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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GETS

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Astrology, 65:There seems to be no fixed rule and the student gets bewildered. Orthodox astrology posits one setAutobiography, 131:got the other half and will hang it up when this gets dirty." He turned on his heel before I hadAutobiography, 188:class it will be three weeks before the teacher gets around to me and I don't need to do anythingAutobiography, 197:of their own soul. As the voice of that soul gets increasingly familiar it will eventually makeAutobiography, 202:are very sound but their ignorance frequently gets them into difficulties. If they know the facts -Autobiography, 259:it has been entirely telepathic. Mrs. Bailey gets in touch with the Tibetan when time is availableDiscipleship1, 253:See to it that you crystallize not. As one gets older in the physical sense (a thought which youDiscipleship1, 287:you to decide. I but indicate your goal. As one gets older, the method of active expression hasDiscipleship1, 414:is not adequate use of spiritual energy, it gets "banked up" in the centers (if I may use such anDiscipleship1, 593:aroused to such an intense activity that it gets temporarily out of calm control. Too much is seenDiscipleship1, 682:progress or towards the Master. The closer he gets to the center and towards the Master, the lessDiscipleship1, 767:is the heart of the Hierarchy. The closer one gets to realization, the clearer becomes the conceptDiscipleship2, 293:and through their united contribution gets a "whole vision" and a synthesis of perception of theDiscipleship2, 309:point to point he moves and at each point he gets new revelation. Five are the mountain peaks, andDiscipleship2, 531:brittle. The physical body crystallizes also and gets old rapidly because there is no free flow ofDiscipleship2, 633:The only help which the disciple gets at this stage comes from the stimulating effect of the auraDiscipleship2, 685:soul control. You will find, if your intuition gets more dynamic and your first ray astral bodyEducation, 28:purely for lower selfish interests; it steadily gets stronger and more potent as time goes on,Education, 77:to preserve right relations with the group) gets overlaid and is not recognized for what it is. TheExternalisation, 289:Himself progressively and cyclically as man gets ready for further knowledge. The Continuity ofFire, 939:to pass on, and the initial vibration gets fainter and fainter. The period of obscuration comes in.Glamour, 78:coloring which the resultant fog takes on. A man gets lost in a rapturous mist of his own making,Glamour, 95:of a growing sense of dualism which, day by day, gets steadily stronger. This stage only takesHealing, 264:to divine command. Later, the symbolism gets most interesting. They divided into two halves: theHealing, 288:or of release by death. If, however, a patient gets worse whilst the group is working upon hisHealing, 685:duty. The "doing of one's duty," for which one gets small praise and little appreciation, is theHercules, 82:at the expense of the mortal. Now, in Cancer, he gets his first touch of that more universal senseInitiation, 123:is his. He sees the solar system as a unit, and gets a brief revealing which opens to his amazedInitiation, 125:of one particular color and type; later again he gets a glimpse of the perfection of that greatIntellect, 75:Overstreet says: "All our enduring quest then gets its explanation and its significance. It is theIntellect, 221:the psychical, he is torn in two directions, and gets no peace. Physical sounds and sights are hisIntellect, 255:or a spell of insomnia, and his teacher gets the blame and the science is regarded as dangerous.Magic, 171:types test out the struggling aspirant, and he gets from his personality all that he needs in thatMeditation, 345:disability. He sees that his lower vehicle gets sufficient rest, and adequate sleep. He rises earlyPatanjali, 36:use of the organ of the mind will reveal. He gets a perception of what may lie back of the wordsPatanjali, 207:sudden perception of the nature of the soul. He gets a vision of the reality which is himself, andPsychology2, 117:of the spinal column. As the life of the soul gets stronger, the radiance of the centers increases,Psychology2, 129:except in those cases wherein the personality gets in the way. Then service, as the Teachers on thePsychology2, 129:on the inner side of life understand it, gets distorted and altered into busy-ness. It becomesPsychology2, 238:and self-induced imaginings, and the vision gets hidden behind a multitude of words, both spokenPsychology2, 322:center of experience. The personality gets a vision of its destiny, which is to be an instrument ofPsychology2, 610:fellowmen. It is the self-centered mystic who gets into difficulty, as does the occultist who usesPsychology2, 610:less and less firmly established and the link gets looser and looser until the man spends most ofSoul, 22:has become quite divorced from psyche and gets in bed with living beings we shall be able to throwTelepathy, 55:he is submerged whilst in incarnation. What he gets out of this life of constant impression isTelepathy, 73:perception of such an expansive nature that he gets his first real and individual glimpse of the
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