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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GIFT

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Astrology, 260:in Masonic rituals and which ever precedes the gift of light. Virgo stands for the "womb of time"Astrology, 281:Doctrine has so carefully pointed out) for the gift of mind and of divinity, embodied in the Son ofAstrology, 496:gives place to the group awareness which is the gift conferred by Aquarian activity; theAstrology, 524:light pours forth from the East, and that the gift of India to the world is the light of theAstrology, 686:manner, more than was received, though the gift was not of the same nature. The coming in of theAutobiography, 163:not make snap judgments, that I had a peculiar gift for the higher telepathy and that what I wasBethlehem, 73:be offered in sacrifice, worship and as a free gift to the "Christ within" before that Christ canBethlehem, 73:Then we can offer to God that rare and wonderful gift of a mind made wise through pain, and a heartBethlehem, 74:the pain drive us to offer it up as our ultimate gift to Christ. Pain is ever the accompaniment ofBethlehem, 129:and love of humanity, accepted the proffered gift, these words would never have been fulfiled, asBethlehem, 140:all that immediately may be, is God's great gift to man. Christ, as the Personality that healed theBethlehem, 146:divinity, and the revelation of this is God's gift to us at the Transfiguration. Christ was "veryBethlehem, 152:illumination which is the prerogative and the gift of all the perfected sons of God. The radiantBethlehem, 170:everyday surroundings. What, therefore, is the gift that each of us can make to the world as weBethlehem, 246:for the experience of resurrection and for the gift of immortality. Nor are we desirous, surely, ofBethlehem, 270:which will so absorb every power he has, every gift and talent he possesses, and every moment ofDestiny, 98:the light pours forth from the East and that the gift of India to the world is the light of theDiscipleship1, 81:to the spiritual and higher psychic "gift waves" - as Tibetan occultists call them. This will takeDiscipleship1, 87:also make the disciple sensitive to the higher "gift waves." The entire meditation (in its twoDiscipleship1, 107:- in knowledge full - I pledge myself." Your gift to this group of co-disciples is that fiery,Discipleship1, 159:You give stability and [159] you carry the gift of assured belief. Each member of my group has beenDiscipleship1, 215:serve. Give to your group brothers of that great gift of love which is so fundamentally yours butDiscipleship1, 216:expression in teaching. Idealism is the major gift of the sixth ray force. Teaching is anDiscipleship1, 237:managing of their affairs. [237] You have a gift of love and understanding. Use it as a soul andDiscipleship1, 288:will serve to conserve and organize the fifth gift of days, hours and minutes (those pricelessDiscipleship1, 321:work as heretofore, and remember that the gift of power in meditation and the capacity to bringDiscipleship1, 356:solutions into life problems; you have the gift of strength to offer to others and the experienceDiscipleship1, 357:for increased service as time elapses. [357] The gift of wise teaching is your gift to my group - aDiscipleship1, 357:elapses. [357] The gift of wise teaching is your gift to my group - a wisdom, divorced fromDiscipleship1, 357:to the reticence of the trained occultist. This gift you and F. C. D. have in great degree. Give ofDiscipleship1, 357:indicate to many of my disciples their specific gift to the group with which I have affiliated themDiscipleship1, 357:thus contribute to the group life. There is the gift of being these embodied qualities. There isDiscipleship1, 357:these embodied qualities. There is also the gift of realizing that because one does embody someDiscipleship1, 357:doctrine of Avatars or Divine Messengers. The gift of Being and the gift of deliberate TransmissionDiscipleship1, 357:or Divine Messengers. The gift of Being and the gift of deliberate Transmission of qualified powersDiscipleship1, 362:The fertility of your mind is a great and useful gift, acquired through many lives of achievedDiscipleship1, 406:training. Secondly, you possess a definite gift of healing and this must be cultivated, because itDiscipleship1, 506:of ancient thought-forms. You ask: What is my gift to the group? I answer: The gift of a pure andDiscipleship1, 506:ask: What is my gift to the group? I answer: The gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rareDiscipleship1, 506:spirit and a rare capacity to give. No greater gift can be yours - the driving urge to giveDiscipleship1, 508:evoke love in many. This means that you have the gift of love. Use that power to love and breakDiscipleship1, 525:and lives of service, and by a loyalty and a gift for friendship which is rare, indeed, to find.Discipleship1, 537:- R.L.U. September 1936 MY BROTHER: The hidden gift of the intuition, released through love, isDiscipleship1, 557:thereby superseding happiness and imparting the gift of truth. [558] Bliss is the nature of theDiscipleship1, 558:imposed upon the rhythm of the soul. It is the gift of synthesis. You see clearly from the angle ofDiscipleship1, 564:4th month - Let humility and strength be your gift to others. 5th month - Certain treasures are tooDiscipleship1, 593:"poised position at the center" which is the gift of your immediate past experience. The secondDiscipleship1, 623:life of service is indicated and expressed. Your gift to the group is that of illumined knowledgeDiscipleship1, 654:will gradually disappear. You have a gift for words in speech and writing, which is rare andDiscipleship1, 692:time, when physical strength is so given and the gift of all resources is accompanied withDiscipleship2, 6:the very start a humble spirit and the priceless gift of silence. A group of disciples must beDiscipleship2, 114:the disciple sensitive to the higher "psychic gift waves" (as the Tibetan occultists call them) ofDiscipleship2, 443:and is something you can do unusually well. The gift of divine inspiration, as it can be used toDiscipleship2, 591:It takes all three. These three you have. The gift of play must come to you, my brother. Play uponDiscipleship2, 665:Therefore, my brother, write. You have the gift and the time and a wide open door for impersonalDiscipleship2, 696:Learn to glory in experience, which is the gift of wise old age, and look forward to the GreatDiscipleship2, 708:all true work is securely founded. You have a gift of impersonality, as a general rule, which is aDiscipleship2, 708:the phase has not been lasting. You have a gift of teaching, clear insight and executive abilityDiscipleship2, 708:invaluable to the work required. You have the gift of the written word and an increasing ability toEducation, 115:man who has a golden tongue, the man who has the gift of playing with words and can voice withEducation, 122:and experienced unity will be the climaxing gift of the period ahead of us. Externalisation, 28:in controlling a race in any age have been the gift of the intuitive sons of men to theirExternalisation, 98:word personalities. The method employed was the gift of mind to the more advanced among theExternalisation, 100:definite relations of forces; they are not the gift of strength, kindness and knowledge, which isExternalisation, 121:in the people by the Hierarchy through the gift of various inventions and by the use of theExternalisation, 122:by men themselves but given to them as a free gift, much as people today give to a child beautifulFire, 378:manner, more than was received, though the [378] gift was not of the same nature. The coming in ofFire, 783:but neither see nor touch. As they all have the gift of occult hearing, they are characterized asFire, 911:arrive those who belong thereon, with a natural gift of seeing etherically. Children willGlamour, 60:the plane of the intuition, they are a universal gift and possession, and the property of no oneGlamour, 61:as a result of his sensitivity to the "psychic gift waves," as the Tibetan teaching calls them.Glamour, 138:knowledge as a result of revealed wisdom is the gift which such people have, to give to their raceGlamour, 232:into the silent Place and bring from thence the gift of understanding. Thus with the light we workGlamour, 238:into the silent Place and bring from thence the gift of understanding. Thus with the light we workHealing, 58:more clearly the underlying causes. Cancer is a gift to modern man from the Atlantean humanity, andHealing, 299:not will-to-live but will-to-die. Death was His gift to life. Infusion and diffusion pleased HimHealing, 401:of theological pronouncements, can receive the gift of personal immortality. The highlyHealing, 401:also argue at times that the crowning gift to humanity is a developed and cultured mind, and thatHealing, 401:cultured mind, and that those who possess this gift are likewise endowed with eternal persistence.Healing, 411:thy hand until the time has come. Then give the gift of death, 0 Opener of the Door." - Page 65. b.Hercules, 15:the source of life and strength. This golden gift was girded on, and, shielded thus, the newHercules, 16:time to prove himself the Archer. Yet when the gift was proffered, Hercules took it, confident ofHercules, 25:received horses. The symbology underlying this gift is very interesting. Horses, as well asHercules, 25:vocation, spiritual energy and sensitivity, the gift of a sword that came from Mercury, theHercules, 98:trusty club, the weapon he himself had made, the gift that to himself he had bequeathed in daysHercules, 113:to find her hands held out and offering him the gift, offering the symbol of unity and love, ofHercules, 123:must be fought for and earned, it cannot be a gift. The climax reads: "All conflicts are absolved,Hercules, 165:from which there is pouring out upon us the gift of existence. A quotation from a Hindu scriptureHercules, 165:things which by the grace of God we have: the gift of being a human being, the longing forHercules, 165:of a perfect sage, in your own heart. The gift of existence in Aries is the wonder of being a humanHercules, 166:of the mineral. Complete freedom. In Leo, the gift of opportunity. I am an individual. I shall useHercules, 166:the gates for other people. In Sagittarius, the gift of power. Do you feel able to have power? OneHercules, 166:just like that", or "I am just like that". The gift of existence, the gift of opportunity, and theHercules, 166:am just like that". The gift of existence, the gift of opportunity, and the gift of power; theHercules, 166:of existence, the gift of opportunity, and the gift of power; the three great gifts of the zodiac. Hercules, 226:by that determined courage which is the gift of people born in this sign, and he testifies throughInitiation, 103:and frequently offers his life as a final gift, only to find that those whom he has served throwInitiation, 103:to find that those whom he has served throw his gift back to him, scorn his renunciation, and labelIntellect, 27:and apprehensions of truth which are the gift of our greatest thinkers. Meditation, 132:but to die. At such times he needs much the gift [133] of viveka, and to earnestly weigh up and
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