above so below".Initiation, 63:to that of individualization. Nine months' gestation, corresponding to the wheel of life. The firstInitiation, 63:Path corresponds to the latter period of gestation, to the building in the heart of the babe inMagic, 273:life. There is a true analogy between the gestation period of an infant and that of a thought-form.Magic, 352:corresponds to the later stages of the period of gestation. At the first initiation what is calledMagic, 353:conception - i.e. individualization. Nine months gestation - i.e. the wheel of life. FirstMagic, 367:This accomplished, what comes next? A period of gestation, a period wherein you build yourMagic, 458:to clothe the idea in form. It is therefore the gestation ground. The mind previously has been theMeditation, 326:growth is meditation, or those periods of silent gestation in which the soul grows in the silence.Psychology1, 314:nurtured the Christ child through a period of gestation - is now giving birth to the Christ, within
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