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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GIFTED

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Autobiography, 104:with thousands of young men had he met a man as gifted - spiritually, physically and mentally - asAutobiography, 187:down for the highly intelligent, creative or gifted child. "And that," said my daughter, "is us andDiscipleship1, 149:There is little that I can say, for you are gifted with knowledge and with wisdom; there is naughtDiscipleship1, 150:an excuse. Use the iron will with which you are gifted and force its compliance to your soul'sDiscipleship1, 654:of what you - as a soul - could do. You are gifted, wise and powerful, but all this is relativelyExternalisation, 454:and planning. Men will then find themselves gifted with renewed strength and with the neededExternalisation, 585:they are simply busy, energetic people, gifted with a good mind, profoundly interested in theirInitiation, 3:matter already existing, out of matter already gifted with certain properties... " (page 48). ThisIntellect, 5:exponents) is only a veil behind which those gifted with intuitive perception have always been ableIntellect, 22:its mission with the unusual child and with the gifted man or woman. Our mode of training our youthIntellect, 121:the possession of a specialized instrument by a gifted few; the mind should be used by all educatedMagic, 11:A law presupposes a superior being who, [11] gifted with purpose, and aided by intelligence, is soMagic, 140:planes, and to those in the outer world who are gifted with spiritual perception that a disciple isMagic, 328:to the divine intelligence with which they are gifted. Their devotion, their love of God, theirPatanjali, 369:highest adept (note this term with care) is only gifted with solar consciousness and has no contactPsychology2, 15:of the inner, emotional and mental selves, and gifted with great magnetic power; there is oftenPsychology2, 564:possession, setting their owner apart as more gifted, more wise and more able to advise and direct
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