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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - GIRLS

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Autobiography, 2:Church in California and the mother of three girls. This varied experience of living and working inAutobiography, 14:family. My sister was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen and her brains areAutobiography, 22:the time will come when our adolescent boys and girls will receive some attention along the linesAutobiography, 26:As I have watched the life of my own three girls in the United States, where they were born andAutobiography, 26:wonderful time they have had compared to the girls of my generation and social background. Until IAutobiography, 32:This I did to the admiring whispers of the other girls. Autobiography, 33:did my sister), we lived the lives of society girls; we had what is called three "London seasons,"Autobiography, 45:not only [45] the stupidity and ignorance of girls of my class in those Victorian days, but alsoAutobiography, 53:my aunt, and she also hesitated and wondered. Girls of my class, also, did not do that kind ofAutobiography, 54:and cultured woman. Her workers were all girls and women of the same social set as myself. MissAutobiography, 61:that I would have blamed them. Remember that girls did not have the freedom that they now have and,Autobiography, 63:I would surely have hated to see one of my own girls in a similar position and would have felt thatAutobiography, 65:to be in the dining room before the other two girls arrived but all the five men were present. IAutobiography, 66:again, that I was young, pretty, and that girls did not do what I was doing. At the Bombay railroadAutobiography, 68:idea what kind of things could happen to girls. Once, for instance, I was suffering fromAutobiography, 94:in me. I had done the one thing which her girls never did. She had banked on my help for years toAutobiography, 108:was such that I have seen to it that the three girls know all there is to know about housekeeping.Autobiography, 115:and she is now quite the strongest of the three girls. Autobiography, 115:so they took turns in plowing the field. The girls at the telephone exchange discovered theAutobiography, 125:alone and do what was best for the three little girls. The war in Europe was in full swing. EveryAutobiography, 132:money and taking care of the three little girls to have time to wonder about my soul. [133] Autobiography, 136:of what not to do. So I decided that until the girls were in their 'teens I would give them and theAutobiography, 143:I watched my own life. I studied the three girls in this connection and I found it mostAutobiography, 143:present really happy situation between my three girls and myself would be clearly [144] explained.Autobiography, 148:Quetta Soldiers Home. I have brought up my three girls not to be afraid of the dark, but I had anAutobiography, 150:to. I'm terrified of things happening to the girls and as my imagination always works overtime IAutobiography, 156:of hair. It is a family inheritance and my three girls have masses of lovely hair. I shall neverAutobiography, 166:work. I told the Tibetan that the three little girls had only me to look to, that if I were ill orAutobiography, 181:for the return of my husband with the three girls. Craigie did not come with them; she followedAutobiography, 185:for and unrecognized and as to the hundreds of girls they married and deserted. One of the mostAutobiography, 185:for their courtesy and their niceness to the girls, taking no advantage of the girl unless the girlAutobiography, 185:the dirty little English and French and Dutch girls - for it takes two to play that game." ThoughAutobiography, 186:[186] lid off " when on active service yet the girls of foreign nationality must also be heldAutobiography, 186:is somewhat understandable that these starving girls and these underfed girls would choose to goAutobiography, 186:that these starving girls and these underfed girls would choose to go with our American soldiersAutobiography, 187:arrived in England and found out how the English girls looked upon the English boys was almostAutobiography, 187:boys was almost funny. They found the English girls over-estimating the English boys, full of theAutobiography, 187:the scholastic system lacks. Teaching boys and girls right relationship and responsibilities toAutobiography, 187:freedom based on trust - is essential. The three girls started in the public school. I cannot sayAutobiography, 202:in the world towards their adolescent boys and girls. The present attitude is based on fear,Autobiography, 203:the physician as he talks to the boys and [203] girls as they are brought to him from the angle ofAutobiography, 203:of the greatest menaces confronting the boys and girls today. Given the facts and given a clearAutobiography, 203:was an awful lot of housework to be done the girls were getting older and were much more helpful inAutobiography, 203:the week as Craigie was there to look after the girls. They were all in their 'teens andAutobiography, 203:was largely foreign and three beautiful blond girls were [204] almost irresistible to the ItalianAutobiography, 204:Low Hayward School. This was a very high class girls' private school, and they attended there everyAutobiography, 204:was good. Mother was always aware where her girls were, who they were with and when they got homeAutobiography, 204:regretted my lost hours of sleep. The three girls never gave me any real anxiety and never gave meAutobiography, 205:was on the Sound and had its own beach and the girls had all the swimming and clamming they needed.Autobiography, 207:to it that some of it was replaced. She put the girls through school and always paid our passagesAutobiography, 212:in this. These years were very busy years. The girls were growing up and the boys were comingAutobiography, 214:Britain as well as in the U.S. and also in the girls' engagements and marriages, which, curiouslyAutobiography, 214:working for the Tibetan, seeing that the girls were up and ready for school, breakfast, orderingAutobiography, 215:adolescence is. I had a much worse time than my girls did because nobody told me anything. They hadAutobiography, 217:hospitality and was willing to have the three girls accompany us if we went to Ascona, offeringAutobiography, 218:to me one day, "Which would you prefer for your girls, that I should send them to college forAutobiography, 218:but you must do what you think best for the girls." I talked it over most carefully with Foster andAutobiography, 218:was much more useful and broadening for the girls than any college degree. Anybody can get aAutobiography, 218:degrees. Anyhow, my attitude was that the girls would learn to be more useful human beings if theyAutobiography, 219:all idea of an academic college training for the girls and launched them into the college of life.Autobiography, 219:our decision, I have never regretted that the girls did not go to college. They have learned toAutobiography, 219:of the oneness of humanity that I wanted the girls to get. I think they have a wider point of viewAutobiography, 220:- Chapter VI One thing I did find was that the girls were quite able to hold their own in any setAutobiography, 220:clothes and the speculations on the part of the girls about everything. They had never beenAutobiography, 220:will admit that I found life on board with three girls full of life and energy slightly exhausting.Autobiography, 221:be three fancy ball dresses I had made for the girls on board the boat. The idea was mostAutobiography, 221:up the Scheldt river and docked at Antwerp. The girls, of course, had never seen a foreign city.Autobiography, 221:I told her that my main idea was that the girls should imbibe some of the atmosphere of the countryAutobiography, 222:off in different directions. I never took the girls to see galleries to gaze at statues, talk aboutAutobiography, 222:to the suburbs. At the end of a few days the girls had absorbed an enormous amount of knowledge ofAutobiography, 222:This train trip was a marvelous thing to the girls but an exhausting journey for me. We went on theAutobiography, 223:lurked much evil, I simply sat down and told the girls all about it. I was determined that theyAutobiography, 223:and they were so blatantly obvious that the girls knew that it must be so. I have never believed inAutobiography, 224:that I would express myself freely. Anyway, the girls passed through three summers of Ascona andAutobiography, 226:States for some months, usually leaving the girls behind in England where we rented houses whenAutobiography, 226:school student. During these years all the three girls married. As related, Dorothy married aEducation, 47:the fact of the one humanity. The war boys and girls have learnt, from appearances, that human lifeEducation, 88:regarded in reality as equal; when boys [88] and girls are taught that it does not matter whether aExternalisation, 371:the little children and the adolescent boys and girls must be exempt and must be trained to beProblems, 40:particularly among the adolescent boys and girls, have deteriorated and the spiritual values willProblems, 46:the fact of the one humanity. The war boys and girls have learned from appearances that human lifeProblems, 61:are regarded in reality as equal; when boys and girls are taught that it does not matter whether aPsychology1, 275:idealistic types and the clear-thinking boys and girls, find themselves faced with a situationPsychology1, 298:(in which I include the present one of boys and girls) will bring into incarnation a group of
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