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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GIGANTIC

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Atom, 57:the tiny form of a chemical atom, or that gigantic physical body of His we call a solar system. WeAtom, 158:of a plan, and infinitesimal portions of a gigantic sumtotal. Perhaps, therefore, when we come backAutobiography, 231:the direction of the Christ, are working out gigantic plans of world salvage. This attempt to leadDestiny, 118:the stupendous production of those ancient and gigantic forms, standing silent and still in theirDiscipleship1, 332:tunes in on the illusion of human failure - a gigantic thought-form - and also upon her racialDiscipleship2, 206:of the Christ. You can see, therefore, that a gigantic group meditation is going on in manyDiscipleship2, 497:the discriminative personality has prepared him. Gigantic thought-forms dominate the sons of men,Discipleship2, 499:of humanity is great and the need to be met is gigantic, but you have the equipment and enoughExternalisation, 220:for the immediate world moves and the present gigantic national enterprises is now out of the handsExternalisation, 225:or men have been victims during those ages of a gigantic fraud - emanating from what and where?Externalisation, 378:unimportance and futility in the face of this gigantic human undertaking. He asks himself manyExternalisation, 430:truth but feeling helpless in the face of the gigantic horror which the evil gang now rulingFire, 312:nor a Liquid, nor yet a gaseous glow; but a gigantic ball of electro-magnetic Forces, theFire, 948:of affairs unparalleled in the system. A gigantic thought form hovers over the entire human family,Fire, 949:the matter aspect has on the spiritual. This gigantic thought form, the product of man's ignoranceFire, 1211:All that is to be seen might be regarded as a gigantic endeavor on the part of a great IntelligenceGlamour, 21:man's courage, and as being in the nature of a gigantic thought-form or factor which has to beHealing, 411:deceiving, are diseased and distorted. Such a gigantic collective insanity is more difficult toMagic, 382:in America) are as yet undestroyed. This gigantic "Dweller on the Threshold" of all the trueMeditation, 40:on the physical plane in great revolutions, gigantic cataclysms, and fundamental upheavals in allMeditation, 132:not realizing that he is but seeing the gigantic outlines of his own momentary and passingPsychology1, 93:and terrifying) the [93] activity of a gigantic man, built on lines which were the projection ofPsychology1, 99:deceiving, are diseased and distorted. Such a gigantic collective insanity is more difficult toPsychology1, 136:solar Logos functions through the medium of that gigantic response apparatus which is bounded byPsychology2, 740:the kingdom of God on earth. This is a gigantic task but not an impossible one, provided that there
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